Opinion  Giulio Meotti
Hollywood against Israel
Giulio Meotti
Published: 12.04.12, 14:16
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BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (04.16.12)
Feb. 23, 1966 New Syrian Baathist regime sets destruction of Israel as primary goal. July 7, 1966 Syria shells Israel. Israel Air Force downs Syrian MiG-21. Nov 4, 1966 Egypt and Syria sign mutual defense pact. Nov 4-10, 1966 Attacks against Israel increase sharply. Nov 13, 1966 Samu raid by Israel to stop Palestinian terror backfires. Late November, 1966 Hussein publicly insults Nasser. Jan-April 1967 63 Arab attacks (Syrian tank fire, mines, more than 200 mortar shells, Palestinian terror attacks) heighten anxiety in Israel. April 7, 1967 Israel responds to intensive Syrian shelling into Israeli DMZ. April 1967 Jordan and Egypt trade insults. May 13, 1967 After fourteen attacks, Israeli PM Eshkol warns Syria of retaliation. May 13-14, 1967 USSR plants disinformation about Israeli attack on Syria. May 14, 1967 Egypt mobilizes thousands of its troops in and around the Suez Canal. Nasser finds no Israeli buildup, but continues massing troops. May 16, 1967 Egypt moves into Sinai, demands U.N. peacekeepers withdraw. May 17, 1967 Two Egyptian MiG-21 jets fly over Dimona; Israelis agonize over course of action. May 18, 1967 U.N. Secretary General U Thant agrees to Egyptian demand to remove UNEF. May 19, 1967 Tens of thousands of Egyptian troops mass in the Sinai. May 22, 1967 Act of War; Egypt closes the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping. May 23, 1967 President Johnson calls blockade illegal and disastrous for peace. May 26, 1967 1967 U.S. President Johnson warns Israel not to attack first. May 24 - June 4, 1967 Six Arab countries deploy more than 230,000 troops close to Israel's boundary lines. May 27, 1967 Nasser cancels planned Egyptian attack on Israel. May 30, 1967 Jordan and Egypt sign mutual defense pact. May 31 - June 4, 1967 "Our goal is clear - to wipe Israel off the map!" THE WAR [for detailed account of war, click here] DAY 1, JUNE 5, 1967 First day of fighting. Israel destroys most of Egyptian air force. Jordan, Syria and Iraq attack Israel. DAY TWO, JUNE 6, 1967 Second day of fighting. Fighting continues on all fronts. DAY 3, JUNE 7, 1967 Third day of fighting. Jerusalem taken. Blockade of Straits of Tiran broken. DAY FOUR, JUNE 8, 1967 Fourth day of fighting. Israel consolidates hold on West Bank. DAY FIVE, JUNE 9, 1967 Fifth day of fighting. Israel and Syria in heavy fighting on the Golan. DAY SIX, JUNE 10, 1967 Sixth day of fighting. Israel gains control of the Golan Heights. GENERAL REFERENCES 1. Atlas of the Arab Israeli Conflict, Martin Gilbert, 1993 2. Foreign Relations of the United States 1964 - 1968, Vol XVIII, Arab Israeli Dispute 1964 - 1967 3. January 27, 1967 letter from the permanent representative of Israel to the U.N .addressed to the President of the Security Council 4. March 6, 1967 letter from acting permanent representative of Israel to the U.N. addressed to the President of the Security Council 5. Six Days of War, Michael Oren, 2002 6. "100 Years of Chronic Arab Rejectionism," by Eli Hertz, www.mythsandfacts.com, 2005
122. FRank-El Why no respnse ?
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (04.16.12)
Truth hurts, enjoy the pain
123. Frank sinatra and freinds were strongly pro-Israel
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (05.15.12)
If Sinatra was alive today, he would probably give these other "stars" a real history lesson. Sinatra also might have given them a nice punch in the nose.
124. Slow down Split!!
Barry ,   Tokyo   (05.15.12)
boy you're foaming at your mouth. Time to swallow some meds.. Easy boy.. ; )
125. Bravo 111 Tom -
Barry ,   Tokyo   (05.15.12)
"The Internet offers wide range of information in this regards - including detailed maps - so nobody is dependent on Polish interpretation of world history." Thank Goodness for that. Depending on Poland for anything would seem utterly foolish IMHO!
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