Turkish airline courts Israelis with cheap flights
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 23.04.12, 16:21
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1. Boycott Turkey? Yes - even from Australia
Joseph Kelly ,   Australia   (04.23.12)
For the past year, I have instructed my companies and my related companies not to explore any business or tourist ventures in Turkey. We will not step foot in Turkey until the new loudmouth is history, just like the other loudmouth Mahatyar Mohommed.
2. Turks should now learn to choose better leaders than Erdogan
Jouko ,   Finland   (04.23.12)
3. Can Israelis get add-on flights to Chicago NATO meeting
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (04.23.12)
Oh wait, Turkey is blocking Israels participation in that meeting.
4. IDF commando still have wounds that HURT. Don't give turkey
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.23.12)
one argot. Of course they miss Jew's money, and let them miss it until the fanatic erdogan is gone and turkey pays reparations and changes it's policies and apologizes. No support for terrorists, in gaza or in turkey.
5. you can continue missing us
but we are not coming back. only a very very small percentage will fly to vacation in turkey. the arab and muslim scum have replaced the jewish tourists and they are as chea as hell. this is why the turkey we once knew is missing our money, but not us, the jewish people.
6. We're begging Israelis to visit!
Sinan A. ,   Istanbul, TURKEY   (04.23.12)
Yes, we desperately want your money! Bring the shekels on!! We're suffering from lack of tourists and all of our hotels are empty, no one is coming... Maybe you can help us... Israelis, please grace us with your presence... We know you like spending money and maybe you can help the Turkish economy...
7. Turkish Tourism....
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (04.23.12)
As soon as you oust that piece of human garbage Erdogan and his Islamist Neanderthal followers...maybe we'll consider visiting Turkey again.
8. American Jews and Christians! Stay out of Turkey!
Frank ,   California, USA   (04.23.12)
It has turned into an immoral, anti-Semitic land that destroys civility and good neighborly relationship. It is vehemently anti-Israel!
9. boycott turkey...
viva israel ,   uk   (04.23.12)
dont worry we are not buying anythink from turky anymore.
10. Erdogan and Turkey
Jordan Ariel ,   Philadelphia USA   (04.23.12)
I have to agree with the majority of talkbackers so far. The problem with Turkey isnt the Turkish people, but rather with Erdogan and his government. Until a more respectful (and hopefully sane) government comes to Turkey, tourism will remain low. The armed thugs that were on that ship do not deserve an apology, or compensation. Israel deserves both, but would settle for friendship and civility.
11. YE$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me   (04.23.12)
12. And also norwegians should not travel to Turkey
Beary White ,   Norway   (04.24.12) long as they do not apologize for trying to kill IDF soldiers with their IHH terrorists, supported by erdogam
13. self respect is not for sale! let them know there are
consequences for there actions, and that you can't treat us like the dirt of the earth and expect us to come back smiling.
14. Give me 1 good reason for spending your holiday in Turkey
George ,   Antwerp   (04.24.12)
15. thousands of thousands reason
Elif ,   İstanbul   (04.24.12)
Last year from your country 585860 persons visited Turkey. Simply ask them. More than 5 percent of whole population of Belgium.
16. not Norvegians
Elif ,   İstanbul   (04.24.12)
but jews living in Norvegia actually you could only say! 375502 visited Turkey in 2011. it means 7,5 percents of norvegian citizans. israel has also eylat but the number a few thousands. why?keep on posting funny things here.
17. do not give up, you will achieve!
Elif ,   İstanbul   (04.24.12)
statistics show in last year australians have chosen to visit Turkey with an increasing 18,47 percent in comparison to 2010. total number for 2011 is 156009. You should work harder.
18. test for the JEWS...
calabi ,   Sydney Aust   (04.24.12)
Give them enough money and next turkish bullets will fly into the JEWS who never learn......
19. I am sure many anti-Israel Israeli-Arabs will fly toTurkey!
Another reason not to take these flights!
20. #6 Nice parody, but no cigar! Have fun with your dictator!
21. #17 enjoy your "statistics". I prefer Singapore.
22. Thank you but we do not miss Turkish hatred.
23. Fill the first plane with Israeli peace activists
Carl ,   USA   (04.24.12)
And stage a public but peaceful protest against actions of the Turkish government upon arriving. Bring lots of photographers and news media to capture what is likely to be a less than welcoming reaction, though.
24. Theyve missed the point - BIG TIME
Tim ,   Brighton   (04.24.12)
Why wont Turkophiles (Turkey Lovers) like me go back after almost 20 years of visiting every year? Because ACTIONS speak louder than words...When we see Israeli Tourists harrased by Turkish Officials at The Airport, when that height challenged Dodo Foreign Minister Diddy Davoglu announces that Israelis are not welcome in his country, when Erdogan stays stony silent about Turkey being a welcoming destination for Israelis and Jews again...I have to sadly stay away Our preferred Med destination in future? Cyprus...Im just hoping the food is as good!
25. Elif hanim
David Israel ,   Ne York, USA   (04.24.12)
Based on your comments Pegasus AL has no reason to court Israeli tourists. But the fact is that they are doing it. wonder why? Could it be that all of those tourists are not enough to close the gap that Israeli tourists created in Turkish tourism industry?
26. Turkey better without you racists...
Ahmet, Turkey ,   Istanbul, Turkey   (04.24.12)
Stroll in the desert. Stay away from our land.
27. Ahmet from Istanbul
David Israel ,   New York,USA   (04.24.12)
In Israel Arab citizens are elected to the Knesset (Parliament), a Muslim Druze Israeli has recently been appointed as the Israeli ambassador to New Zeland, Several years ago a Drzuze even served as the acting president of Israel while Peres had surgery. In Turkey on the other hand an Armenian citizen who had passed all the required tests still can not be appointed to a minor government job. And Ahmet you have the audacity to cal Israelis racist. Just take a look at your mirror.
28. :-)
me ,   phoenix   (04.25.12)
nice comment for who can get the point...
29. # 24
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.25.12)
You will enjoy the Cypriot food, Tim. I did.
30. Israeli money good for Turkey but....
Lenya ,   Australia   (04.25.12)
Israeli money is good for Turkey thus the Turkish airline enticement...Yet Israeli global influence is not good for Turkey thus it's banning of Israel at the upcoming NATO summit. Is this hypocrisy at it's best?
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