'Arabs attacked us on Independence Day'
Yair Altman
Published: 27.04.12, 00:26
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1. Incitement by Arab leaders,Israeli leftists has its effects.
Incitement is not free speech.
2. enough with arab aggresssion
hymie   (04.27.12)
the police can only do so much. jews have to be ready to confront aggression and not be suprised by marauding arabs energized by salah and tibi to kill yahud. get your guns legally, practise and shoot them in the legs if they throw rocks or try to stab you. Stop behaving as if it is quiet. Unfortunately, when israel takes actin like eisner to break up a rally,t he idf sanctions him. all the arabs hear are the pacifist peres on more concessions and livni and haaretz staff who repeat the same sorry concessions ; so the arabs move in for the kill. jews have to tell arabs it is their country ruled by law and defended by jews. if you don't want to do it, go back to poland as zohar says.
me   (04.27.12)
i think and know the miracle is a fact everything that it surrenders the effort and know to give the best dedication to making good luck,an ideal becomes bet a mission directed tasks everything you have everything you lose always you will be beginning waking up miracle is the magic and strength to want to join our power looking for support the peace of our own union you can not believe what you don´t know you can not see if between shadows hides all truth is a knowledge that ever i knew we discovered miracle is the magic and strength to want to join our power looking for support the peace of our own union all truth is a knowledge once we discovered
4. This is happening daily now.
Levi ,   Karmiel   (04.27.12)
The Arabs have become brave as the Jews are afraid to fight back over legal issues. This has to stop.
les ,   canada   (04.27.12)
i just have to stop reading these constant whining, complaints, looking at pics. of beaten up, stabbed, stoned, shot jews. i think it is happening in nazi germany in the '30s. NOT IN ISRAEL TODAY. looks like what all the useless arab armies could not accomplish, the pal. scum will do from the inside...makes me puke!
6. "To be a free nation in our homeland"
Al   (04.27.12)
Yeah Total BS....Jews are afraid in their own country That is what you get when you have poor leadership cowtowing to the anti-semites. Netanyahu leave office can talk a storm but you and your Dm and COS are as usefull as teats on a bulls ass. Leave office now! and yake those two petz with you.
7. What
Paul ,   South Africa   (04.27.12)
Jews arent even safe in a Jewish country. What kinda cowardly government is this ?
8. That's what you get for "peace" with arabs.
The only peace is to get them all out of israel.
9. arob hate will never abate, moooslum creates
Moshe ,   Usa   (04.27.12)
their xenophobic trait, and upon their defeat you try to wait, your pain & suffering will be great, if pleasing other nations is on your slate, Jews will get an attrition rate, whereby self loathing will be our fate, like the brutal roman times of late, leaving a 3rd dispersion lie in wait, and once again we could lose our state.
10. "Nationalistically motivated"? No- PREJUDICE!!!!!!!
Uh, perhaps the Jews should start randomly attacking arabs as these thugs do? Why not? We outnumber them handidly and could make their lives so miserable, they'd rather live in somolia. Its ridiculous that we have to live like this IN OUR OWN COUNTRY WHICH WAS LEGALLY INTENDED AS A JEWISH HOMELAND; not an arab cesspool for hatred and anti-semitism! Why didn't any other Jews come to their aid!!!???? This is pathetic!!!!!! I would have racked these punks in the grills with a crow-bar. Knives, clubs or not; I would have given them the hell they intended to deliver. Maggots!!!!
11. This is why I don't make aliyah
Chaim ,   NYC   (04.27.12)
Your nation has turned into a bunch of ***sies. I bet if they had shot one of the arab attackers, the police would have probably put them in jail instead of the attackers. With that kind of culture... I say - good luck to y'all over there.
12. It might be time to arm Jewish civilians in Jerusalem.
Kolumn9 ,   Jerusalem   (04.27.12)
Next time the Arabs try something will be the last.
13. Arab attack on Jews
dov epstein ,   jerusalem, israel   (04.27.12)
They think it was "nationalistically "motivated? Duh-uh. NEVER call the cops, but if you do, tell them that YOU are starting to shoot, and have killed 2 already. They'll be there in 2 minutes.
14. Join us in peace or be expelled
Baruch ,   Houston/Israel   (04.27.12)
15. Israel
Elliot ,   Texas, USA   (04.27.12)
And this is happening in a Jewish country?
16. violent arab muslim scum
17. Isreal-small arms
Jim044 ,   USA   (04.27.12)
Isn't this normal enough when the criminal is sure his target is not armed
18. Arrest and Deport
Ron ,   OC US   (04.27.12)
Israel can get this scourge stopped. Send just a few of these Arabs to Gaza and this crap will soon stop. That or start arming Jews.
19. and the police wonder if it were nationalistically motivated
rick ,   walnut creek   (04.27.12)
we're off to a bad start. maybe, the police would like to start with the hypothesis that it was a disagreement about modern art, a television show, some recent soccer game. DON'T BE STUPID. try that for a start.
20. Of course.. .
Yitzhak ,   TA   (04.27.12)
.. .it took the police 25 minutes to arrive. That is why every Jew over the age of 18 must be armed, and every Arab caught with a weapon must be executed within 90 minutes of being arrested.
21. Being Jewish in Israel (not Jewish state) is crime
Jewish Patriot ,   Galut   (04.27.12)
Being Jewish in Israel (not Jewish state) is crime today. Where have the old days gone? 48, 67, 73 and our glorious victories? Shame on the government and on the police, and on all the traitor politicians and media. I'm really curious if Ynet approves my comment...I just told my opinion. Those Arabs should be HANGED. Typical that they attack armed, viciously and evil, and of course harm children.
22. Israel, or more precisely its "Police" just DISGUSTS me!!!
Gábor Fränkl   (04.27.12)
Get well soon, dear family, especially the children and the soldier!
23. No one packing an automatic?
Cameron ,   USA   (04.27.12)
They sit in the middle of the ME,and don't take that common sense precaution, especially on that holiday? Madness. Sight of a pistol present, and that whole scene would never have happened. Protect your family.
24. Why am I not surprised?
Never Again ,   NY   (04.27.12)
25. so sad
lena   (04.27.12)
Israel is turning into the big ghetto. If arabs were properly prosecuted for their crimes, they would think twice before terrorizing Israeli populace.
26. Next Time
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (04.27.12)
Shoot them!
27. attack
sarah ,   jerusalem   (04.27.12)
Time for Israel to start giving weapons permits to citizens---if unarmed families are attacked with deadly weapons, and it takes the police 20+ minutes to respond, then the citizens need to be armed.
28. @11 stop making excuses.
rebecca ,   Modiin   (04.27.12)
If you love the idea of Eretz Yisrael and/or Midinat Yisrael, make aliya and make a difference from within. While we who live here appreciate support from outside, criticism from outside is not ok. If you care, and you dont like, stop talking and do something.
29. Cameron # 23 That's the crux of the problem, isn't it?
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (04.27.12)
Jews arm yourselves or die from being born Jewish.
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (04.28.12)
It's a good thing that our protector on High is more concerned over all Jews in Israel than her government. Somehow, I thought that ALL Jews in Israel had at least minimal protection with a sea of arab enemies circling them and, their service in the IDF. Count me wrong. Israel should make sure all households of Jews are armed, educated in the proper use of firearms, and be registered with the State, as it is here, in America. I realize weapons can be deadly and without a way to defend yourself when threatened is madness.
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