Rabbis: Officer reacted to highly unusual circumstances
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 16.04.12, 11:48
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1. Eisner, you are a liar
Rafi ,   Israel   (04.16.12)
Your attitude doesn't look like the attitude of a man with broken fingers... Broken fingers means rushing into a hospital.... You are a shame on Israel and the Zionist movement .....
2. Gd bless our Senior officer.Leave him alone!!!!
Alan ,   SA   (04.16.12)
He was in the front line defending our people !!
3. Activist had just assaulted him and broke his hand.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (04.16.12)
That makes Mr. Eisner a hero for not putting a bullet in his hide.
4. Overreaction by the Goverment
Chaim ,   Jerusalem   (04.16.12)
5. Is it a picture from Syria?
Bob ,   TA   (04.16.12)
6. @Noodles. That's a blatant lie.
P   (04.16.12)
Did you actually watch the video? This officer is out of line and assaulted a peaceful civilian. No? Maybe bombs were hidden in their bikes, or maybe they're all anti-semites? Wait, it's Hamas! Pick one and make yourself feel better for the violence you justify.
7. You are the shame Rafi.
Jewish Patriot ,   Galut   (04.16.12)
You are the shame Rafi. And I bet you are not a Zionist.
8. Rush to Judgment
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (04.16.12)
Both Gantz and Netanyahu have rushed to judgement before the investigation has been completed - similar to the Zimmerman/Martin case in the U.S. They should have said that they cannot say anything until the investigation has been completed.
9. #1 You are to quick to condemn..
Ivan   (04.16.12)
wait until all the facts are on paper,then pass your comments..
10. Netanyahu is a Disgrace!
JB ,   Las Vegas, USA   (04.16.12)
The hasty and unsympathetic condemnation of the Israeli officer who only reacted in self-defense to a violent, Criminal assault is outrageous. He should be given support for his Counter-active response. Instead Netanyahu joins Israel's Leftist enemies in ganging up on the Lt. Colonel. Netanyahu shows lack of Integrity, Loyalty and Trustworthiness.
11. #1-Have you checked him up?
Ram ,   London   (04.16.12)
12. Sorry to say, but he made a serious misstake..
Jack Klaber ,   Ramat Hasharon   (04.16.12)
and now needs to face the consequences of his conduct. If he ordered the area to be closed military zone and furthermore, the demonstrators were endangering their own life and others by walking on road 90, then it was his duty to call in all necessary forces (anti-demonstration mass controlling means - horses, police, watercannons, etc. ) before using military force as he personally did. Also IDF need to bring in cameras to record video and still images of the complete incident from start until end (even if it took 2 hours) to have concrete evidence against the video of the demonstrations showing their side of the incident.
13. Warfare.
Jarvis ,   Joseph   (04.16.12)
His hand must be severely injured.Was it a plastic gun? Cmon!?
14. Eisner
harry segal ,   Sysney   (04.16.12)
I know of no other country in the world where soldiers in uniform would put up with such nasty attacks and disobedience.
15. Fellow travellers Hit an Israeli they hit back,dhimmi days
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (04.16.12)
are over. The good old days when the dhimmis had to take it,wear funny clothes and be humiliated and pay fines for being Jews are over.. Get over your fantasies. Arabs have to be happy with just killing,enslaving and ethnic cleansing Christians and annimists.
16. Even more worrying
Michael ,   Haifa   (04.16.12)
The praise meted out to this uniformed hooligan by two Rabbis, says much about the ethical standards and morality of our so-called "spiritual leadership"
17. Another Leftists' provocation
David M.   (04.16.12)
The only reason the people are there is to provoke IDF, so they can get media attention. They could have gotten much better shots (no pun intended) in Syria, but they are not interested in helping anyone’s human rights but to harm Israel. Why not demonstrate for women’s and Jewish rights in Saudi Arabia? I can completely understand that Eisner lost his patience with them. For helping them play their game Eisner should be reprimanded - nothing more. The best thing would be to kick them out of Israel and send them back to Denmark or wherever they came from.
18. From Peres down the line
David ,   On this planet   (04.16.12)
If you can do a better job defending Israel, do it your self or better off get your children living abroad to do it . ungrateful leaders protected by the same people they accuse, disgusting
19. Hopefully ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.16.12)
.... the Danish "activist" is now missing a few teeth.
