'Flytilla' organizers eye future fly-ins
Elior Levy
Published: 21.04.12, 16:33
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1. "flytilla activists" are racists
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (04.21.12)
The "flytilla" activists showed their true colors when they drew a swastika n a detention center. These people are racists who don't care about the Arabs & don't care to learn the truth. They are anti-semites who only want to undermine Israel
2. Idea for a payback time!
Don Saliman ,   Kibbutz Nahal Oz Isr   (04.21.12)
Let's get the names of these Flytilla' organizers and let's go to their homes and demonstrate against them, every time they organize against Israel
3. This is what happens when you have
Rachel ,   US   (04.21.12)
weak leaders.
4. The "Bad PR"
Dallas ,   Canada   (04.21.12)
This tells us more about the activists than about Israel, and any "bad PR" is theirs. More than anything else, they are an embarrassment to their countries of origin.
5. Eizner, we have some work to do...
R. N.   (04.21.12)
6. Where do they get money to do this?
The Dude   (04.21.12)
This is a very important question. It's not only paying the cost of traveling to an airport and flying to BG airport, as many of us know is not really a cheap endeavor, regardless of airline. It's also about taking time off of work? Do any of these people have jobs? Seriously how many people have time to take off for this? Many of these terror supporters were looking to stay in Bethlehem for longer than 2-3 weeks, which even by European standards is quite a long vacation. Which companies just allow their employees to take unlimited time off? Are they all self-employed? Or they just welfare parasites? While the last option seems to be the most realistic, how generous is the welfare system that people can take international flights on a whim?
7. Dear flytilla person:
Instead of schlepping to the airport, never much fun, waiting forever to checkmin and board, fighting it out with the next guy for space in the overhead locker, sitting in a tiny plane seat for six hours, crawling over two pairs of knees to join the line to the bathroom, and having to eat airline food, wouldn't it make more sense to go out with friends and have a good time? Even assuming you make it to Bethlehem, put yourself in perspective. Will you have changed the world? No. Will you have significantly damaged Israel? No. Will you have made an idiot of yourself? Not really, because no one really cares what you do. So why don't you just go get a life and leave us alone to live ours...
8. A splendid idea
Ahmed G√ľndogan ,   CH   (04.21.12)
It will increase income of airlines, of palistinian tourism and more activity in the oncoming goosberry season in Israel.
9. You do not read Ynet
#1   (04.21.12)
The swasticka was drawn 2 weeks BEFORE the Flytilla, as reported by someone who was in that cell and saw it in early April.
10. We know they are Nazis
Baruch ,   Houston/Israel   (04.21.12)
So this time instead of hiding the grafitti and swastikas, lets take it to the world press, now, not latter after we have had some run in with them. If they won anything last time it was that some got in--this time lets do our job and instead of a pushing match that sends an Israeli to the unemployment line, lets mail a protester home in a box.
11. I'm telling you ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.21.12)
... these "activists" are not humanitarians. They are largely spoiled unemployed children living at home with mummy and daddy and old retired ladies with nothing better to do with their lives. Neither depressing circumstance entitles them to invade Israel. Next time, meet them with less-than-tender love and care. Put them on flights and send them to Somalia, or the Ivory Coast or the Congo or about six dozen other places in the world, and tell them to ply their so-called "humanitarian" concerns there. The end result will be interesting, to say the least. Especially in Somalia. Frankly, I can't wait. I doubt that the NGOs which are so eager to fund their adventures -- while ignoring desperate humanitarian conditions elsewhere throughout the world -- will be particularly ready to pay a ransom. Oops! Bye-bye "activists." No worries -- they are all useless to begin with. No great loss, either.
12. tayser them on arrival
ab   (04.21.12)
13. #6 is right: Who is financing this?
TC   (04.21.12)
Assuming they really want to make this a monthly event, it could be interesting to know how much this cost and also who is financing this: Hizballah? Iran? Syria? Al Jazeera? Saudi Arabia? An inquiry might be a good PR move for the State of Israel in order to show the true colors of these guys. Some might be surprised (or not).
14. You're probably right
clara ,   paris, france   (04.21.12)
They're probably either young people living with the money of their parents or living on welfare (what a waste of money in this case). This would explain why they need a cause (out of boredom), have so much energy to waste and don't care about making fools of themselves.
