Ex-Shin Bet chief slams Bibi, Barak
Moran Azulay
Published: 27.04.12, 23:47
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1. You err -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (04.28.12)
I Quote - The former Shin bet chief slammed the Netanyahu and Barak over the Iranian nuclear program, saying that they "present the public with a mirage. Comment - Neither Iran nor Irans threath against Israel is a Mirage Further - "If Israel acts against the Iranian nuclear bomb, the attack will encourage the Iranians to produce a bomb even faster," he noted. Comment - so what ? - Iran will then have the Bomb either way, in any case of you thoughts, but, I dont mean to say that your thoughts is right either way. Arn.Sweden.
2. Even as political manouvering Diskin's exclamations verge on
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.28.12)
criminally stupid or criminally dangerous. You choose...
3. Nice to see...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.28.12)
Good that someone within the power structure and with **real** knowledge is saying this out loud.
4. Trust Bibi !
John   (04.28.12)
Trust Bibi ! He is the brother of the man who conducted the most spectacular hostage rescue operation in history (contrast to the American failed hostage rescue attempt in Iran in 1979). His father is one of the most renowned Israeli scholars. Both he & Ehud Barak is also highly educated and highly decorated veterans. Trust both of them, not Obama or USA - they are only bothered only about their election & economy. Remember WWII - no one came to help and 6 million died. Depend on ourselves, not others. Bibi & Ehud will save Israel from the dreaded nuclear fangs of the Ayatollahs and the second Holocaust.
5. Are you trustiing Americans & Europeans ?
Goldberg   (04.28.12)
Don't trust the Europeans or Americans a bit. Who slaughtered 6 million Jews during WWII - the Europeans, while their American cousins stood by watching and did nothing. They only entered the war after Japan attacked them. Now they are more concerned about saving their economy by delaying an Israeli attack with prolonged time-wasting talks with Iran, which enables Iran to facilitate the 2nd Holocaust easily. Its clear Israel has to help itself, not trust others, attack NOW !
6. Diskin on violence vs. jews; (crack)pot calling kettle black
Daniel ,   Formerly Israel   (04.28.12)
actually more like pitch calling graphite black. I'm no fan of the current gov't but if Mr. Diskin is more interested in protecting Abass's interests than Netanyahu's maybe he should move to Ramallah (or just join Ahmed Tibi's party).
7. Oh and how IS that peace with Egypt; going these days?
Daniel ,   Formerly Israel   (04.28.12)
8. Brave man indeed.
Mea   (04.28.12)
I greatly admire his courage.
9. diskin and bibi and barak
alexi   (04.28.12)
diskin saw olmert offer everything and hezbollah and hamas went in for the kill, rockets were flying north and south and olmert was saying israel is finished. Olmert's unreal concessions only got more arab terror. In 1981 begin attacked osiraq and gave israel so far 21 years for the situation to evolve. Likewise the hit on syria bought some time and maybe a better governement though debatable would take over. an attack if necessary on iran may give ppersians enough time to throw out their rotten filthy government. So what th ehell are you talking about. Olmert and livni's way led to israeli weakness. You want more of it then you are a shmuck. its too bad because you seemed okay in your job. it is the arabs have to make conceessions to israel for peace to occur and maybe israel will promise not to be at the hell out of them.
10. Diskin
Lynn ,   Knoxville, USA   (04.28.12)
Ah, Diskin and Dagan. Intelligence chiefs? The word intelligent or intelligence here in respect to these two clowns is an oxymoron. They must be on a secretive retainer from the Hussein Obama Whitehouse.
Ronnie ,   Australia   (04.28.12)
Stand for parliment, get elected, then express your opinion. Play the ball not the man. And do not bring your ex job into it....... Just you opinion. The two men you mouth off about both served Israel in the military.. They have big balls,, a have a big mouth.
