Druze professor appointed ambassador to New Zealand
Itamar Eichner
Published: 22.04.12, 13:27
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1. Ambassador Naim Araidi is one
Israeli 2   (04.22.12)
of the GOOD Israelis blessed by God. He deserves all our support.
2. Ambassador to NZ
Moshe ,   Wellington, NZ   (04.22.12)
Welcome to Aotearoa- New Zealand !!!
3. Apartheid?Why let facts get in the way of slogans? ?
4. Ambassador Naim Araidi good luck..
Ivan ,   South Africa   (04.22.12)
its great to read stories like this,you are an inspiration to others..
5. Good job Avigdor, and good luck Naim Araidi!
Yossef   (04.22.12)
6. Apartheid State
Abu yussef al Yahudi ,   Bue_Aires-Argentina   (04.22.12)
Is Israel the "Apartheid State" of the fairy tales ? Come On! - Stop with the antisemite and venomous slogans and lies about the State of Israel ! This fact of an Druze Israeli individual appointed as the Ambassador to New Zealand, proves clearly that ALL the CITIZENS of Israel have equal rights, despite their religion, race or skin color ! Where are the posts of Salma, Nour, graczek etc. etc. regarding this appointment ? Kol Hakavod to the FM Liebermann and Hazak u Baruch to Naim Araidi !
7. not too fast ..
Maya ,   Israel   (04.22.12)
Druze are not treated equal in so many and so many areas. We all know that very well
8. America
Julia ,   Israel   (04.23.12)
And in America, the Latino and Black communities are also not treated exactly the same, doesn't make America any less of a democracy or an apartheid state, it means that countries in modern times have historical issues which need to be corrected pertaining to the minority population... like any other democracy in the world Israel is trying to correct them too!
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