Opinion  Giulio Meotti
Bethlehem’s last Christians?
Giulio Meotti
Published: 28.04.12, 16:27
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1. 'Goy kills goy and they blame the Jews'
Al   (04.28.12)
M Begin after Sabra abd Shatila.. Plus ca change c'est la meme Bob Simom is a putz on steroids..It wasnt enough he was kidnapped and terrorized by the Arabs in Iraq in 1991...He will always be a putz.
2. Meotti
shmuel ,   au   (04.28.12)
Ah Meotti's 30 pieces of silver must have arrived. This hack eytie journalist writes for the one page rag Il Foglio in Italy. Not one article appears from him there on Israel nor does his bilge appear in Ynet's Hebrew edition.
3. PR damage
Jim ,   US   (04.28.12)
The main PR damage was that idiot Oren trying to interfere with the freedom of the press. It was the local Palestinian Christians accusing Israel not Simon who just reported it. or id you even watch the program?
4. Sorry, dim-witted Oren
AARON ,   Tel Aviv   (04.28.12)
I agree with Jim # 3
5. Thank you, sir Meotti
Arnold Schwarz ,   London   (04.28.12)
I just would like to see you next time on the Cbs instead of Bob Simon. Finally the story of the Palestinian Christians has been told. Thank you
George ,   occupied Palestine   (04.28.12)
As a Palestinian Christian living in occupied Palestine, I 100% confirm that what has been said is this article is full of lies and fabrications and twisting history and facts. it's a shame that respectful source like ynet to publish such filthy, biased article that has nothing to do with truth or reality! u have lost all od credibility! ‎'Christian' Zionists don't like Jesus but israel is their God. They wont help Christians Palestinians because they think that is forbid to help to them. If zionists say "do not help Christians, if you help, Yahweh will punish you with hell fire, etc" and they really believe in that. Christians think for them that they are super nation and for them, they are only slaves. Stupid and ignorant goyim. The Zionists are saying that the cause of sufferings of Christians in Palestine are the Muslims. But the Christians themselves are saying that Israel's occupation is the main reason why they are suffering. I believe the Christians.
7. What a joke !
Jimi ,   Palestine   (04.28.12)
Palsstinians both muslims and christians live as one body.... Such teash cant change the truth, israel is trying to empty land from palestinians in any way whatever their religion... Try once in life to tell the truth and stop lieing .. For yr self not to look sily
8. " risk the same fate of their brethren in Lebanon"
atm ,   Canada   (04.28.12)
do you mean having a Christian president, Christian commander in chief, 50% of the parliament, 50% of the cabinet, control over the major Banks, control of 70% of Universities, and being the only Christians in the middle east with real political power in the country. I would love that!
9. Bethlehem's last christians?
Elsie. ,   Gush Halav   (04.28.12)
Mr Meotti, there is something wrong with this article, where on earth did you do your reseach for this piece?? the only thing you have achieve with this, is to pile more dirt on a very dirty hill, you and Mr Oren would do well together.
10. @Shmuel: you have no idea what you are talking about or
Aurora Aronsson ,   Malmö, SE   (04.28.12)
you are just a liar who can't read Italian and never saw il Foglio or the italian sites where Meotti writes. Somehow, I even doubt that your name is shmuel...may be it's Ali, or Ahmed...
11. #2.6.7,3,4
Howard ,   Seattle USA   (04.28.12)
I suppose you also believe that the world is flat and that Armstrong never walked on the moon.You are what the Communists called useful idiots.
12. One person here pretending to be many
GZLives   (04.28.12)
Goal is to hide or blur Islamist hatred against Christians and pretend its the Zionists ... is the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia also a Zionist. After all didn't he just issue a fatwa for Muslims to destroy all the Churches in the Gulf States? The Islamist here pretending to be many who either live in the Pali territories or are Palestinian Christians are Islamists who's only goal is to poison the well and then blame the Jews ... which of course is nothing new
13. Palestinian Christians have said why they are suffering....
OJ ,   Canada   (04.28.12)
And it was the same reason as the Palestinian Muslims... Ynet the op-eds you are publishing lately is hurting your credibility...
14. Palestinian Christians
Muslim-Catholic ,   Palestine   (04.28.12)
Growing up in Jerusalem, and being a Muslim student in a Christian Catholic school, i have seen the a level of cooexistance and harmony between the Christian and Muslim communities that is incomparable to anywhere else -including the Untied States
15. He stated facts- why call him a liar
Arnold ,   Canada   (04.28.12)
It does not take a long time to investigate facts. Aside from the facts that I have read over the years in "A" class newspapers, whatever I was unsure of I was able to investigate through archives. That is the beauty of the internet. Maybe Mr. Oren was trying to do an end run around the 60 Minutes report because over the years this CBS show has not been kind with distortions of the facts.
16. #7
Sam M ,   UK   (04.28.12)
The plight of christians in the arab/muslim world is well documented which means you're either an ignorant christian or an equally ignorant muslim if you really, truly can't see the storm clouds gathering. You may, on the other hand belong to neither of these two categories and simply be an idiot of no particular persuasion. One only needs to look at christians in the gaza strip and egypt where islamic radicals are either in the ascendancy or in power to see that the future for christians and for that matter other religious denominations is bleak. Radical islam will always persecute non-muslims, it’s an article of faith for them and therefore an inevitability whether you like it or not.
17. #9
ken ,   us   (04.28.12)
Something wrong? That's putting it mildly it stinks. Meotti turns out these articles to order. Research is the last thing on his mind. As another poster mentioned this guy is a bit part journalist on an Italian right wing one sheet rag. there are no articles of note from him in the Italian press and certainly none about israel....
