UN condemns demolition of Bedouin homes in Israel
Published: 23.04.12, 08:35
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1. 'Settlers'?!
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (04.23.12)
Since when are Jews in Jerusalem called 'settlers'? Jews have been in East Jerusalem for three millennia. The only reason Jordan was in East Jerusalem and the West Bank is because the Jordanian army pushed the Jews out in 1948.
2. Politicization of the UN?
Aryeh ,   Elazar, Israel   (04.23.12)
Since when does the UN complain about enforcing building codes inside any sovereign country? Do they complain about this anywhere else? International law has nothing to do with building codes. If this is an "international law" problem, then the construction of new buildings would also be a violation, wouldn't it? After all, nothing must be done to change the conditions existing at the time of the "occupation" !
By International Law? What law? To be biased against Israel and the Jews for their own business interest.
4. The UN doesn't mind if Jewish homes are destroyed
Bad Ased Jew ,   United States   (04.23.12)
and their residents moved. Such hypocrites.
bad Ased Jew ,   United States   (04.23.12)
6. i suggest that the un condemn syria
after all, demolitions of whole town are taking place and the murder of 11,000 innocents by the bashar assad government is taking place. where is the un condemnation here>?????
7. NO SUCH THING AS West Bank or East Jerusalem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Father Abe   (04.23.12)
Only Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem!
8. 99% more Jewish homes are destroyed
UN HYPOCRITES!   (04.23.12)
by the despicable evil Ehud Barak and Bibi Netanyahu and no outcry by the U.N.
9. no 6
UN will not dare to condemn AL ASSAD because the LION will squeeze lemon & vinegar on their eyes
10. Okay, we can do that
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.23.12)
"We urge the Israeli authorities to find an immediate solution to enable the Palestinian population of the occupied West Bank, to lead a normal life, in full realization of their rights" We'll repatriate them to Jordan, country of their citizenship. See how easy that is? All countries do that with undesirable aliens. And the ersatz "Palestinians" are certainly undesirable. Good to know that the United Nations has placed its imprimatur on that move.
11. 9
he already squeezed so much of that stuff in his countrymen's eyes that 11,000 of them went dead blind.
12. The UN Complaint
ltrail ,   United States   (04.25.12)
The UN is likely either pro-muslim or jam-packed with people with hatred toward Jews. You are absolutely right that the UN has no business even discussing affairs such as building construction. Count how many times the UN voted AGAINST issues regarding the State of Israel.
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