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Celebrity mohel mocks baby's manhood
Published: 22.04.12, 13:56
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1. the rabbi might have been projecting himself as well
projection ,   world   (04.22.12)
maybe he is healthyly laughing about himself
2. Are Mohels licensed?
Israeli 2   (04.22.12)
Some however should NEVER be licensed. Even Tzipora knew the difference between the foreskin and the penis.
3. A horrifying example of mohel ignorance and incompetance!
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (04.22.12)
When an infants penis appears to be malformed or undersized, the mohel should ALWAYS first consult with a pediatric surgeon to determine if the bris should be delayed so that the foreskin can be used in reconstructive surgical repair. Here in the US, mohels often detect hypospadias and other malformations that can be rescued by plastic surgery, using foreskin tissue, that even the hospital and the delivering physician had missed. The mohel here recognized the babies deformity, but was too dense and ignorant to think past his own amusement. That he didn't think anything was wrong with his disrespectful Tweet is further proof of the guy's unfitness to be a mohel. It is obvious that this jackass didn't give any thought to the importance of delaying the bris. Israel needs to do a better job of training and licensing each mohel - and weeding out the arrogant and irresponsible idiots.
4. Male Genitial Mutilation should be a crime
HumanRightsActivist ,   USA   (04.22.12)
Just horrifying to me that people speak about this barbaric practice of mutilating the perfect and natural penises of boys with such casual ignorance. This is a form of rape and has nothing to do with spirituality. This practice is deeply traumatizing to boys and men and hinders a man's natural sexual function. The fact that the Rabbi was publicly mocking a boy's penis is shocking to the conscience.
5. #4
David ,   USA   (04.22.12)
The last sentence of your rant was the only one of value. Obedience to the Word of Eloheim is the most spiritual thing a person can do. Just because you are void of faith doesn't mean you have the right to attack others who do. Your rant is worse than the Rabbi's Tweet.
6. #4 human
solomon ,   bklyn   (04.22.12)
"This practice is deeply traumatizing to boys and men and hinders a man's natural sexual function." Speak for yourself.
7. #4
ester   (04.22.12)
"This practice is deeply traumatizing to boys and men and hinders a man's natural sexual function." are you sure about that? lol it doesnt seem correct to me
8. #4 Your post is 'horrifying'
AB ,   TheRock   (04.22.12)
and so idiotic (this amounts to 'rape' on the baby) and ignorant. Who cares what you think about a practice that begins with Abraham the Patriarch and forms a part of the identification of a Jew. You're ignorant because the only thing that is cut off is a piece of skin. It is in order to weaken the desire for sexual desire since we are a Holy nation (of course you don't know what I'm talking about - cuz you're so human!). Abraham the father of the Jewish nation stands by the gates of the Garden of Eden and if the man does not have a circumcision he just is not allowed entry. That is a belief that is ingrained in a jew which is why so many in life threatening situations nevertheless did whatever they could to perform this mitzva.
9. shame on him and who uses him
jeff ,   Beverly Hills, CA   (04.22.12)
this is a very holy mitzvah how dare he even talk like this, celebes and anyone who values the neshamah of their baby should use a holy man with respect for humans and god
10. size doesn't matter,
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (04.22.12)
oh yes,size does matter,the size of the brain,how can this man with a pigeon brain, perform such delicate surgeries ?.
11. @4 foreskin causes sexual dysfunction...
Mufasa ,   Israel   (04.22.12)
in fact most men with penile erectile dysfunction have their foreskins intact. Yes it is true. The other thing that is true is that you are an idiot. have a nice day
12. #4 - Go away
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (04.22.12)
You aren't the first - nor will you be the last - to try and interfere with our faith and religious practice. We were commanded to do this by the Torah and we will not desist.
13. #4
Jay ,   Tel Aviv   (04.22.12)
You neglected to mention that it's also a surgical procedure carried out in hospitals around the world for health reasons. Thank you for embarrassing yourself and using words like rape when there is clearly no context. So much for 'Human Rights'. I'm sure your time would be better spent helping the poor people in Syria. Of course that's not on your radar... Or maybe it will be when you find a way to blame Israel for it. Sad!
14. If that were true...
Hugh Intactive ,   Porirua, New Zealand   (04.23.12)
If "most men with penile erectile dysfunction have their foreskins intact." it is because most men have their foreskins intact. You need to compare the ratios, and Frisch et al. in Denmark found circumcision is associated with sexual problems. Not 100%, obviously, but enough to give pause. Circumcising a micropenis would be particularly risky. Any mistake is magnified when he grows up.
15. #8 "It is in order to weaken the desire for sexual desire"
Robert ,   Australia   (04.23.12)
....The same justification given for female genital mutilation in the Muslim world. What's the difference?
