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Colorado synagogue vandalized with Hitler slogans
Published: 23.04.12, 12:47
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1. human trash
real vision ,   usa   (04.23.12)
So much human trash everywhere
2. Synagogue vandalized
Harold ,   USA   (04.23.12)
All Jews should have been in Israel after its creation in Palestine but many refused to go to that state and are still refusing.
3. Wake up World Jewry!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (04.23.12)
When are Jews going to realize that Antisemitism is alive and well and being inflamed by the Arab/Muslim world and Jews who hate Jews? Because you are a "pro-Palestine" lefty will not stop the Muslim or Hitlerite from sticking a knife into your back! The Arabs don't want a Palestinian State they want our State and they want it to be Judenrein.
Why sould Jews "have been in Israel after its creation in Palestine"? Jewdaism is a religion, not a nationality! if Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and all other religions can live freely everywhere, so should Jews.
5. 4
correction. it is a well known fact that JEWS ARE NOT A RACE. THEY ARE A NATION. A PEOPLEHOOD. as well, christians, jews and budhists DO NOT LIVE FREELY IN MUSLIM LANDS AT ALL. 1. no church or budhist temple are allowed to be built in most if not all muslim countries. 2. jews were treated horribly in all arab countries, expelled or murdered in 48-56. 3. show me where jews can build temples now and pray loudly and practice free and open judaism and buy land and live and get citizenships in saudi arabia, jordan, egypt, bahrain, lebanon, syria, iran, oman, indonesia, malaysia, sudan, horn of africa, bahrain, uae, kuwait, etc...etc...etc... not a single jew can go there, live there, own business there, own land there, practice judaism there without fear, etc... etc... etc... and all the above are muslim countries. it is in israel, the only country in the middle east where christians, muslims, jews, druze, samaritans, evangelicals, etc...can own land, get to live freely, get to practice their religion freely, to own homes, to work and be free. completely free. so, take you post and think about the lie that it is. hameed aboughaze, iranian
6. USAF cadets? nothing new here
former expat   (04.23.12)
there is FAR MORE anti-Semitism and hate in the States than the local police, States, and Federal Government acknowledge.
7. hey! get a handle.. anti-semitism in the US remains...
Rafi ,   US   (04.23.12)
... as it always has, the dwelling place of the nether-world low life. But overall, Jews have never had more acceptance in the US... Racism in general will unfortunately always have an active, fringe following in the US & elsewhere. But so far no need to sound the 5 alarm fire alert because of a few nut cases... Comments about the Air Force Academy are absurd.
8. Hitler's Birthday
Stuart Hersh ,   Kiryat Arba, Israel   (04.28.14)
Even the "neo"-Nazis do not know when their dead "Fuhrer" was born. The date was April 12. Today's date is closer to the date when he "bit the bitter capsul" (not much fun for his honeymoon), and successfully deflated his ego with a bullet. Therefore, you must be celebrating his death.
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