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Israeli brand uses Lord's Prayer on T-shirts
Itamar Marilus
Published: 15.04.12, 14:55
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1. Why not?
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (04.15.12)
Aren't those Christian fundamentalists/evangelists our good, good friends? LOL!!!!!! Some Israelis would vote for their candidate in November if they could, wouldn't they?
2. lesson learnt:
Peter ,   Austria   (04.15.12)
don't wear clothing with inscriptions you don't understand. and yes, you too my kanji sporting friends.
3. I would rather see the Lord's prayer on a T-shirt...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (04.15.12)
than some of the embarrassing profanity that a few Israelis walk around wearing, without having the foggiest idea of what's written on their clothing. But I can understand it not going over big in a synagogue on the holidays.
4. T-Shirts with Message
Sara   (04.15.12)
Many Israelis do not read English very well and would not recognize that it was an xtian prayer. Castro should be ashamed. Such things need to be either banned or clearly marked so buyers know what they are getting.
5. The LORD's Prayer
Josie ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.15.12)
As a Jewish child in Montreal I and other Jewish students recited this pray every morning in school, together with the non Jewish students, as did my father before me and as did my mother in the British school system. It is a totally Jewish prayer and universal and makes no reference to any particular religion.It acknowledges the Oneness of G-d.
6. Banned? You want to ban t-shrits because they have...
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (04.15.12)
...Christian stuff on them? I bet you would be one of the first to scream ANTISEMITISM if something with a Jewish slogan was banned overseas!
7. Never buy a shirt or jacket with something
jason white ,   afula, israel   (04.15.12)
printed or embroidered on it you do not understand. Maybe the designers at castro will be inspired by ham-ass or hizbullah flags or slogans next? May not have been an innocent mistake, but someone trying to religious beliefs on others. Fire the designer and sell the shirts overseas to a x-tian country.
8. The Writer Of That Article Is A Non-Religious Ignoramous!
Robert Blum ,   New Albany USA   (04.15.12)
This is NOT a Christian prayer! It is a Psalm which may be found in every book of Tihilim (Psalms. I recite it every Shabbos immediately before saying Kiddish!!!
9. Mr. Tamir is correct, this is how brainwashing begins.
EST ,   Miami USA   (04.15.12)
How many times have I seen Israeli teenagers (and people not so young) wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt....and when I ask them if they know that he was a murderer and a terrorist, they have no idea...for those of us who remember how that butcher assassinated peasants, children, women and innocent civilians in South America in his blind pursuit to sow is just incomprehensible that responsible companies in Israel choose to market t-shirts emblazoned with this terrorist's image as if he was deserving of honor....On top of that, there was a toy store in Israel that about 3 summers ago had all their merchandise with this murderer's image all over...fuyah! So, yes Mr. Tamir is absolutely correct in saying these companies should be more careful in what they choose to promote on their merchandise in Israel as these are subliminal messages they are propagating in Israeli society....
10. So what?!
rocko ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.15.12)
Not a big fan of Christianity but the words of this prayer are found in Tanach. So they stole it from us. Big deal. Like others have said, compared to the disgusting messages sometimes seen on clothing, the Lord's Prayer is kind of refreshing.
11. i guess your politicians wear slippers to parliament
european   (04.15.12)
here's a novel idea: when in a place of worship, wear a proper shirt that has nothing printed on it, like a grown up man, and don't whine like a bigot. classless to the extreme.
12. The basic problem
Arturo   (04.15.12)
Who wears T-shirts with inscriptions on them to Synagogue? Besides, I believe King David wrote Psalm 23
13. Jewish/Christian prayer
Christian ,   Sweden   (04.15.12)
The Lord's prayer is a very significant Christian prayer taught by Jesus to his disciples ca 2000 years ago and at the same time it is a very Jewish prayer from the 2nd Temple Judaism. The translation on the T-shirt is English in King James version (16th centuary) and therefore not easily understood by everyone. One must hope that there wasn't any serious desecration of the synagogue necessitating cleaning with lye.
