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Arab-Israeli swimmer victim of discrimination?
Amir Peleg
Published: 19.04.12, 15:23
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1. does the term Uncle TOM mean anything
aiman ,   jersey   (04.19.12)
2. If allegations are true, terrible shame
jared ,   toronto, ontario   (04.19.12)
3. sport unites religion divdes
Haim ,   TA   (04.19.12)
4. "Officials at the ISA denied discriminating.."
Jay Engelmayer ,   Modiin, Israel   (04.19.12)
Really??? That's BS!!. They must truly be idiots as you take the best to compete on an international level - but it is no wonder why so much money is poured into swimming in this country and the results on a global scale are embarrassing. You don't need to be Jewish to be an Israeli - and as a country we would be better off if we used all the talent we have if that talent is willing to represent the state. If Ganiel lost to Qupty, what are his prospects against the world?? not good. But I am sure he and his family will have a great time in Hungary ala the taxpayer and come home with nothing to show for it but the pictures and the memories. Institutionalized racism - I know I don't want my hard earned money paying for that.
5. Yes and yet no. The sports association is just blocked!
Jew ,   JewLandia   (04.19.12)
and how do I know this? A number of years ago a young Jewish immigrant female Judoka wanted to represent Israel. She was the absolute best and the Israeli sports association denied her a place. What did she do? She went back to her native Argentina won a place and competed in the Olympics. She won OLYMPIC gold! In part by beating out her former Israeli Judoka team mates. What was the Israeli Sports Association response? "Oops, Oh well we suppose she really was that good!" To which half the nation responded: "You think?!?" My feeling is that the same thing is true here...internal administrative political folly on the part of the sports association...strikes again!
6. an explanation is due us
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (04.19.12)
"Officials at the Israel Swimming Associations denied discriminating against Qupty." I'd like to get a more detailed explanation. Something doesn't small right.
7. if true that is very wrong. must be corrected!
ralph   (04.19.12)
portia ,   san diego   (04.19.12)
Don't GIVE UP!! Acceptance and change takes time and always there are the ones to carry that burden...You shall prevail, and eventually the ISA will do what is right...
9. Keep Fighting and Good Luck!
Rachel ,   Hadera   (04.19.12)
I know from experience (my son's a swimmer ranked in the top 5 of age 12 and under) that there's a lot of politics involved in the swim association. Keep practicing and working hard and you'll get your chance... We hope to see you in the Olympics!
10. he could swim for Lebanon
Benjamin Milikofsky ,   Miami Florida   (04.20.12)
11. Is this true???
Robin ,   Israel   (04.21.12)
Is this true? If it is then the whole swim team should boycot the competition.. Could someone provide an official anwer??? .
12. swimmer discrimination
Nancy Nichols Tamir ,   caesarea israel   (08.25.12)
As a former swimmer with lots of experience at international events, this form of discrimination is exactly why Israel will never succeed in international events. The past Olympics proved to us that without the necessary qualifications and by sending second grade sportsmen to these events only embarrasses the country and thosse of us Israelies who love sport. Shame on those who want us to stay a backward country in the world's eyes. Nancy, a particitipant in the European Lung Olympics.
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