Proposal: 65 MKs can bypass Supreme Court
Aviad Glickman
Published: 08.04.12, 13:01
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1. Israel's democratic path to totalitarianism.
Ariel ,   Mexico City, Mexico   (04.08.12)
2. Make it 55 Knesset Members!
Reuven   (04.08.12)
3. #2: Would you be so quick to go for 55 if ....
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (04.08.12)
there was a Labor or Left Wing Government in power? The Government would do much better in making a law enforcing minimum sentences and removing the Knesset Immunity of MKs like Zoabi and Tibi. Here you kill someone and with a clever lawyer and a "deal" you get five minutes in prison! The Basic Law, a poor substitute of a proper constitution, protects both the left and the right and to allow fanatics in the Government to use this to further their political agenda will only strengthen the case of our enemies who already call Israel an "Apartheid State". The model for this sort of legislation was Apartheid South Africa which used it to remove the voting rights of a million people! Is this what we want?
4. Simple logic
Michael ,   Haifa   (04.08.12)
With an enlightened government such as our current one and a decent humanistic population such as our own, who needs courts of law ?
5. Israeli Knesset Powers
Lenya ,   Australia   (04.08.12)
With a majority or an established number of votes the Israeli Knesset should have the power to change laws which govern the Israeli Supreme Court. This would be similar to the US congress with a majority vote to change constitutional law that can or may affect decisions of the US Supreme Court although this has to be ratified by a majority of the US States.
6. Knesset able to override the Supreme Court
Nadya ,   California, U.S.   (04.08.12)
This would be disastrous for Israel. In a democratic society the Legislature cannot override the Supreme Court. Your country has no constitution. You would not not be considered a democratic country by the rest of the rest of the free world. The Supreme Court needs to be insulated from politics, please reconsider this!
7. #1
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (04.08.12)
Under Aharon Barak and later Beinish, the Israeli High court took unlimited powers with no responsibility. This is against every democractic principle. And we saw that the old adage is true: absolute power corrupts absolutely. This law will save the High Court from itself.
8. ANYTHING to override the leftist, communist, anti-semetic,
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.08.12)
Jew-hating, arab loving not-supreme "court."
9. The road to tyranny.
Norm ,   Minneapolis, MN   (04.08.12)
As long as there is an INDEPENDENT judiciary, assaults on civil liberties and tyranny of the majority can be redressed. In our country, there never would have been desegregation had there been no judiciary. The court doesn't always get it right. I am frustrated with our Supreme Court now, but I believe its independence needs to be protected. Think about whether you want to have a country like Russia which does not have an independent judiciary.
10. Replace the supreme court, with
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (04.08.12)
baba ovadya,baba rentgen,baba saly,baba caduri,and for diversity,add a few imams.
11. A country without a constitution; the mess is self-made.
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.08.12)
12. This law will be great- Supreme Court is a leftist cartel
Rachel ,   US   (04.08.12)
13. Arab MKs, say goodbye to your seats next election!
Vlad   (04.08.12)
stude ham   (04.09.12)
motivated by the unquenched desire of the religious factions to entirely push israel into their perverse theocratic tyrannies. this is one bill that must be defeated before it completely destroys israel.
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