Don’t let Pollard die
Yishai Fleisher
Published: 12.04.12, 00:57
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1. Smarmy over-dramatisation will not change the fact, that
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.12.12)
Pollard is a "goner" for reasons that we are unable to grasp, since we have been depraved any true information concerning his case. Spying for a friendly nation, without a consequence of human casualities should never have brought forth such punishment, unless the country was Iran or..Syria! Something is rotten, we can smell it, we don't know what it is. Unless US wanted to send a message towards the percieved "dual-loyalty" of their Jewish citizens, in which case they shouldn't worry at all: most of these potential "Pollards" vote Obama anyway... So much for concern for Israel.
2. Enough is Enough!
Jim   (04.12.12)
3. Wow
Yossy H   (04.12.12)
Scary but true I am going to do my little part by re-posting this on my F-B. May we hear good news.
4. What a mentsch this Yishai is, someone with a heart!
AB ,   TheRock   (04.12.12)
My heart skipped a beat when I read the first lines of this article. Yishai, you shook us out of our slumber. You're right that anybody with a conscience cannot just sit by and do nothing. You're right that the politicians who are right there talking to the culprit regularly have obviously not done enough.
5. Only conclusion is vested interests want him silent. What
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (04.12.12)
information he is said to have concerns the working behind Israels back and withholding vital security information from Israel , information that Israel was entitled to have under the mutual treaty .
6. No Pardon
Levite ,   Washington DC   (04.12.12)
Pollard betrayed his country and must do the time. He should have tought about when he did what he did. Any other country China, Iran, Russia would have lined him up for firing squad for what he did
7. What's wrong with the US legal system?
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (04.12.12)
They're not releasing Pollard. And today the authorities in California announced they wouldn't release Manson either. (No further comparisons) This idea the Americans have that they're actually gonna punish those who break the law is outrageous. Outrageous, I tell ya.
8. That appears to be US unstated policy
Steve from Raleigh   (04.12.12)
And at the end of the day, it shouldn't be unexpected. But the silver lining, such as it is, is that each and every time the US 'pressures' Israel to release 1 or 1000 mass murderers, whomever is PM at that time, they need merely point to Pollard and say "With all due respect these people will die in prison. This is your own policy." And walk out of the room.
9. He's dearly dead now?
Sarah   (04.12.12)
... this drama queen gets more hilarious all the time. We all gotta die sometime, don't we? So tell us why Israel cares about this scumbag when his fellow Americans do not? He is a traitor to his own people is he not?
10. This is a sad story but if he dies this way he'll come HERO!
Asher ,   NY, USA   (04.12.12)
Just like Eli Cohen he sacrificed his life for Israel. What important is how the Jewish nation will remember him after his death. In reality most and maybe everyone would admire him for his love for Israel and can become a national symbol of dedication to love of Israel and "Israel First"..........
11. Utterly insulting post on so many levels!
george ,   USA   (04.12.12)
What a disgraceful piece filled with outright lies, misinformation, false dichotomies, moral relativism and a slew of logical fallacies too long to list. Pollard is nothing but a petty thief who betrayed his oath to his country and sold it's secrets for money. I wish every American would read this insulting diatribe, it would ensure Pollard serves his full sentence.
12. If Pollard dies....
Vlad   (04.12.12)
Israel must make sure to execute the next citizen caught passing classified info the the CIA.
13. Rebuplican and Democratic presidents hated Jews, Pollard is
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.12.12)
the symbol of that hatred, especially obumma. He takes the money of starry eyed Jews who have no thought process other than leftest liberal dingbatism and willingly let a hero die. Instead of saying "NOT A DOLLAR" to our illegal alien in the White House, they bow down and say, keep the Jew in slavery and us too MASTER.
14. Let Pollard Rot
Tsgt. Barney Rosen ,   Hemet USA   (04.12.12)
As a retired Air Force Reserve Sergeant , I believe that the traitor Pollard should rot in prison. People like myself who have honorably served my country both in Vietnam with the Army and with the Air force have nothing but contempt for this jackass. If he wanted to help Israel he should have gone to Israel and served in the military, instead he took the American governments money and stuck a knife in the nations back. When he dies send his body to Israel, he doesn't deserve to pollute American soil.
15. Wrong!
Gabriel ,   Tel Aviv   (04.12.12)
This obsession with Pollard is ridiculous. He was caught spying on the US. They have the right to do whatever they want to him. He was a spy stealing state secrets, not some innocent.