14. missioners through T shirsts? PUKE
florica   (04.15.12)
15. 5 is right but 8 is the non-religious ignoramus
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (04.15.12)
It is derived from various elements of the early Sidur and is a kind of acronym brief of the Sidur liturgy. But it is most definitely NOT ANY Tehilim!!! If you insist on maintaining otherwise kindly cite which Psalm! (See the T-shirt photo.) Orthodox Jews do NOT recite this every "Shabbos" (ShaBAWT) before "Kiddish" (qeeDOOSH)!
16. what is wrong with you people?
thejoker ,   sydney australia   (04.15.12)
christians and jews have the same god, but it looks like you people are acting like muslims here
17. BEAUTIFUL (Jewish) prayer! T-shirt for jews to wear?Like no!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (04.15.12)
18. It's also a jewish prayer
me ,   galut   (04.15.12)
If you don't believe me read the Jewish Encyclopedia which states: "The prayer is a beautiful combination or selection of formulas of prayer in circulation among the Hasidæan circles; and there is nothing in it expressive of the Christian belief that the Messiah had arrived in the person of Jesus. On the contrary, the first and principal part is a prayer for the coming of the kingdom of God, exactly as is the Ḳaddish, with which it must be compared in order to be thoroughly understood."
19. Lords Prayer T-Shirt
Gabriel Abergel ,   USA   (04.15.12)
Just like everything in Christianity this is a copy of a Jewish Prayer "Avinou Shebashamayim"
20. It is a Christian and NOT xtian prayer
Learn some respect for someone other than yourself. This prayer is NOT found in the Tanach or any of the Psalms of David. It was first recited by Jesus Christ and continues to be recited by Christians worldwide. May God bless you and teach you to refrain from speaking slander.
21. translation
David ,   USA   (04.15.12)
Translate this prayer back to Ivri where it came from and you will find that it is a very Jewish prayer which was prayed and taught by a very Jewish Rabbi which you are soon to learn is your Mashiach!
22. #15 Paqid
David ,   USA   (04.15.12)
Forgot your medication again didn't you!
23. Abomination!!!!
Phoenix ,   Israel   (04.15.12)
Avodah Zarah at it's worst with Goish prayers.
24. #16
truth ,   new york   (04.15.12)
Except that Judaism is monotheistic and Christianity is not.
25. The Lord's Prayer
Shlomo   (04.15.12)
As an Australian Catholic, I was firstly brought up min a non-denominational government school, where the Catholic version of this prayer was different to the Anglican or Church of English version, so a compromise had to be reached in the school. If there is some commonality in this prayer between Christian and jewish then let's share it.
26. Christian Country??
Dave ,   Canada   (04.15.12)
Well as a Christian and a proud one, who supports Israel this statement is a slap in the face!!! It is statements like this if applied to the Jews would make it anti semetic!!!. You should be ashamed of yourself!!!
27. The Lord's Prayer is a JEWISH prayer since the Messiah was
Rivkah   (04.15.12)
Jewish, Rabbi Yehoshua, to Messianics.
28. Inappropriate attire
Rivkah F. ,   jerusalem   (04.15.12)
Who wears a T-shirt to synagogue on a holiday? It is totally inappropriate. There is no place for any kind of prayer of any faith on a T-shirt. The Lord's Prayer is Jewish in origin, just as Jesus of Nazareth was a Jew. That being said, it is associated with Christianity and as a teenager in the US, I refrained from joining in reciting the Lord's Prayer in school (there was mandatory prayer in school at the time), though I stood respectfully.
29. Benjamin D'Israeli said: Christianity is completed Judaism!
Jouko ,   Finland   (04.15.12)
So the Lord's prayer is as much a Jewish prayer as a Jewish prayer. There is no difference between true Judaism and true Christianity. They both have the same motto: "Hear, O Israel, your Lord the God is One".
30. with all due respect...
J.Gad ,   Israel   (04.15.12)
lol imagine some americans arguing that an Israeli brand use the name of Cuba dictator Fidel Castro to promote fashion ?? give me a break! this article is absurde. shavua tov ynet
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