15. how they are funded
eva goldschmidt ,   Heidelberg, Germany   (04.21.12)
I have no idea how the French flytilla participants are financed but the German ones: 1) by Muslim organizations. 2) Die Linke, the left wing of SPD and Green Party. 3) EU-Funds 4) they are retired teachers, 'eternal' students, recipients of transfer payments. They have sufficient time and money to cause trouble and embarrass Germany.
16. I hope Israel will manage as entry funds
Rebab ,   Israel   (04.21.12)
17. If only Israel understood what they promote
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.21.12)
FIring Eisner was the absolute worse thing they could have done. Now the degenerate anti-Semites know they can provoke soldiers and not only get the soldiers screwed when they act appropriately, but they get international attention. When one uses phoney logic to deal with the deranged, one will always get the opposite result. When will Jews ever learn what evil they are dealing with.
18. Just Bothersome Anti-Semites
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (04.21.12)
who have only one real intention - make life difficult for the Jews. We have seen this before...and we are now seeing it again.
19. This is an admission that they lost & Israel won.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (04.21.12)
The flytilla fizzled out. Back to the drawing board. All they wanted was "extensive media coverage" because as individuals, nobody is paying any attention to them and their empty lives. As for the Eisner affair, that was a non-issue. My mother's responses were sharper than the pushes Eisner gave them. The activists and disappointed Pals were like dying men grasping for any straw as they struggled to twist anything into a global issue.
20. Best solution
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.21.12)
is not to allow any plane carrying these warped ''activists'' to land in Israel & not to allow any of them entry into Israel. Stuff what the world says. Problem solved.
21. The financiers are the EU gov.ments
Tom ,   USA   (04.21.12)
The NGO Monitor regularly lists the various EU gov.ments which fund the anti-Israeli groups. Even the "New Israel Fund" ( a radical Israeli Leftist group) is financed by the EU. The current Israeli leaders rejected the initiatives introduced in the Knesset to investigate these shadowy NGO-s finances. Please wake up from your slumber: the leadership is afraid to stand up to the EU, it will rather destroy the nation and the IDF than to fight. And remember our History: only the Jews walked to their death peacefully without resistance... It's in their DNA to revere their enemies and to genuflecting in front of them. One foreign provocateur capable to discredit the whole IDF just by cursing and the Pres. of Israel falls to his knees to say "Mea Culpa" Israel turned into a circus.
22. #20 Birdi, there's only one problem with your solution...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (04.21.12)
the government is totally obsessed with what the world says and thinks. Other than that it's a great idea.
23. Israel has names/passport ID, make permanent bans.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.22.12)
24. Why would anyone want to repeat failure?
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (04.22.12)
It's tempting of course to ask why these "activists" don't fly into Syria or some other place far more demanding of attention than Israel. But the truth is that Israel is a soft touch and these so called activists are for the most part simply nobodies that are desperate for attention. misconceptions dot us/what-motivates-activists Replace the word dot with a . and remove the two spaces.
25. Fly into Syria, Sudan, Iran...
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (04.22.12)
No? That's right - you choose Israel because you know Israelis are the only ones who won't put your life in danger. You can keep trying to hide the terrorist elephant in the room, but it's still a giant lump.
26. #24 it was a success.
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (04.22.12)
The flytilla managed to neutralize an IDF Lt. Colonel in a combat unit, someone who was so excellent he was due to command Bahad 1. From now on, the flytilla will come to the airport every month, Ehud Barak will greet them with a lick to the behind, and ask them to pick an IDF soldier to put in jail.
27. Publish their pictures, names, and home addresses
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (04.22.12)
they should be easy to find at home when not bothering to fly into Israel, this is their only job it would seem. WHo pays these lunatics? Follow the money...
28. A lost opportunity...
frauss ,   Jerusalem   (04.22.12)
Our Ministry of Tourism is coming up a little short on this. We should develop a whole new branch called Protest Tourism and figure a way to funnel the activist's money into our own coffers. We should offer Protest Packages on El Al with a little indoctrination on the side. Not only will we make money but we might end up with some new friends like last week's activist blogger.
29. Or, keep them on the runway for 18 hours
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (04.22.12)
and then send them home after paying a hefty fine.
30. Maybe that's why Europe is going bust?
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (04.22.12)
Anti semitism is not good for business. The European's couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag. If not for the USA Europe would be speaking German, now, the Europeans will be speaking farsi and bowing towards mecca five times a day. Donchajusluvit? "Vegeance in mine sayth the Lord'.
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