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Exclusive: The battle on the Marmara
Shosh Mula
Published: 20.04.12, 19:37
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1. foolish govt paid compensation to THE ATTACKERS!
rick ,   walnut creek   (04.20.12)
yeah, Israel voted for Bibi, but, in many ways, Israel seems stuck with olmert and olmertism (self-serving, corrupt, defeatism).
2. come on!!! not all turks hate Jews
Turkish girl ,   Antalya   (04.20.12)
We love You and i love Shayetet 13 as a turk! ;) please someone tell these soldiers we don't hate them they saw only some islamist extremist people but half of Turks are secular and support Jews against Arabs and islamists
3. You are heroes.
Jordan Ariel ,   Philadelphia USA   (04.20.12)
Greetings from America! Thank you for your service and your bravery in defending Israel from these thugs. I salute you. May that accursed ship that this happened on, rot. May all who had ill intentions against you on that ship be cursed.
4. A. <3
5. thank you for your service
dz ,   usa   (04.20.12)
Thank you for defending Israel. You have the respect of me and others that understand what the Marmara incident was all about.
6. barack is a moron
jeff ,   MIAMI/JERUSALEM   (04.20.12)
how is it barack did not get dismissed for gross stupidity. this atheist appeaser is a disgrace to the nation. he sits in his penthouse and works for the enemy. he should be investigated as to the source of his ill gotten millions as he works to evict patriotic israelis from their homes. he's a modern day kapo..... he was kissing the ass of arafat and still has shit on his face
7. God Bless You, IDF! We pray for you!
Farhad ,   Iran   (04.20.12)
Excellent work, subduing thugs & terrorists. You are a shining example vs. the vicious Turkish criminal thugs paid for & supported by their stupid Islamist Erdogan/Gul govt. They are put to shame vs, the Jewish "Rising Stars"! forever!
8. terrorest
Jared ,   Stillwater   (04.20.12)
you are abusing the word terrorist ! Anyone disapproves of Israeli policy is now either terrorist or anti semitic . it does not work any more
9. # 7 - Are you really in Iran?
Maurice ,   Montreal   (04.20.12)
If yes, I congratulate you on your wisdom and courage!
10. He gave his all.. and he's probably a "settler" and the govt
And for what? ,   Israel   (04.20.12)
will tear down his house when Piece Now complaines. Not enough what he did... no thanks... they will ignore it when time comes to rip out his heart.
11. why weren't these soldiers dismissed for their reaction?
All heroes ,   for Israel   (04.20.12)
And the same consideration should have been given to Eisner.
12. Defending yourself against illegal attack is not terrorism!
Jacob   (04.20.12)
The word "terrorist" is not simply a synonym for "opponent of Israel's occupation of Palestine", as it is being used here. What happened on the Mavi Marmara was that Israel launched an illegal attack on a ship in international waters, and then killed - arguably murdered - 16 people when they tried to defend themselves. If anyone involved was a terrorist, it wasn't the flotilla.
13. #2.. We do realize that!
Jack Hoff ,   NY NY   (04.20.12)
Any intelligent person knows that a countries population does not always side with government opinion. Appreciate your kind words and thoughts....Erdogan's govt is a throwback to Islamo Fascist Neaderthalism. I do believe most Turks want good relations with Israel. Gulay Gulay
14. #8 - it only works on the violent ones
William ,   Israel   (04.20.12)
which these IHH "activists" were, apparently. However, if you are still a self-righteous schmuck and spout anti-Israel rants, then no, you're not a terrorist.
15. #12 - as the UN clarified in the Palmer Report
William ,   Israel   (04.20.12)
The IDF was justified in stopping the ships and the blockade around Gaza is legal. The San Remo Convention on Maritime issues legally provided Israel the impetus for boarding these ships. As the Mavi Marmara was in touch with the other 5 ships, they would have known that no violence occurred there and the IDF took control of the ships peacefully. That wasn't the intent of the IHH "activists" even before they left Turkey, as evident in their videos and in the amount of weapons they brought on the ship. Notice - one of the terrorists used a gun before any of the IDF soldiers used theirs. Continue to promote your lies, Jacob, but the truth came out and your side lost.
16. Thanks for doing the hard work
Tony ,   NYC   (04.20.12)
while we just sit here. My heart reaches out for you brave boys entering into the savage's den. Too bad you didn't take more out.
