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Biblical advice for peace at 64
Rabbi Levi Brackman
Published: 26.04.12, 12:34
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1. Nonesense
Jordanian ,   Amman, Jordan   (04.26.12)
So the Israelites basically said to the Canaanites "We're coming to take your land by force, but we'd much rather do it peacefully." And you're wondering why the Canaanites and the Palestinians rejected your "peace" offers? I'm not sure how much more delusional you people can get. The long term view of conflicts have proven us right in the past. The crusader kingdoms were eventually defeated, so will Israel.
2. Nonsense, #1
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (04.26.12)
The Crusaders didn't come to stay and build, they came to conquer and garner riches. Compare the conflict to that of the North American colonists against the British Empire-- the British lost because they found themselves fighting people just as stubborn and unmovable as they were... You who sit on 77% of the illegal partition of Mandate Palestine by those same British should have the good grace to hold your silence, else the Palestinian Arabs remember again (as they did in 1970) that Jordan was part of Palestine...
3. Talk about being Delusional!
Anita ,   Jerusalem   (04.26.12)
Israel will be deafeated? Talk about being delusional! Where are the Canaanites? And where are the Crusaders? And everyone else who tried to put the Jews down? And here we are - back home again. This time, with Gd's help, to stay put! Chag Sameach! P.S. And watch out while you're at it. Parts of Jordan are Biblical Israel as well!!
4. No #1 ...
J Galt ,   Hidden Valley, USA   (04.26.12)
The Israelies did not come take the land of the Canninites ... The LORD God gave the land to His people the Israelites. In fact Israel is soon to become a whle lot bigger (scripture defines the borders) and the land of Israel and Jerusalem will never be taken again by the muslims , palestinians or the gentiles. Amen.
5. True
Chavah ,   Colorado   (04.26.12)
Great article
6. This is ridiculous...
Aharon ,   Holon, Israel   (04.26.12)
That is not the reason why Israel has not/did not have peace back in Ancient times/current times. In both cases, Israel's attempt at appeasing the enemy lead to Israel's constant struggles. 1.) Israel IS Canaanite! Look at who all the twelve tribes married into! Almost all Canaanite women! (Arabs/Palestinian's are NOT Canaanite! The proof is in the ground. The pottery of the ancient Israelite's and Canaanites are identical!) Palestinians are and have always been Arab, and trace their lineage back to Ishmael. 2.) The current situation is that Israel won back (via a defensive war with it's arab neighbors) Yehudeh and Shimron, but instead of kicking out the occupying arabs (just like Hashem commanded Yoshua and the Israelites to do in their initial conquest) The Israelites thought they knew better than Hashem and decided to ignore that policy/command and instead thought they could all live in peace and harmony. Well look at the situation today. Seems like in both cases, Israel's stubborness is coming back to haunt us. This is the reason, nothing else.
7. Yes delusional and childish
Basheer ,   L.A   (04.26.12)
This is always gonna be a Who's Who because these present day Jews are not the descendants of the Hebrew Israelite people, the Roman=Palestinians are just so mixed up and encumbered by sin you'll never get anything out of these people and PEACE is not prophecied for these 2 fraudulent entities, just think 1000ds of prophets prophecied of PEACE as an End Game. Time is of the Essence, but this is oblivious jesterring.
8. Escape
Carl van Zijll de Jo ,   Lincoln, NZ   (04.27.12)
Canaanites, Palestinians, or the rest of the world for that matter, it is Israel’s obedience to the God of Israel which will stage the future of Israel. As the leaders of Israel are, so are the people of Israel. Yes, “there is a line divine that crosses every path that separates God’s patience from His wrath”. We are approaching fast the moment that “enough is enough”! He who has ears let him hear, he who has eyes let him see, start preparing an escape route. Don't think you are tough because you stand your grounds, but worse than a fool.
9. # 1. Your error - there was no land robbery..
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (04.27.12)
The Israelites cannot be accused of stealing another peoples' land. The Hebrew Canaanites were born and became a tribal community in Canaan before they got imprisoned in Egypt, constituting one of nine groups in the land: the other eight were non-hebrew, while the Hebrew Canaanites were a fully indigenous to the land and Canaan was their motherland . Two of the eight non-hebrew canaanite groups sided with Joshua against the other six. Joshua did the right thing making peace offers before war. The six Canaanites had no right to refuse the Hebrews entry - knowing well that they were part of Canaan and their forefathers were buried in land legally purchased previously, the reason they were returning. Your post calling them robbers of land is a disgraceful interpretation of history, akin to the Arabs in a fictitious regime called Jordan invented last century. Unlike Muslims, Jews have never occupied another peoples' land in all their 4000 history. A real kafir is one who speaks lies in public.
10. Absolutely the corruption of the Balfour was illegal.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (04.27.12)
It was perpetrated under extreme duress when the Jews were totally helpless. It also dishonored the Balfour treaty which Britain accepted when given the caretaker role. A mandate is not negotiable. Britain's deed was and remains the worst Post-W.W.II crime, conducted for 30 barrels of oil. Shame n every Christian who kept silence of this most evil British deed - you have shackled the hands of your lord from forgiveness.
11. True Peace or Peace at all can only come -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (04.27.12)
- when Israels Neighbour is in Peace with HASHEM. That requires a conversion to HIM. Peace will never come without this, and never before this. As i written of the Filistines - " Even of them will be a remnant to ous God " !. However - this will never take place before Israel Herself is in Peace with HASHEM thus - Malachi 4 5"Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD. 6And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the land with a curse." Arn.Sweden.
12. partially correct
real deal   (05.14.12)
israel should never give up it's sacred, eternal, ancient, hstoric, legal, rightful land to anyone. it is wrong to imply a comparison of the canaanites with the fakestinians. the canaanites migrated in from egypt. (see"this land is my land" by kramer). and no longer exist. the fakestinians migrated in from surrounding arab countries when the jews created employment. there is no connection between modern arabs and ancient canaanites.
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