Army chief: IDF prepared for Iran strike
Alex Fishman
Published: 22.04.12, 11:37
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1. I don't trust this guy as far as I can throw him.....
Gantz sucks ,   Israel   (04.22.12)
Please let us have a REAL leader who loves Israel and the Jewish people and not this lousy goyishe suck up.
2. Gantz
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (04.22.12)
In an air attack, civilians will be killed. The US and UK both report that the they kill 2 civilians for each combatant, although many believe the number is much higher. Is Israel "ready to attack Iran", when every IDF pilot knows that if they accidentally kill a civilian, Gantz will dismiss them from service and open a criminal investigation against them?
3. Right. Don't trust Gantz. He's a coward like Barak. All talk
Chaim ,   Migron   (04.22.12)
Israel will never attack Iran. If they're unable to stop the daily deadly rockets from a small group of terrorists in Gaza, a promise that Bibi made upon taking office, there's no way that cowardly chickens heading the military will hit Iran before Iran's nukes are in their beds. The only thing Barak, head of Israel DESTRUCTION Forces, knows is to throw Jews out of their legal homes.
4. #1 is correct
Eli ,   Jerusalem   (04.22.12)
Ganz is a putz and he should never be the top general. He is an *ss kisser to you know who. And what happened to the policy of not discussing an attack on Iran? That seems to change from week to week. Yesterday they were an existential threat and today they are not. How reassuring!
5. Our General Benny Gantz is a great man
Susya Bar Dror ,   Israel   (04.22.12)
and is able to protect Israel and its people. We trust him and will survive because of him.
6. Is Gantz worse than obama?
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (04.22.12)
no, nobody is worse than obama. I don't know him but, I'm glad he says Israel is prepared to go to war with Iran, obama wants to kiss them to death.
7.  Declaration of war
Arman   (04.22.12)
the army chief declaration of war on Iran, Iran can preemptive strike and war on israelis
8. Israeli far left like Gantz, Barack and Supreme Court.......
Fifth Column ,   inside Israel   (04.22.12)
will destroy Israel long before Iran even has a chance.
9. "Susya" must be an EU activist
Yea right   (04.22.12)
11. When in the world are we going to Learn???
Samuel ,   Israel   (04.22.12)
"When you have to shoot -SHOOT,don't talk. I've referred to this quote several times. --C. Eastwood--
12. "in principal we are ready to act"
A Very Heavy Stone ,   Florida   (04.22.12)
Translation: Someday the light will turn from red to green and we Jews will be given permission to defend ourselves from our god in Washington. Little grasshoppers always need permission from their masters. Numbers 13
13. BRAVO BENNY! You've got a good handle on things...
Rafi ,   US   (04.22.12)
... pay no heed to the right-wing fanatic Talkbacks who are essentially armchair warriors...
14. #6 Gantz v.s. Obama
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (04.22.12)
At the least, Gantz has baytzim, whereas Obama's baytzim are worn by his wife.
15. Silence
michael Pielet ,   israel   (04.22.12)
Keep your big mouth shut. How about concern for our men and women who have to carry out these attacks. Loose lips lose ships.
16. Israel will never attack Iran
Kelly ,   --   (04.22.12)
This should be obvious to all but the most ignorant, naive far-right Israelis. If Israel COULD take on Iran, it would. The fact is it can't. It doesn't have the means, it's military is not up to western standards (like the US, UK, France) and Israel knows if it does attack Iran, then it will face attacks from all sides (and no help will come from the US if Israel doesn't listen to the reason of the more enlightened and less paranoid western nations who know sanctions are the way forward.) Statements like in the article are meant mostly for domestic consumption. Far-right Israelis like to believe they're all big and tough (and they are when it comes to bombing Palestinian civilians with jets) but the rest of the world knows Israel only exists because of luck and the help of the west (primarily the US.)
17. IDF ready to attack Tehran’s nuclear facilities "if needed"
Efraim ,   Virginia   (04.22.12)
What do you mean if needed? Of course its NEEDED!!
