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Number of IVF births doubles within decade
Dr. Itay Gal
Published: 28.04.12, 10:50
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1. Sometimes Israeli women jump the gun...
Susan ,   Raanana   (04.28.12)
Sometimes Israeli women jump the gun. Because fertility treatments are either free or highly subsidized, couples often don't let nature take it's course. Women are not often properly prepared for the physical and psychological "side-effects" of strong fertility drugs. Couples must also be aware of the % of multiple births. I've seen many cases of improved fertility resulting in successful pregnancy (especially with hormonal imbalance, polycystic ovaries and "unexplained infertility") using Chinese medicine. I'm very happy we have such excellent fertility treatments but women should be aware that IVF shouldn't be taken lightly and there are natural alternatives to try first. Susan
2. Studies have shown that IVF babies are 36% more likely to
Rivkah   (04.28.12)
have birth defectes. Dr. Bill Campbell Douglass II talked about that in one of his recent medical online newsletters. It is better to conceive the old fashioned way, but there are deterents to conception such as soy in the diet because it has a lot of estrogen in it and diminishes male sperm count. Both prospective parents should be eating an organic foods diet since a lot of pesticides have an estrogen-like component that hinders male fertility. All GMO or genetically modified foods interfere with fertility.
3. 2
The one who has the defect here is you, in your brain.
4. 3 anonymous: May HaShem rebuke you.
Rivkah   (04.29.12)
5. so many naysayers
coconut ,   ra'anana   (04.29.12)
yes IVF is serious. Yet, I have damaged/blocked fallopian tubes. Should I also "wait for nature to take its course?" People are so quick to point their fingers and tell us just to "relax" and it'll happen. IVF is my only option and thank g-d for it.
6. It sounds to me the real reason behind IVF increase is less
Miron ,   USA   (04.30.12)
people feel bad about IVF conception. This is very important espetially for people who would have difficulties consieving a baby due to hereditary conditions. There is little that can go wrong, but for 2 people out of 100 it's the end of the world... until IVF comes to help. Isn't it what the peace time science is all about? How to make our family one man more happy?
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