17. Who shot the soldier?
Ali ,   Scotland   (04.20.12)
Sounds like the IDF shot their own soldier.I really cant understand the use of the word terrorist in this case ,makes no sense.I'd like to know who the activists were terrorising and how this is worked out that some one is a terrorist in this case?
18. #8 #12
Have the two of you ever considered getting married? You complement each other so well.
19. heroes
Ilanafinebarhai   (04.20.12)
You guys are true heroes. The activists and terrorists are liars, devils and eventually the truth always comes out.
20. @ #12: I guess you never heard of the Palmer Report...
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (04.20.12)
Commissioned by the UN, which determined that, in its opinion, the blockade of Gaza conflrms completely with international law, as were the actions of the IDF in interdicting the so-called "Peace Flotilla". The only comment they had to make was that, in their opinion, excessive force was used... but without actually beoing there, how can they decide that one way or the other? The moment the "peace activists" refused to be stopped for a search by the blockading force, they committed an act of war under international law: attempting to break a legal blockade. BTW, there were 9 terrorists killed, not 16. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT--otherwise you become proof for the saying, "Better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're a bloody fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!"
21. Terrorist?You only persuade yourself
Atilla ,   istanbul   (04.20.12)
I wonder why activists didn't kill that crying soldier soldier if they were terrorist?
22. #2 and #21
Jordan Ariel ,   Philadelphia USA   (04.20.12)
#2 - We Jews love Turkish people like yourself. Unfortunately, i find your PM to be a madman, and hopefully elections will eventually return sanity to all of Turkey, and Israel and Turkey can restore the friendship. #21- The activists didnt get a chance to kill "that crying soldier." One of them fought despite a broken arm, and getting beaten, and the other fought with a bullet in his stomach. He killed some terrorists too. I'm glad. You wouldnt understand the level of bravery and honor they have.
23. IDF Shayetet 13 = HEROES
OyVaGoy ,   UK   (04.20.12)
Lots of love and respect to you from Britain.
24. 2
anton ,   Istanbul   (04.20.12)
you are really optimistic :)
25. flottila article
julien surrel ,   Philadelphia /usa   (04.20.12)
israeli war ship tried to stop a flotilla on international waters . If they had stopped them in gaza waters it would be a different story, legally. Because if i´m on a ship and someone attacks me, i will defend myself. They should have waited until the ships were into gaza waters.
26. what next...nerf guns?
Steve ,   USA   (04.20.12)
The individuals who ordered the use of paint ball guns should be charged with dereliction of duty. I cannot imagine a scenario in which U.S. forces would intercept a foreign vessel unless fully armed and prepared for hostilities. I feel for the injured soldiers but this was a botched operation from the start.
27. Atlla from Istanbul,
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (04.20.12)
1. The Leader of IHH Bulent Yildrim was the lawyer who defended pro bono (It means free of charge) the Turkish Hezbollah terrorists who had murdered many Turks and buried at the foundation of their buildings n the late 80 es and early 90 ies. His ties to the Turkish Hezbollah s very well known and he never denies it. 2. Only the terrorists themselves know why they dd not kill the Israel solders but the fact is that they dd harm them willingly and they had been preparing for t when they cut steel bars from the deck of the ship earlier. Maybe they thought to keep the soldiers alive and use it as a bargaining chip later. Iyi geceler. I hope the recent storm did not do any damage to you and your family.
28. It was legal
Ben Eli ,   USA   (04.20.12)
Blockades are legally enforced in international waters. Hamas since they seized Gaza are in a defacto state of war with one goal to eliminate Israel. Not only did Israel act within legality, but with all morality. The Turkish terrorists had to be stopped and the IDF did what they had to do. Righteousness is on their side.
29. mavi marmara
desertson ,   london uk   (04.20.12)
Of course all this could have been avoided, by not attacking a legitimate vessel on the high seas (ie piracy).
30. barak responsible for israel injuries
mohson   (04.20.12)
barak has operational command as yaalon was excluded from operational planning. barak either conceived or signed off on paintball guns as well as planning for the best and not the worst. Any reasonable person save olmert and livni would say suppose some or all of the 700 will have guns and rods and overwhelm the rappellers. israel should have sprayed the deck with disarming gas, and then had commandos enter the deck only after small machine gun helicopters provide guard.IDF soldiers were severely hurt because of barak.
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