18. Gantz - Iran
sue ,   jerusalem   (04.22.12)
I hope he knows what he is talking about. In a war we only know when it begins - NOT when it is over.............
19. You want to shoot SHOOT, dont TALK.
Salomon   (04.22.12)
20. no.15 is right
matti ,   srael   (04.22.12)
gant. should keep his mouth closed about covert operations...showing off costs livies..
21. #16
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (04.22.12)
The wisdom of Israel attacking Iran aside, you should get a grip on reality. Israel killed only 1 civilian for every 2 combatants, while US and UK killed 2 civilians for every 1 combatant. Obama has an even worse record, killing 10 Afghan civilians for every militant. As for absolute numbers, In Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, Obama has killed more civilians in his presidency than Israel in 20 years of conflict, and that is when the US has not been under attack. As for politics, the Israeli "far Right" as you call it, is not interested in an attack on Iran. These people consider Egypt, Saudi Arabia and PLO/Fatah/Hamas a far greater risk to Israel than Iran.
22. Are you so sure ?
Salomon   (04.22.12)
Dont forget, our public is very spoilled, they will not appreciate not to find their lovely cottage or xl size eggs in markets. Think well Gantz, 1 cherry in the hand, is better than 2 on the tree. And please dont show your feathers like a PAON bird. Thank you.
23. #16 What? Israel has a third-world military?
Scott   (04.22.12)
I agree - I don't think Israel will attack Uran either - but the rest of your comment is the greatest load of bullshit. Israel has a one of the most respected militaries in the world, quite irrespective of whether people like the country or not. Yes, they are assisted by their relationship with the US - but also very self-reliant.
24. Waiting for the green light from the US...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (04.22.12)
look both ways and just run the red light.
25. Army Chief: IDF prepared for Iran Strike
Bobby ,   Delhi, India   (04.22.12)
Easier said than done as Israel is surrounded by madmen. It would only increase the sufferings of Israelis, a race that has a long history of suffering. But, probably now is better than later. I stand and support Israel in its stand and efforts.
26. Benny ever heard the expression ........
Dyslexic.... ,   Israel....   (04.22.12)
silence is golden.It would help.
27. To Kelly # 16
Habib Seliman ,   New York USA   (04.22.12)
Don't know if you have ever been to Iran. it's a house of cards. Wet cards, very wet cards. The food is good though. You claim Israel's military is not up to Western standards? What do you base that on? How long did t take NATO to dislodge Kaddafi ? How many US, British and French military personnel have tragically lost their lives fighting insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan? The opposition is rag tag, 'not up to western standards'. And some of your Palestinian friends sending children, young women and animals strapped with explosives on their bodies? Doesn't sound 'up to western standards' to me. I'm not rightist, I'm not domestic. I'm the kind of Jew that scares people like you the most, the one that lives right next you where ever you are. And you can't even see me. 'but the rest of the world knows Israel only exists because of luck and the help of the west (primarily the US.) ' All I can say, it takes one great country to recognize another great country. You call it luck? Maybe, but it also is equal parts of determination, objective, dedication, science & technology and let's not forget a little help from God.
28. # 3 and the term COWARD
Sabre ,   Graz, Austria   (04.22.12)
You can call Barak however you want but not a coward. He is Israels most decorated Soldier and did defend this country in times you were not even a preppie.
29. Peace ONLY via BALANCE, balance ONLY via SECURE BIG ISRAEL.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (04.22.12)
30. first shake the tree...then chop it down
moshe ,   Tivon, Israel   (04.22.12)
I can't believe the tone of many of the Israeli posted here. Iran is NOT a push-over, BUT it is NOT all overwhelming threat. Now the stupid call for frontal attack ! Far better to threaten an attack... given NO alternative to actually attack QUIETLY ...using UNCONVENTIONAL means. ------------------------------------------------ Propaganda is a 2-way street . There is Iranian propaganda, veiled threats, and actual attacks by the weak sisters (ham and hiz)...There is without a doubt Israeli propaganda, but there is also Israeli retaliaton :ham and hiz know it well. moshe
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