12. hide$
me   (04.28.12)
the balance is broken in an inconsistent world ,justice falls dead,patience is running out destroying the soul,the answer is hidden far,little time is left in this poor planet it supports and resists both,the improvised present with very few ideas,you are taking garbage outside,what you see is not really reality,our eyes deceive us,pure greed and lies they give so we can not think,pure ambition and lies give us so that we do not act,who can see will be able to demonstrate how to do it,patience just destroying the calm,the answer is hidden away,he has little time this poor planet that supports and resists both,what you see is not really our reality eyes deceive us,pure greed and lies give us so can not think,pure greed and lies give us so that we do not act,who can see it will be able to demonstrate how to do it
me   (04.28.12)
he is combative feel and see that we are able to follow as well our eternal struggle without end with our voice we are an army of peace pure feelings of a strong union a union based on the passion for liberation today more than yesterday wanting is to resist fearlessly the reality is very cruel but we must not forget ideals combative we will be forever owners of this story masters of our destinity alive owners of this struggle no one will change the way verve owners of this story owners of an alive way verve owners of this story nobody accross the way free to go
14. Was Diskin elected by the public ?
David ,   On this planet   (04.28.12)
No, But BB was. Mr Diskin in the mean time shut your big mouth , if you want the public to pay attention at what you have to say, run for office, just be glad you were lucky to have your job, you don't sound too bright for your ex position. It must have been some kind of protectcia from the rules
15. Diskin is a failed head of security
Al   (04.28.12)
lots of paper can be used to describe the security failures while he was head of the security services. Hearing him calling the kettle black is rather amusing. The truth is that the entire politcial leadership in Israel both from the left, right, uber religious, what have you is failing the Israeli people. Diskin ought to take his pension and shut up. He did enough damage to Israels security while he was head of the security services. I suggest he open a felafel store and tell stories.
16. Valuable criticism, Mr. Diskin, but what is a solution?
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.28.12)
I imagine you spoke of solution(s) but it wasn't reported for some reason. Maybe in a Hebrew version? I will start searching. Thank you for alerting the public about settlers' insanity.
17. DIskin
Michael ,   Palo Alto, CA USA   (04.28.12)
Diskin is a loose canon and should be ashamed of himself. He is certainly not acting in an appropriate fashion for an ex Shin Bet chief. He needs to learn the motto of intelligence units and religious Jews alike: Keep you mouth shut. If anyone is to blame for a bad future action against Israeli leadership, it might me Diskin himself.
18. Danger on Israelis more than palestinians
Jimi ,   Palestine   (04.28.12)
Valid point of view based on objective thinking .... Continuing the settlements and destroying the two states solution will bring a NO solution to palestinian issue...meaning NEVER peace for ISRAEL...meaning vanishing within arab and islamic region... wake up israelis
19. Koolaid for all!
Yoseph Eskenazi ,   Brampton   (04.28.12)
Another lefty loonie with a steady diet of koolaid...
20. History shows right wing Israel will self-destruct, again
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.28.12)
21. Barak is a useless waste of space
Belota   (04.28.12)
Bibi at least has a good talk
22. Respectfully: This is news?
Baruch ,   Houston/Israel   (04.28.12)
23. Diskin is a disgrace.
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.28.12)
Imagine the stupidity of lauding Israel's "peace treaty" with Egypt at a time when it is falling apart? At a time when the hostile Moslem Brotherhood is taking over Egypt? Diskin represents the Oslo Disease of appeasement and suicidal foolishness. He is an absolute disgrace. IT is obvious to anyone who wants Israel to be safe that we must destroy Iran's nukes.
24. What is so LEFT with these Mosadniks?
Israeli 2   (04.28.12)
Or are they RIGHT? Disinformation is what they do best an that's how they ARE the best.
25. Sharon gave away land for NOTHING, barak destroys homes for
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.28.12)
NOTHING - that we can prove but suspect. Let a settler run the country and see it prosper.
26. When jews start fighting between
jeff ,   TA   (04.28.12)
each other is the only time there are problems, there are only 14 million jews in the whole world, we only have each other, this bickering and hate towards one another is the only danger everyone knows better then the guy in power, its an old story in israel and everywhere around the world, in turn there are wars and more wars all over the place
27. Let me guess: Yuval Diskin wants to be MK in Labor Party
Marco ,   Spain   (04.28.12)
28. Dathan , Abram And Korah would have been proud of Yuvai
Galut ia ,   Selah   (04.28.12)
but it seems G-d overruled them
29. Dathan , Abram And Korah would have been proud of Yuvai
Galut ia ,   Selah   (04.28.12)
but it seems G-d overruled them
30.  I wonder who is paying this clown to say these things?
P ,   N/A   (04.28.12)
How did this guy ever get to such a high position?
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