Soldiers to IDF chief: Officer who beat activist 'ethical'
Yoav Zitun
Published: 16.04.12, 23:29
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Shalom Eisner is a tzaddik and an extrememly courageous fighter.The dane who smacked his face into the weapon of Eisner was a trouble making piece of crap .And Shimon Peres is a drek for not supporting Eisner,same goes for Gantz who is a moron and Bibi who makes me sick.
2. hypocrisy
EG   (04.16.12)
NY police used significantly larger force to enforce the law at Zuccotti Park china massacres hundreds in Tiananmen Square Syria is using deadly force to subdue valid dissent and yet the entire world is focused on a lone soldier that defends himself after having had his fingers broken what hypocrisy what gutless leaders we have what a shame
3. Theofficer suddenly approached him
Paltalk Doctor ,   Nanuet USA   (04.16.12)
Wrong. I viewed the multiple times Eisner did not approach Dane The Dane walked up to Eisner and stared him in the face.
4. What?
HERTZEL ,   TVERIA   (04.17.12)
How do you compare the virtues of a highly decorated IDF officer, with a uneducated liberal/leftist full of palestinian propaganda? SHAME ON THIS GOVERNMENT IF IT WILL NOT BACK UP OUR SOLDER AGAINST THIS WHITE TRASH!!!!!!
5. What's your problem ??? ,...
split ,   US   (04.17.12)
Rabbi Drukman a "spiritual leader" and Eisner's mentor and rabbi Dov Lior declared it kosher so did the soldiers, after all the dude that was assaulted was just a Goy ,... By the way both of them (rabbis) born in Poland in early '30's saved by some Goy who risked his/her/family life to save this two so they could spew their hate ,...
6. Eisner deserves a reward not a blame
Frank ,   Canada   (04.17.12)
He was doing his job and he did it the right way. IDF must shoot these anti-Semites.
7. Yes, it is ethical...
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (04.17.12)
If these Danish activists feel the right to storm the sovereign borders of Israel with the palestinian rebels, they should be ready for consequences...Did they expect a marching band greeting them ? Funny, that Denmark demanded clarifications...This shmendrick should be arrested, just as any other terrorist and serve time in prison for attempting to violate the sovereign border of Israel and instigating acts of war...
8. Hey , hey
Sf2oak ,   Oakland, USA   (04.17.12)
We do not see everything in video, idf is ridiculous to condemn actions. Why is Israel bending over backwards for prisoners & protestors? Call it a military zone & pop em some more.
9. Eisner should be imprisoned
Jack Atias ,   Israel   (04.17.12)
You cannot act like a jerk while wearing IDF uniform and being video tapped by activists whose only aim is to damage the image of the State of Israel. He should be suspended for ever and should be sent to prison. I suggest paying compensation for the activist.
10. Common IDF brass!
sk ,   USA   (04.17.12)
This colonel was trained as a military person, a defender of Israel. Leave him alone, he was doing his job valiantly and his frustration at ignorant provocateurs finally erupted — those protestors should be protesting against the gang of 24 Islamic bully nations not against tiny Israel. Call off his suspension already!
11. Bibi... Gantz.. GO HOME
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (04.17.12)
And Peres - the great backstabber - hasn't changed his colors. GO HOME ALL OF YOU!!! Eisner is protecting me and my country - which is more than I can say for all the spineless wimps that rushed in to castigate him. WE ARE ALL EISNERS.
12. #5, filthy lies & distortions.
Jake ,   USA   (04.17.12)
13. Look at the video
Sidney ,   USA   (04.17.12)
As they approach neither is looking at the other but seem to be passing each other by. Eisner seems to be talking to someone else in front of him and to the left of Ias. Suddenly Ias is in next to Eisner and turns his head toward Eisner whereupon Eisener hits him with his weapon. The sequence makes no sense. About a minute later Eisner is seen having a calm conservation with other "activists". If Eisner had brutally attacked one of their number without provocation, how likely is it that they would have a calm conversation with him a minute later, they would be keeping their distance from this madman. "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark", W.S.
14. Why are ISM activists getting visas?
MARK KLEIN, M.D. ,   OAKLAND   (04.17.12)
15. isreal
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (04.17.12)
hmm ,, come to isreal for your vaction you are sure of a warm welcome sorry about the above but i am afraid it puts you in a bad light this the sort of publicity you dont want it makes you on a par with the arabs violent thugs not a democracy
Iranian Jew ,   Los Angeles   (04.17.12)
We thank you for protecting us day and night. Because of you may family can have a safe home. We are proud of you. Don't let this single incident get in the way of your proud service.
17. Another Al Dura? More Pallywood?Arab/Leftist doctored videos
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (04.17.12)
& lies are routine. Remember the" 500 dead" in Jenin? The media is only too happy to publish their lies without question. The New York Times published a photo with a beaten boy pouring blood with a caption that the Israeli policeman beat him. Turns out in was a Yeshiva boy from the US who was dragged out of a taxi by a mob of Arab thugs and beaten and the Israeli policeman was guarding him. So much for "All the news thats fit to print"
18. Don't sacrifice Lt. Col. Eisner
Reuven   (04.17.12)
These terrorist supporters were violent. And they were blocking a road. Lt. Col. Eisner acted appropriiately.
19. My reality
michael Pielet ,   Israel   (04.17.12)
G-d bless Lt. Col Eisner. Thank you for protecting Am Israel on its land.
ME   (04.17.12)
21. I did not see any "brutality" as a matter of fact
carlos ,   San Diego U.S.A.   (04.17.12)
the potesters were not obeying the orders. They were returning and returning. Do you antisemites want to tell me that anybody can go to any airport in any country and protest whatever. YOU ARE COMPLETELY WRONG!. You live in la-la land! How perverse your views are!
22. Basic Info
Arturo   (04.17.12)
Soldiers are not civilian policemen. soldiers are trained to kill people and break things. Not to baby sit wankers.
23. the nerve of this pro testy fool to hit
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (04.17.12)
his face into a perfectly good M-16 mag. I hope he didn't hurt the rifle!!!
24. This jerk (activist) got less what he deserved !
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (04.17.12)
25. What,s the rush?
Anshel ,   Toronto, Canada   (04.17.12)
Shame on Bibi and Peres to issue condemnation before proper findings of facts.
26.  IDF chief: Officer who beat activist 'ethical'
jacques ,   nsw   (04.17.12)
that wouldn't hurt
27. Purple shirt
Sidney ,   USA   (04.17.12)
After Eisner hits Ias at 16 seconds, at 18 seconds purple shirt picks up legs of Ias to help carry him somewhere. Eisner is then seen walking at a distance to the left, look at white line. At 26 seconds purple shirt is scuffling with Eisner to right of white line. At 29 seconds purple shirt is out of the picture and Eisner is scuffling with man in white shirt far to left of white line Implausible..
28. Who does the Dane think he is?
Efraim ,   Virginia   (04.17.12)
Teasing the soldiers will only get you in trouble. Next time he will get more. This was only a warning!
29. #1 Da Urban Poet
oigevalt ,   Israel / Canada   (04.17.12)
"The dane who smacked his face into the weapon of Eisner was a trouble making piece of crap ." Absolutely brilliant!! And the most correct analysis of what really happened.
30. aloha
#9 ,   TORONTO   (04.17.12)
Do you know anything about IDF protocol? In krav maga sessions this is how were trained to hit people with our weapons, and if you take a look at the Dane now he looks like he's doing fine. And in which planet can a person get away ignoring the orders of a soldier and expect to get away with it?
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