16. #4 is correct
Realist ,   Sydney, Australia   (04.23.12)
#6 How would you know. You had the most sensitive part of your anatomy (the foreskin has the most nerve endings) excised without painkillers or consent eight days after your birth. The people to ask are those who were circumcised as teenagers and most will tell you that there is a diminution in sexual pleasure. Circumcised men being in such denial can only be described as a pathology. #7-As for women having opinions about male anatomy.....
17. #4 - Sub-human
Devorah   (04.23.12)
circumcision "hinders a man's natural sexual function"??? You have no idea what you're talking about. Whether you're male or female, I suspect you're an absolute drag in the sack. Mind your own business, fool.
18. #14 hugh
solomon ,   bklyn   (04.23.12)
The size of an infants penis has no relation to its size when it grows up. Do some research, then post.
19. mgm
Danielle ,   usa   (04.23.12)
Male genital mutilation on infants is a violation of human rights and should be a crime.
20. # 15
Isi   (04.23.12)
utter nonsense! The opposite is true! Apart, that circumcised men have much less medical "male" problems.
21. His post is serious - not joking at all
rebecca ,   Modiin   (04.23.12)
It sounds almost concerned. Wrong forum, but nb topic. but then which sicko wants tweets from a mohel?
22. @4 & 16 - from someone who's had it done as an adult
rebecca ,   Modiin   (04.23.12)
I am told, by someone who was circumcised as an adult, that it was a relief and the subsequent pleasure increased. and the week of his pain, far more in a man of 20+ than in a 7 day old, was well worth it.
23. #21 Rebecca - LOL!!!
Devorah   (04.23.12)
24. Wrong Part
Harvey ,   London   (04.23.12)
It's quite obvious from this idiot s comment that his own Mohel made a mistake and through away the wrong bit at his own circumcision
25. to#4: Hinders sexual function? Ask a Woman!
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (04.23.12)
As a healthy and vital Hebrew woman of 60+ years, let me tell you, bubbie, I've only been with Jewish], hence, circumcised men throughout my lifetime; and ALL have proven their PROWESS and have "functioned" like wild bulls. So take your ridiculous argument elsewhere.
26. #16 Circumcised & Sexy!
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (04.23.12)
As for women having opinions about male anatomy . . . ? Who better than a lusty Woman to describe the pleasure derived from being with a desirable, sexy, circumcised "functioning" MAN!? Go back to the sheep ranch.
27. Horrifying incompetence
Iselin ,   Oslo, Norway   (04.23.12)
So this nincompoop of a mohel slices before investigating what can be done to this poor infant with the "excess" tissue and then he makes a mockery of it. If others refused to do it, that was a good reason for him to refuse to do it, too. The parents should have twigged that something was wrong. The very real mutilation of this baby does not deserve the rants about circumcision versus intactiveness in the Feedbacks. That's not what the article is about. Anyway, that argument will never make headway (pun intended) in this forum. There is a saying - the person who knows only one country knows no country. The same can be said for women speaking about men's anatomy. You need to experience both (preferably more than once) in order to have an informed opinion.
28. The issue here is not about the ethics of circumcision
Susan ,   Ranana   (04.23.12)
The issue here is not about the ethics of circumcision. There has been heated debate over this for quite some time. The bottom line is the legality of allowing someone who is not a doctor to perform surgery. And yes, circumcision is absolutely surgery. As a health care professional, I am not allowed to cross ANY red lines, including recommending medications or performing ANY invasive procedure. And this is after 6 years of medically related studies. So why can a rabbi who has passed a course be allowed to cut a genital on an 8 day old infant? And this is often performed without so much as a topical anesthetic under less than sterile conditions. What would happen to me if I gave a baby wine to shut him up in the clinic where I work? What would happen if I took a scapel and so much as touched a patient with it? First, the Ministry of Health would open a file; fire me from my job and probably I'd face criminal charges. But it's ok for a rabbi to do this and get 800 shekels in cash under the table to boot. If parents want cirmumcision done for health or religious reasons, it should dammed well be performed by a pediatrician, urologist, surgeon or a mohel-M.D. Susan
29. "Every day I carry out several circumcisions" ,...
snag ,   USA   (04.23.12)
Why would anyone except mohel want to perform this barbaric ritual practised by nomadic desert tribes on his/her own child having a bathroom, plenty of soap and water? ,... How much do the mohel charge for circumcision? ,...
30. 28 - 800 shekels in cash under the table ,...
snag ,   USA   (04.23.12)
That's $300 tax free a piece x several a day for something that has no known medical benefit, and most doctors are against it.
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