20. rushed decisions
jo moor   (04.16.12)
Where is the rushed decision to immediately suspend MK's and other politicians eg Ehud Olmert when they do wrong? All people are seems some are more equal than others.
21. The First 2 Seconds of the Video...
Michael ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (04.16.12)
clearly show the ISM creeps being hostile and physically provocative, to say the least. Perhaps the Arabic channel it was taken from my show some dignity and responsibility and release the parts of the video NOT edited in. I have had many run ins with IDF officers in teh West Bank as a foreign press photographer. Never had a problem once. Always treated with courtesy and professionalism even in very violent and confused circumstances. These smarmy hypocrites (the ISM, which openly advocates violence amongst their members, but publicly claims to be pacifists) I have been violently accosted by, with more than one situation where the Palestinians they were with had to restrain them, and have often witnessed them initiating violent action against soldiers and those they feel are "hostiles" to their cause. Plain and simply, no country would tolerate such unstable and violent groups in their country. Israel should be no exception. Next time the IDF comes across them, it should arrest and deport them. They do no favours to the Palestinians and are not even welcome in Gaza anymore by Hamas.
22. #1 easy to talk
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (04.16.12)
Let me explain. This was a foreign national who violated the terms of his visa and not only ignored instructions by soldiers, he confronted them. In every other country in the world, including the US, he would have been shot dead. If he had confronted police anywhere in the world, he would have been tasered, clubbed or gassed, hog-tied and then permanently deported, in some countries after a lengthy and unpleasant stay in prison. Look what they do to foreigners trying to sell cosmetics in the US, and imagine if they spat and shouted at the police? No other country allows their law enforcement to be disrespected for any length of time, certainly not by foreigners. What you should be asking is why the YSM wasn't there. They are specially trained to handle POS like your Danish friend.
23. G Good for Col Eisner. Those responsible
.DT ,   Tuy Hoa Vietnam   (04.16.12)
for letting these people in should be punished
24. RAFI it depends on the fracture. Clearly you think
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (04.16.12)
they think they are all the same, they are not.Nor is every patients pain threshold the same.In times of battle or crisis soldiers often keep going with major wounds till their epinephrine and other stress hormones and endorphin levels come down
25. A soldier is not a doormat !
Gabe ,   Canada   (04.16.12)
There is nothing paceful about provoking soldiers. Agent provocators should think twice from now on. Col. Eisner sent the right message.
Shlomo ,   Brooklyn   (04.16.12)
This soldier should be COURT-MARTIALED (for improper use of a weapon -- he should have shot the BASTARD!)
27. Eisner: temper and anger only put you in
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (04.16.12)
same league as Arabs. While we, as Jews, should not turn the other cheek (anymore) - we should also not copy the mindset of these fanatics. This is what they want from us. To provoke till we lose our temper and react as seen in this U-tube video.
28. #7 and others: On Israel's strength
Noa   (04.16.12)
We are a strong people with a strong army because we constantly and self critically reflect on whether our deeds are moral or not. This senior officer's behaviour obviously was not. Beating up kids is not the way, under no circumstances, and definitivly not under the ones shown here. To be a Zionist means to correct mistakes and not to talk or excuse them away. With the way the officer behaved he harmed our country, which is the opposite of Zionism.
29. wait! What is the rush? (Ivan-yes)
IlanaFine Bar-Hai   (04.16.12)
Firstly, Ivan I agree with you. I do not like violence and the video does look terrible but we do need to know what happened. World opinion should not play a part. Who cares what the anti Israelis think anyway? No matter what they hate us, they lie and twist, so this is just one "weapon" among their many. Truth is what counts and he needs to be questioned and then a decision should be made. If he was wrong then he was wrong.
30. Eisner was justified
Steve ,   TLV   (04.16.12)
After carefully examining the video It clear that Eisner was justified. The activists were requested to move back. One of them got to close and stared down an army officers in a threating way. We are trained to act quickly and efficiently and sometimes we only have a split second to make a decision. The officer felt that he was threaten and we should support him as he was in the field and no one knows what he was thinking except for him. The government should do an investigation into the activists and deport them as soon as they cross a close military zone.
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