18. #10
Shmuel ,   au   (04.28.12)
Send us the links to Meotti's articles in the Italian press.
19. It is a FACT: muslims are now 80% in Bethlehem
Aurora Aronsson ,   Malmö, SE   (04.28.12)
and Christians are 20%. It was the other way around, 80% christians and 20% Muslim when Israel had control of Bethlehem. Since it was given to Arafat, Christians have been oppressed, terrorised and forced to leave...just as it has been happening EVERYWHERE in the Muslim world.
20. #1 remember two things
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (04.28.12)
We now know that Sabra and Shatilla was a Syrian operation. It was Assad's greatest victory over the amateurs of Aman and Mossad. And remember who "blamed the Jews": It wasn't the non-Jews, it was Jewish Israeli extreme Leftists who used Sabra and Shatilla to destabilize Begin and seize power.
21. Israel Far too complex for US TV
Baruch ,   Houston/Israel   (04.28.12)
Don't worry. Sixty minutes hasn't ever gotten as story right--ask General Westmoreland's family. At their best these shows are tabloid journalism: face it most Americans could not find Israel on the map let alone explain the issues. Similalrly Mr. Simon probably had to look it up on the map himself. These religious fanatics be they Christians, haredim, or Muslims are willing to kill over the difference in interpretation of a few words--we have a nation wo build and a region to lead: lets build more arms to sell to them.
22. #11,#15 Bethlehem's last christians?
Elsie. ,   Gush Halav..   (04.28.12)
#11 ,#15, they say that ignorance is bliss, so,both of you be happy with your pearls of wisdom, sitting in your comfortable chairs ,in the good old USA.
23. Mr. Meotti please save us your BS
Cynic #2   (04.28.12)
and piss of into oblivion. Nobody wants your shit stirring and unfounded accusations. It will not cover for or justify Israel's atrocities against the Palestinians both Moslem and Christian.
24. Christians in Holy Land
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (04.28.12)
In fact, Christians are treated very well into the territories under Israeli rule. I saw it it through my own eyes during a recent travel. Although, in Bethlehem, Jericho and Betanya, I didn't verify a different situation, we do know, unhapily, that, in much Islamic countries, because of intolerance and fundamentalism, a lot of Christians has decided to go out. Hence, the refered campaign against Israel is fully unfair. And about the so wished peace, and Palestinian rights, those clerics and laics, at first, must make two questions: Do they accept and recognize, today, Israeli existence and sovereignty? Do they want a peace that does not endanger it? That is all. True disciples of Jesus' repeal their bad positions.
25. Bob Simon Hater of Israel
SelfHatePersonified ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.28.12)
This is only one of many of Simon's hateful reports about Israel. If only someone would do a background on Simon's reasons for his self hate from his Jewish background if there was any or his family problems then and only then might we get to the bottom of his self hate. Criticism is always welcome but when someone does a deliberate hatchjob they need to be investigated. His ego really got the best of him when he was told the Israeli Ambassador was on his case. He's getting old his lips were twittering like someone in his 90's maybey he's senile,
26. #9 Bethlehem's Christian Millionaires
ChristianMillionairs ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.28.12)
an average of 2 million Christians visit and SHOP at Christian shops a year in Bethlehem . The Christians of Bethlehem cry all the way to the bank as do the Israeli Christians Personally I think we should join the Israeli Christians with their beloved Moslem brothers behind the fence. Anyone seen the Moslem Anti Christian signs in downtown Nazareth lateley hello Elsie Hello Elsie .Hypocrites !!! The traffic in and out of Bethlehem via the Suicide Wall openings can be witnessed as thousands of cars of locals daily come in and out Hypocirites!!
27. You talkbacks should all bow to Meotti's clarity
Marc Sharon ,   Ny   (04.28.12)
28. Did Mohammed exist?
Belota   (04.28.12)
Ironically, new scholarship is showing there is no proof there ever was such a person the whole thing is a giant evil scam.
29. Are Christians in league with Islam against Israel?
Steve   (04.28.12)
The prophet wrote, in the last days, "all" the nations will gather against Jerusalem (and Israel). Are the nations, Christians (but for a few) and Muslims (but for a few) conspiring against Israel and the God of Israel. In October 2010 the Vatican held a synod on the persecution of Christians in the Middle East; in Muslim lands. Who did the Vatican finger? Why, the Jews, of course. Speaking for the Vatican and Pope Benedict XVI, Archbishop Cyril Bustros said the following: "The theme of the Promised Land cannot be used as a basis to justify the return of the Jews to Israel and the expatriation of the Palestinians. "We Christians cannot speak of the 'Promised Land' as an exclusive right for a privileged Jewish people. THIS PROMISE WAS NULLIFIED BY CHRIST (emphasis mine). There is no longer a chosen people -- all men and women of all countries have become the chosen people." Lebanese Christian activist and author Brigitte Gabriel, in her book "Because they Hate," wrote the following: "This theme of Arab hatred for the Jews starts almost at birth. It's as if, as the Arabic expression goes, 'They are fed hatred by their mother's milk.' What they grow up watching on TV, reading in newspapers, and listening to on the radio reinforces what they hear at home, and vise versa. A cycle of hate and spiteful information and misinformation influences their views and opinions. (pages 105-106)
30. #25
Len ,   US   (04.28.12)
WTF are you talking about. Simon is highly respected in the US. Isreal got panned and Oren made a blatent attempt to subvert the free press. Cut your self hating BS.
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