Mt. Herzl tragedy clouds Independence Day events
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 19.04.12, 21:17
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1. They won't stop them, I think.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (04.19.12)
They had evening training yesterday (or maybe I misheard and she said it was draining) and they've been drilling those kids hard for five weeks. I'll bet the question the organisers have is what to do about lighting for the event. I do hope that if they go forward with this event that they will honour the officer's memory somehow.
2. Cancel this whole event
Dov ,   Netanya   (04.19.12)
what has happened to Hila is a national disgrace. This whole event must be cancelled. Continuing with this event would be in the poorest of taste. Another more low key televised event must be undertaken at an alternative venue Yad Lebanim, perhaps even at the Druze or Bedouin fallen soldiers memorials to make a change and show our national appreciation of our non-Jewish fallen soldiers for once and of course involve mentioning what has happened to Hila. This is a national tragedy as far as I am concerned.
3. Condolences to Bezaleli family
jared ,   toronto, ont, canada   (04.19.12)
My sincere condolences on the loss of their loved one. May g-d comfort you among the other mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.
4. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.19.12)
I respectfully beg to disagree. While there is no question that the unfortunate death of Lieutenant Bezaleli and the injuries to seven others was a tragedy, it does not take away from the right of those families who continue to mourn lost loved ones who fell in the defense of Medinat Israel from having their losses publicly acknowledged. Nor should the joy of our independence and redemption as a nation be cancelled. What you are suggesting -- cancellation of the programs -- will make it very tempting for those who do not wish us well to stage some sort of a terror attack or random murder of Jews in years to come purely to force us to cancel our celebrations. Don't you recognize that?
5. To Sarah B number 4
Dov ,   Netanya   (04.19.12)
I meant to cancel the event at Mt herzl and to have a more low key event at an alternative venue both for Yom Hazikaron and Yom HaAtzmaut. The event cannot and should not proceed at the location of tragedy.
6. Tragedy
Michael Pielet ,   Israel   (04.19.12)
My sincere condolences to the young soldier who lost her life, her family, and those injured. I pray this tragedy never happens again. The ceremony on Mt. Herzl must go on. It is a tribute to all of those people, Jews who gave so much that the nation of Israel may live. I salute them.
7. To Sarah B number 4
Shimon ,   Poleg   (04.20.12)
No connection to terrorism. Hila was killed by Jews, by their negligent behaviour. This event cannot take place at Mt Herzl this year. We have enough other relevant locations for ceremonies and celebrations.
8. Mt. Herzl event
rivkah f. ,   Jerusalem   (04.20.12)
Perhaps the event -- Independence Day celebration-- at Mt. Herzl should be more subdued but something should be held. However, safety must be guaranteed. It is clear that the entire setup there was not really safe -- like the Maccabiah games several years ago. There is another factor: the weather at the time of the rehearsal. On Wednesday, there was terribly windy with a fierce dust storm. Was it so necessary to conduct a rehearsal under those weather conditions? Let us recall the horrific helicopter crash in a violent rain storm in the north in which many soldiers were killed in the late 1990s & the dispatch of a bus of prison service employees during the raging fire in the Carmel area last year which resulted in their death. These foolhardy decisions by people who ignore nature and the elements also should be considered as part of the equation.
9. Moving ceremony to Knesset Plaza would be a good thing!
Jew ,   JewLandia   (04.20.12)
First of all condolences to the family of Second-Lieutenant H. Bezaleli Secondly I agree that the event should be moved and since the event is under the auspices of the Knesset moving it to the Knesset Plaza would be a very good idea. I do not think the event should be canceled, but it could be a less grandiose event and it SHOULD include a mention of the young soldiers names. Just as was done last night by both Pres. Mr. Peres and PM Mr. Netanyahu at the beginning of their Holocaust rememberance speeches at Yad V'Shem.
10. To No. 2 and No.5
Dan S. ,   US   (04.20.12)
The event must go on, as it has national symbolic importance that supersedes the unfortunate death and injuries that came out of all of this, especially now. Those responsible for this failure, including all these self-professed "experts" should be punished as far as the law will allow, if only to make an example of them. Considering similar structural failures (bridges that spontaneously collapse, a building whose floor caves in during a wedding reception, shoddy construction, lack of inspection, etc - the list goes on and on) something has to be done to stem this once and for all, which is the best thing that could be done on the behalf of those who have died over the years because of this nonsense.
11. add a new memorial service to mt herzl events
If mt herzl memorial and independence dayevents are to go ahead , a special and separate memorial ceremony should proceed them
12. independence day celebrations
sue ,   jerusalem   (04.20.12)
the entire ceremony must be cancelled. a tragedy to the entire country. not only the death of the soldier but they way people behave on their jobs. all should be behind bars.
13. Having heard a first hand account now.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (04.20.12)
There should be a dedication to this poor girl (I've heard that part of it will be dedicated to her). Her death was gruesome and undignified and no parent should have to see their child look like that. The noncoms would appreciate it after they all tried to remove the beam from her in a desperate attempt to save her life.
14. There is another reason to cancel events.In the last 48hours
Rivkah   (04.20.12)
there have been 39 earthquakes, mostly in the Pacific Rim area. Experts believe the plates of the Earth have cracked and that there will likely be thousands of earthquakes simultaneously shortly. The Jewish Messiah Rabbi Yahshua said there would be earthquakes in diverse places toward the end of Gentile world rule and it would be a time that is worse than any since the foundation of the world. There are several earthquake faults in Israel. It would be best for the nations of the world to shut down nuclear power plants for awhile to avoid making the Earth uninhabitable from radiation from nuclear plant meltdowns in the coming earthquakes.
15. The first candle should be lit by her unit.
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (04.20.12)
17. Memorial service events
Yoel ,   Israel   (04.20.12)
It is my opinion that the events should be cancelled as a mark of respect, besides blaming each other for this tragic accident is fruitless at this stage. was the expert waiting for proof of the mishap before calling off the rehersel. Bad weather conditions should have been considered and events stopped. Neglect can only be proved after a through investagition
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