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Iran cuts oil supply to Germany
Associated Press
Published: 11.04.12, 19:22
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1. The question is...
TC   (04.11.12)
to know if Iran is a key player, meaning if Germany will feel at all this embargo or if they can substitute Iran's supply. If this is the case then Iran is just shooting in its own leg, they are already disconnected from SWIFT anyway.
2. Embargo, Pearl Harbor, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, again
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.11.12)
3. 100 European countries
Ulo ,   Belgium   (04.11.12)
One typo... No problem - twice...? The interesting part here is Iran implementing bans on European exports... Euh... To be continued ;o)
4. Today the prices on the petrol station are kinda cheap..
David ,   Germany   (04.11.12)
So who cares what Iran is doing. They are taken too seriously and powerfull in fact they are week, isolated and outdated..
5. Will Germ. now stop sending parts for Iran Atomic Factories?
Alan ,   SA   (04.11.12)
6. to #1
Martin ,   Germany   (04.11.12)
We only get a little oil from Iran, so it doesn't effect us directly. The prices are high at the petrol stations at the moment but they are also high in Israel and I think they don't get any oil from Iran :-)
7. same old statements
Maggidon ,   USA   (04.11.12)
The media is desperate for fillers. It's the same old repeat after repeat after repeat, "that the EU and the United States suspect is part of a nuclear weapons program, a charge Tehran denies" ... One would think after years of reporting on this, this line could and would be dropped.
isaias 21   (04.11.12)
in the forest you spent night in arabia walkers go ye out to meet the thirsty,take water,inhabitants of land of song dear with bread which flees because it flees to the sword before the sword naked before the arch to the weight of the battle because the lord and say here a year,similar to years of day laborer,the glory of cedar will be undone and the number of the brave,sons of cedar,survivors will be reduced because the lord israel God has said
9. #1,#6
Germany imports <1% of its oil from Iran, <6% from the whole ME, but almost 50% from Russia and Kazakhstan.
10. "Counter-sanctions?" haha!
sk ,   USA   (04.11.12)
Iran wants the world to think it's still in control citing "counter-sanctions" but in reality it's because they are unable to receive payments via interbank transfers due to SWIFT blocking Iranian banks from international transactions.
FRITZ ,   GERMANY   (04.11.12)
Iranian Jew ,   Los Angeles   (04.12.12)
ourselves. Mahmood is going crazy. Most western items as Mahmood puts it is banned to come in. It is usually smuggled in, anyway. All gulf states including Turkey are so happy about any sanctions put on Iran. They benefit the most. They buy it and then ship it to Iran themselves. They act against in the media, but laughing their heads off all the to the bank.
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