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China's prime minister visits Auschwitz
Associated Press
Published: 27.04.12, 20:24
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1. Nice gesture. China welcomed Jewish refugees in WW2
Sami ,   New York, USA   (04.27.12)
This is a nice gesture as China had no involvement. China welcomed Jewish refugees in WW2.
2. Respect for PM Wen
Alan - Mérida ,   Merida, Yucatan, Mex   (04.27.12)
Hats off to PM Wen for his unexpected and most appreciated visit! While Pres. Obama, during a 2011 trip to Poland, did lay a wreath at a memorial to those who died in the Warsaw Ghetto, he, unlike PM Wen, was unable to take the time to visit a site to remember the victims of the concentration camps.
3. welcome lord$ who care$ about servant$?
me   (04.27.12)
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (04.27.12)
5. Chinese love Jews
Chinaman ,   Sydney Aust   (04.28.12)
Go to China and find out Chinese do love Jews!!!!! And have no anti antisemitism unlike in many parts of the world. Help us to preserve this godly virtue from outside pollution!!!!! Muslim politics through Pakistan did pollute few chinese reader. GOD bless Israel and the Jews. end
6. This comes from a man...
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (04.28.12)
...who heads the government of a country that holds million of citizens in labour camps, that has enslaved the whole Tibetan nation, that supports North Korea, Burma, Iran, Syria and whatnot. I would laugh if it wasn't for the fact that what's going on in these places is a human tragedy of terrible proportions. Btw, how does PM Wen react to the phrase "We must never forget"??
7. China learning new methods to kill freedom
Free Tibet!   (04.28.12)
8. He taked the idea to tibetian people..
greem ,   haifa   (04.28.12)
9. Please Chinaman show us the factories of your workers !
Steven ,   SlaveCampChina   (04.28.12)
10. Not A Question Of WEN or HU but WHAT china Giving 2 Iranians
Emilia Santos ,   Buenos AiresArgentin   (04.28.12)
Well rehearsed gestures like these while the chinese aid and assist the iranians have little meaning, just play acting. The chinese are providing the iranians with nuclear bomb & missile technology via their puppet marionette communist little proxy, north korea
11. Nice of him, but what does China care about human rights?
Yaniv ,   Israel   (04.28.12)
12. My wife is Chinese
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (04.28.12)
Born and raised in Wuhan. We have a very happy harmonious marriage. Her family in Chine and I have a great relationship. No antisemitism at all.
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