16. Utter rubbish
Joseph Klein ,   RIshon Le Zion   (04.12.12)
He spied for money, not for a love of anybody or anything apart from to get money. Obama was perfectly correct keeping him where he deserves to be. IN JAIL.
17. What!? Yet more piss & moan over Pollard?
Cameron ,   USA   (04.12.12)
One has to keep coming across both ersatz "Palestinians" and this BS too on YNET? Too much! Enough! Obama hath decreed the sneak rat shall return to his cage. Let no more be said on this matter.
18. Amen
Richard Shuster ,   Atlanta, USA   (04.12.12)
Let Pollard die a free man, end the US gulag imprisonment of Pollard.
19. No Sympathy
Reality Check   (04.12.12)
for Pollard or any Israeli from Obama. OTOH Obama made the release of Lockerbie bomber priority. American Jews fund and support Obama's tratment of zionists and deserve blame for Pollard's fate.
20. Pollard
Count Dracula ,   Los Angeles USA   (04.12.12)
Israel is responsible for Pollards position. You organized his actions, paid him money for his actions, and then when he was on the run and went to the Israel compound for asylum, and protection from US actions, you locked him out. For years you refused to even recognize that he was your agent. And now he is a hero? Those responsible in Israel are the ones who should be held to account. Not the US justice system.
21. Levite he did what? Read the article?. People who know
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (04.12.12)
claim he has been punished way over the crime he committed.
22. Count Drec. Instead of invective try facts .Those who know
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (04.12.12)
say he has been punished way too much. In fact the US justice system refused to allow an appeal teanm access to the facts of the case. How would YOU like that kind of justice?
23. this is beginning 2 sound like the Tannebaum story!
Israeli ,   Israel   (04.12.12)
remember he was rumoured to have been sick etc etc....it all turned out to be lies and garbage!
24. Clarification for the dingbat Pollard haters.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.12.12)
Pollard gave Israel secrets that Israel was ENTITLED to have. GOT THAT? There were enemies of Israel in the US State department who loved the arabs and hated the Jews and kept secrets from Israel that she NEEDED to defend herself. GOT THAT? Pollard gave Israel what Israel was ENTITLED to, that was his spying. He pissed off the arab loving, Jew haters in the State Dept. and for this he has paid with his life. He didn't give up nuke secrets or expose US agents and get them killed, he protected Israel from arabs that wanted to destroy Jews. So all you Pollard haters, you don't know crap.
25. #24 really?
Patlippe ,   US   (04.12.12)
Hmm, your conclusion that Obama's administration who used 36 veto's against the palestiniens & supported Israel against lebanon in the war (2006) supports the arabs that wants to destroy jews? you should be a movie director :) A spy is spy and the story of him being sick is a propaganda and it won't change anything. If he is held it's for a reason and the reason is: He was a SPY and he shared sensitive information. Israel would do the same !
26. #14 answer this
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (04.12.12)
You allege that you served in the US armed forces. Now tell me, do you love America or hate Pollard? If you love America, you will demand justice. You will demand to know why those who damaged the US more than Pollard, people like Schwartz, Lee, Montaperto, Meng, Alavi and Sombolay were punished less. After you know, you can decide: arrest the politicians who punished Pollard or arrest the politicians who released real traitors. But from you letter, I suspect that you don't really love America, you just hate the Jew Pollard.
27.  Nice Fantasy, Bunnie @24
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (04.12.12)
He pled guilty to passing secrets to a foreign government and his interview with Wolf Blitzer violated his plea agreement. Weinberger's Memo has never been published. Neither you nor Pollard have a right to disclose US information to the Israeli government. That is and was above his pay grade. Cap Weinberger was not ever part of the State department. You either don't know the facts or are deliberately falsifying. Look up Blitzer's contemporaneous article. Then ask why Reagan and Bush didn't pardon him.
28. Really? A generation of
Nina ,   NYC   (04.12.12)
treasonous low lives?
29. Peres MUST REFUSE said medal as long as Pollard is in jail
Israeli LEADER?????? ,   Jerusalem   (04.12.12)
How can Peres even THINK about receiving a "Medal of FREEDOM" while his requests are flatly denied and Pollard SITS/ROTS in JAIL? Being a leader means you put the FREEDOM of the whole Jewish people before your own EGO!!!
30. terrorists are free and Pollard is still in jail
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