The ugly face of Israel
Ziv Lenchner
Published: 17.04.12, 00:46
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31. Peace
Robert Dougall ,   Waterbury Vermont   (04.17.12)
you sleep peacefully, at night, because rough men are willing to use force on those that would destroy you.
32. The fact.
Alex ,   USA   (04.17.12)
Lucky for the Danish ,moron hitting an army officer on duty, to get away with a smack on the face. In other country, he would end up in a body-bag. .
33. "The ugly face of Israel"
Dave In Arizona ,   USA   (04.17.12)
Does anyone really know what was said? Was this action provoked? Well? Now, the real difference between the actions of Lt. Colonel Eisner and a "Syrian thug" is this so-called "Danish protestor" would be dead .
34. garbage. it is people like you who are immoral and israel's
ralph   (04.17.12)
worst enemies. you have misguided morals, ignorant philosophy and not in touch with israel's best interests. it is our idf who are most responsible and moral and realistic. and act in israel's best interests.
35. Thugs?
Naftali   (04.17.12)
Spoken like a true ghetto Jew. Oy, what will the world think about these not so nice Jews? My late mother was one of those nice Jews, she very nicely and politely listened to the SS who put her on the train to Auschwitz. These so-called activists are our enemies, make no mistake about it. If they were truly Human Rights activists, they would be in Syria. If I want to read crap like this about Tzahal, I can get it at Haaretz
36. My message to Mr. Lencher.
Maurice ,   Montreal   (04.17.12)
Mr. Lencher, you write that "the truly easiest thing is to hide behind the details that may emerge or the arguments that may be presented". Well Mr Lencher, this is not hiding behind anything, but explaining the reasons that led to what took place. Everything in this world is "cause and affect". Only idiots like yourself would want to ignore the details which are clearly the "cause" behind an event. It is shameful, that you should use this incident to attempt to elevate yourself above the average Israeli, and in doing so support Israel's and Jews' worst enemies. Shame on you!
37. God bless you #1 & #2
Israeli 2   (04.17.12)
Cursed be this author with the rest of the Sonei Yisrael.
38. The ugly face of Ziv Lenchner
Israeli 2   (04.17.12)
39. Without the whole video you JUMP to conclusions
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.17.12)
faster than a speeding jet and love to take the terrorist side to shove it to Israel. Do they pay you in gazan money to write this?
40. Asymetrical media
Prof. I. Barr ,   USA   (04.17.12)
Israeli media expects Israeli soldiers to be lead soldiers. The Danish provoked the Israeli soldiers as he was trained to do. ExpectingIsraeli soldiers not to be human being is not realistic. Israel should demand that these activists speak Hebrew. Not speaking Hebrew endangers them as some like Rachel Corrie died because she did not understand commands in Hebrew. Suppose 1500 would have been allowed in......
41. IDF had no choice
David ,   USA   (04.17.12)
It was obvious. These radical left wing Euro Trash idiots should not be allowed into the country. They were extremely rude and disrespectful and the fool deserved to eat a riffle in his face. Hopefully he had a broken jaw and teeth. Teach him a lesson. These Left wing Euro maggots need to learn.
42. The Ugly Face of Israel
Ron Levin   (04.17.12)
This article is utter trash. No country in the world would tolerate European dreck to fly in a d do what was done here
43. Lenchner, Get Real!
Meir ,   Toronto Canada   (04.17.12)
Ziv you are a moron!
44. Foreign storm troops incite a riot
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.17.12)
Then attack our military and guess what one of the little bastards gets hit. I think the asshole should have been shot instead
45. The writer is the thug.
Justin ,   Winnipeg, Canada   (04.17.12)
How dare you compare a video of a soldier who hit a man ONCE to the thugs in Syria, where instead of one single man doing something that we don't have enough evidence to convict him over, you have whole armies slaughtering civilians? You, sir, are a traitor to the Jewish people.
46. The Beautiful Face of Israel
Cheryl ,   Chicago USA   (04.17.12)
Lt. Col. Eisner - you are a hero! Give this man a medal!
47. If he had been a Settler
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (04.17.12)
If he had been a settler instead of a leftist there would have been silence. hypocrite.
48. This isn't the Mai lie massacre........
Shep ,   Memphis   (04.17.12)
Only Jews would beat themselves up for protecting themselves from anarchist troublemakers from DENMARK! Wake up! There is nothing to apologies for!!!!!! These thugs are guests in Israel and if they don't obey the authorities, then they get what's coming to them!!!!! If it happened in Memphis, the police would have taken the Dane down a lot harder and rougher than the IDF!
49. Vile articale
EYTAN ROSENBERG ,   van nuys   (04.17.12)
I wish to see this a million more times. I only pray one will be the face of the author of this article. with all that is going on against us world wide. You write this. No sir we want to see much more and fast.
50. come on now
Ron ,   oc us   (04.17.12)
What the soldier did was over the top however comparing the entire country to the Syrians is WAY over the top. Also note there is no ISM IN ANY Arab country.
51. another fool drawing ridiculous conclusions
rick ,   walnut creek   (04.17.12)
chicken little is shouting, once again, that the sky is falling. and, this chicken little is cackling about the moral decline of the country.
52. be not quick to judge
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (04.17.12)
who says that all of the facts are in front of us? who says that the film has not been edited? before an opinion is cast, be slow to judge lest you make a total idiot out of yourself as quite may be this case.
53. But I'll bet the writer is REALLY moral
Z Lando ,   Tekoa, Israel   (04.17.12)
54. as in any country
Chani   (04.17.12)
When an officer in that nation's army, wearing his uniform, issues a command to "step back", or "get down"or any other simple order regarding an army-restricted area, the citizen must comply. EVEN MORE SO IF THE OFFENDER IS NOT A CITIZEN!!!!! If this Danish protester tried to circumvent the National Guard and enter the White House area he would have been forcibly arrested. Why don't Israeli soldiers deserve the same respect?
55. Danish protestor exemplifies Denmark's moral decline
Global Citizen ,   Israel & US   (04.17.12)
into the Sharia sewer, where terrorism is a cause to be championed.
56. the only ugly face i see here is yours Mr Ziv Lenchner
58. eisner
norma ,   jerusalem   (04.17.12)
he was defending his country from intruders
Julie ,   Israel   (04.17.12)
What this incident shows is that Israel is hopefully tired enough of all the PC nonsense and the absurdity, the hipocrisy and the totally unreasonable hatred toward them. It shows that we have men who have the courage to do what needs to be done and I for one hope that it is the start of smashing a lot of these evil, miserable "human rights"-for Arab -terrorists-only prople who have the utter audacity to come to Israel and march in our streets.
60. the ugly face of. Ziv Lenchner
Julie ,   Israel   (04.17.12)
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