Palestinian Authority blames Gaza for deficit mess
Published: 12.04.12, 08:13
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1. Tell us something we DONT know
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (04.12.12)
Balance Books? Hamas? Ha Ha and Ha Ha! Hamas and Corruption are one and the same. Like Humous and Pita Like hand them the money and whoof.....disappears into thin air And on a scale that beggars belief. We are talking about corruption on an eye wateringly industrial scale...where the top 150 or so families in Gaza and the top poilitical elite including Pretty Boy Mashaal are combined reputedly worth in excess of $7.5bn! All this whilst the REST of Gaza are amongst the POOREST in the world Any wonder these gangsters cling on to power and desperately want to maintain the status quo?
2. Abbas - that's what you get for dealing with a terrorist gro
William ,   Israel   (04.12.12)
that's why we don't do it, except for dealing with you.
3. Assuming they use GAAP
William ,   Israel   (04.12.12)
couldn't they just add the typical ME line items: "Resistance" and "Loyalty payments" in order to help fudge the numbers to balance the books? Surely Arafat has a creative accountant around that helped him funny billions into accounts in Swiss, and to Suha.
4. Hamas: "PA just funneling Foreign donations due Pals"
William ,   Israel   (04.12.12)
"Hamas denies this and says the PA is just funneling foreign donations ear-marked for the Palestinian people" EVERYTHING is foreign donations! The "Palestinians" have no real economy, but they still need to account for where the donations go - even though no donor seems to hold them to it.
5. Thick-headed victimization?
William ,   Israel   (04.12.12)
"We are convinced that we must continue paying this money because we know that if we didn't the Hamas government would do nothing," Fatah's Assaf said." So do that! If Hamas does nothing, their approval rating will fall and pave the way for the PA to return. Right now, all you do is fund Hamas' oppressive rule, leaving them with little else to do except wage an illegal war on Israel. My guess is that the PA is so weak, so irrelevant, that if they did stop paying they'd lose what little loyalty they have in Gaza, and maybe even get dejected by the EU and Arab world for hurting Gazans.
6. Fictional Palestine's economy.
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.12.12)
Take untold billions of dollars of aid donated by Western suckers. Skim most of it off to Swiss bank accounts of P.A. honchos. Pay much of the remainder to terrorists. Shuffle the rest around and cal it an economy. This is the fictional economy of fictional Palestine.
7. this information and article
should be mandatorily sent to the eu and the usa hillary clinton, the fools whom the palis use.
8. There is no "Israeli occupied West Bank".
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.13.12)
Ynet, either correct the misinformation from your sources or get sources which tell the truth.
9. finance by arabs or snake eats it's own tail
Jewsepherus ,   NYC, USA   (04.13.12)
The money goes in, disappears, asks for more. Since the BILLIONS disappear, this must be a joke, magic, or outright STUPIDITY. Doesn't anyone care that these slobs steal the food and medicine given for free, and resell it and pocket the money? or is just pacify these arab scum, whitewash the PA, allow the GAZAN wholesale thefts, play this awful " hide the money"game and watch the widows of the dead tyrants live off their millions in PARIS while 70% of the gazans starve.!
10. In minutes Hamas will blame the Jews!
Baruch ,   Houston/Israel   (04.14.12)
If it is one thing we learned from the Arab springy thingy, there is no difference between the corruption at the top or the bottom.
11. The main question is
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (04.14.12)
who tapped the till first We know that they're all a bunch of crooks
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