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UK paper 'names' Tel Aviv Israel's capital
Published: 25.04.12, 11:41
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1. Come on Jpost, the ball is in your court...
Joe ,   TLV   (04.25.12)
... I want to see a feature on JPost that names Manchester as the capital of Britain, and see how the Brits respond.
2. Capital
Nathan ,   Raanana, Israel   (04.25.12)
Tel Aviv is as much the capital of Israel as Manchester is the capital of England. Go back to first grade geography class.
3. Capital of Israel
Lou ,   Israel   (04.25.12)
Jerusalem will always be the capital of Israel, no matter what ever anybody or any newspapers say, or even of whatever poical party or government in the world say.
4. and Riyadh the capital of Britain!
tiki ,   belgium   (04.25.12)
5. Manchester, capitol of England
Yitzhak ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.25.12)
6. CHUTZPA!!!!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.25.12)
7. Capital of Palestine...?
Nathan ,   Ma'agan Michael   (04.25.12)
Ultimately, the test would be if a correction were made upon citing Jerusalem as the Capital of Palestine--not that I'd be surprised if the correction did not appear.
8. Not the first time the Guardian has lied for the Arabs or
acted as a propaganda sheet for Islamists. It's " progressive".
9. Guardian Reporters should be barred from Israel
Rod ,   Fargo.N.Dakota   (04.25.12)
I believe 100% the Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.If the Guardian would have corrected it and said Jerusalem the disputed capital of Israel i would understand. The Brits live in fear of the Muslims and so they corrected it.However stating Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel is going to far. Bar the B-st-rds from The Guardian.
10. A for Arrogance
Sidney ,   USA   (04.25.12)
As long as the Guardian has the power to designate national capitals, they could do everybody a favor by making Boulder City, Colorado the capital of the United States. It is centrally located and has a better climate than Washington.
11. I prefer Haifa to be the capital: who in UK must I petition?
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (04.25.12)
12. YEAAHHHH!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.25.12)
13. However, they may be right
Sarah B. ,   U.S.A./Israel   (04.25.12)
Their embassy is in Tel Aviv. Their Parliament considers TA the capital and they dont recognize Jerusalem. Legitimacy is granted by third parties not by who claim it. The Brits are right.
14. The Guardian of Lies
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (04.25.12)
The Guardian is a disgusting, far left-wing newspaper and just about the most anti-israel newspaper in Britain, printing outright lies at worst and at best 'misinformation'. Probably twinned with Ha'aretz.
15. So it is Manchester...
Rick ,   Israel   (04.25.12)
I always thought that Port Stanley was the capital of Britain.
16. #1 I thought the capital of briton Was
Dunkirk? Or was it wales? No matter the stiff Neck Brits have Always Tried to Rewrite History. However The On To The World is The Jewish Capital Jerusalem since Millinea or for the Better Part Of 4500 years!!! ברוך הא שם
17. no. 1
jj   (04.25.12)
They would a) not notice an article in Jpost and b) would chalk it up to ignorance or a mistake. they definitely wouldn't get their knickers in a twist like has happened here.
18. no. 13 - wow, never thought i would see the day!
jj   (04.25.12)
the most well reasoned and informed talkback on the page; from Sarah B. Hats off, as you are 100% correct and didn't resort to reactionary, emotive and petty rhetoric, instead of actually looking at the generally accepted practice of this custom. I am impressed.
19. It's A British Rag, Who Cares?
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (04.25.12)
Britain still clings to the idea that they are a power on the world stage when in fact they can't even defend themselves anymore. Let their rags publish whatever they want.
20. Capital of Israel
Elizabeth   (04.25.12)
Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Jerusalem always was and Jerusallem will always remain the Capital of Israel. I hope the Arabs will put that in their PIPE and smoke it!
21. #4 Riyadh the capital of GB
Moragh   (04.25.12)
Far from it Tiki in Belgium. However if that makes the arabs happy..... so be it!
22. Yep! they might be right but.....
Moragh   (04.25.12)
did you know that my Daddy owns the White House ... the big one in Washington D.C.
23. #13
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (04.25.12)
Sorry Sarah, stating it is so, believing it is so, does not make it so. The Brits are not right at all, they can say and believe what they want. they are scared sh**less of offending the Moslems in their country and now seems to be the only country in Europe who isn't trying to do something about changinng the immigration laws to keep the Moslems out. One pathetic, useless little country. and I am British by birth, but hankfully left that country over 40 years ago.
24. Jerusalem is Eternal!!!
Taz Man ,   USA   (04.25.12)
Will always belong to the Israelis! God bless, Israel and His Jerusalem! A Christian Zionist
25. When discussing Britian
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (04.25.12)
the country that handed land to Arabs, rather than Jews, violating their mandate, one should treat them and consider them as one would an Arab enemy. They have no future, they have abandoned truth for political lies.
26. Capital
The Beadle   (04.25.12)
The UN says that Israel's capital is Tel Aviv, as does the US, UK and pretty much every other country. Why should The Guardian say otherwise?
27. Attn Guardian: British Mandate period is over.
Susan ,   Israel   (04.25.12)
You don't get to choose capitals in this neck of the woods anymore.
28. The Guardian = Most anti-Israel...
Mosskyboy ,   London   (04.25.12)
paper in the UK. The paper is blinded by a hatred of all things American and Israeli. just read the comments in their 'comment is free' section and you will be shocked at the hate and derogatory articles blaming Israel for the woes of the world. its papers like the Guardian that will be the first to show any 'protester' PR videos to damage Israel's image. a truly disgusting paper that no jews should support check out CIF Watch in Google - this was set up by readers who were so disgusted by the level of antisemitism in the talk-backs.
29. Sarah world leaders go to JERUSALEM to meet Israeli leaders
Have you not noticed or just ideologically blind?
30. This is the level of British arrogance: telling others what
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (04.25.12)
their capital is. Tel-Aviv is a lovely city, a dynamic and business center of Israel located on the shores of the Med. Sea. But, Tel-Aviv is neither the largest city in Israel, geographic or demographic. And, most important, it is not the city that the citizens of the liberal democratic nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel , have chosen as their capital city. Jerusalem is that place; the place where is the official seat of Israel's president, the location of Israel's legislature, administrative and judicial branches of government. The city that was set up as the capital city of the Jewish people and its kingdom more than 3,000 years ago by the Jewish king, King David, and has remained the epicenter of Jewish administrative and spiritual life ever since. It is despicable that 64 years after the British were expelled from the Jewish people's homeland some in the UK still feel empowered to tell the Jews where their capital city is.
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