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New details uncovered in CIA anti-Semitism case
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 24.04.12, 23:13
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1. CIA - anti-Semitism
Chaim ,   Marblehead USA   (04.25.12)
My late cousin worked in the CIA. He mentioned several times that an internal computer bulletin board was rife with anti--Semitism and that it was pervasive in the agency. This story is not surprising other than in its candor and typical agency speak of "could be interpreted as anti-Semitism." What else could it be interpreted as? Tenet can't even tell the truth when telling the truth. And successive administrations have not only tolerated this but been complicit - why else is Pollard still in jail and more serious offenders released? These corrupt bigoted lying SOBs just want to teach the Jews a lesson. Hey listen up: we get it.
2. Living in the golus is dangerous to your health
Al   (04.25.12)
Get over it...Its that way and has been that way for over 2000 years. Thats why the State of Israel was founded. I get a kick out of Jews who think that the goyim owe them something.
3. Oy vey! Anti Semitism in American Government
Elad ,   Houston/Israel   (04.25.12)
And, to hear that it is at the highest levels and among the most destructive personnel. I'm just so shocked. Get it straighht folks, you can't have serious presidential canidates calling that country a Cristian nation and not expect themk to also hate us. W=How can we express sock when for three thousand years who knows how many rulers and economies have used us then spit on us. Big deal, take their guns and money, we have a future to build not a past to resent.
4. From personal experience, this episode doesn't surprise
Anon in DC ,   Washington, USA   (04.25.12)
Years ago I was being considered for a position with the Agency. They sent background investigators to my home town, one of whom asked one of my neighbors if he considered me a "Zionist". The neighbor told my father who passed that interesting tidbit back to me. I didn't end up working with them.
5. Anti-Semitic CIA
Syd Chaden ,   Palelrmo Calif USA   (04.25.12)
There are anti-Semites, everywhere, so why not in the CIA, the FBI, and even the White House? But, apparently, there must not be anti-Muslims in those places, since one never hears of such things as occurred with Ciralsky. Which is rather amazing, since virtually every reprehensible deed of terror that is committed today is done by Muslims. Perhaps a response to that might be, "Yes, the Muslims have done some awful things, but at least, they're not Jews." Sound right?
6. Why?
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.25.12)
So why did he drop the case?
7. Why ?
israeli ,   israel   (04.25.12)
Probably he wants his compensation
8. George, can you spell: SLAM DUNK ???
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.25.12)
9. Put It in Perspective
David ,   Minneapolis, USA   (04.25.12)
Antisemitism is everywhere, as are all other forms of racial, religious and political discrimination. What really matter is whether or not it is endemic in society and the institutions that serve it. As a Jew living in the US, and having lived for many years in Europe, I have to say that the US is one of the most friendly countries to Jews today. Was this person wrong, yes, is there a case to answer, yes, but it should not be blown out of all proportion, maybe there are others like him but I will wager that they are in a very small minority. There is no endemic antisemitism in the US unlike much of Europe today.
10. Elad # 3
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (04.25.12)
What does a presidential candidate calling the U.S. a Christian nation have to do with hate? Do I need to remind you that Jesus was a Jew? If someone says they are a Christian and they hate the Jews then it's a pretty safe bet they are not a Christian Elad. Some of your strongest support here comes from the Christian community.
11. #9 You are far too reasonable...
Kenny ,   --   (04.25.12) be posting here.
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