Opinion  Giulio Meotti
Bethlehem’s last Christians?
Giulio Meotti
Published: 28.04.12, 16:27
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31. Problem=NONACCECPTANCE of Yisrael by "REPLACEMENT" religions
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (04.28.12)
32. # 28 Did Mohammed exist ?.
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (04.29.12)
no,mohammed did not exist,but islamic jihad,that declared war on humanity does exist.
33. You all need to read the full article
andy prigge ,   ORANGEVILLE   (04.29.12)
You all need to read the full article before commenting.Palestinian Christians should not mean they are all against Israel. This article is about their persecution by islamics. Read the article again! Israel is for hereditary Jews not for arabs. Check it out its in the Torah.....so if a Jew worships Jesus as Messiah, genetically he is still a Jew and shouldn't be kicked out of Israel.
34. It has nothing to do with Israel. Muslim population increase
In the same areas is well documented and they have huge families.
35. Christians in arab land
daniela ,   panama   (04.29.12)
If we read the news everyday, we can see that for Islam, the idea of another religion only is accepted if those who practice that religion are considered inferior citizens. If we see what is happening in Moslem countries like Egypt and its copt (christian) community, in Nigeria, in the Lebanon of the 70¨s and in Bethlechem we can see a constant attitude of pushing christans out of the way. The question for those christians that used to leave in Bethlechem would be: why did you leave? are you less a citizen of Bethlechem than the moslems that live there today? can they take the so called ¨zionist occupation¨more than you christians? Has that happened the same in Lebanon, where a christian community flourished and today is almost non representative? If Islam is so open to good relations with christianity, why there no one church in Ryad, or in Mecca? and how many churches have being bombed in the last 5 years in moslem countries? If all this happens.. how can it all be blamed on the SO CALLED ¨OCCUPATION¨?
36. #6 LIES ????
ltrail ,   USA   (04.29.12)
It took me all the way through your comment to see that you call your location "occupied Palestine". Turn the page and go on with life. After six wars against Israel, and yes, with so-called palestinians supporting the enemies of Israel, the territory that Israel won in those wars is not only OCCUPIED by Israel, is is OWNED by Israel. Yes, OWNED. But, returning to the subject matter. I am compelled that it is you who writes untruths, fabrications, and twisting of history and facts. Recently two IDF soldiers were beaten by arabs with chains and other weapons. A cab driver was stabbed by his arab passenger. A Citizen of Israel who looked like a tourist, was robbed in the West Bank region of Israel (Judea is the proper term). I am a Zionist. I am a gentile, I am a Christian. I will help a Jew, a Palestinian, a muslim, if I see need and I am able to help.
37. Beware of propaganda
Aaron ,   Israel   (04.29.12)
This article is odd. The Christian population has dropped because Christians, who tend to be wealthier than Muslim families, can leave much easier -- and why wouldn't they? In Bethlehem, the Christian population survived on the tourism industry, which hardly exists in Bethlehem anymore thanks to the occupation. Furthermore, Muslim birthrates are much higher than Christian ones. The world is 'silent' about the purported persecution of Palestinian Christians by Muslims because it is a concept invented by defensive Israeli propaganda. That is, the purported persecution doesn't exist. If it did exist, why don't Palestinian Christians in the US speak out? Lebanese Christians in the US are not afraid to speak out -- so why wouldn't Palestinian Christians? If you believe an ounce of what this article claims, then it is because you have not looked into the issue yourself and have relied solely on a narrow source of information. I invite you to read the Kairos Document, penned by Palestinian Christians (with expressed support from virtually every leader in the Palestinian Christian community), and hear for yourself the situation as they themselves perceive it: http://www.kairospalestine.ps/sites/default/Documents/English.pdf
38. @37
Ber ,   Yahud   (04.29.12)
What a load of BS. I know of Christains persecuted in E. Jerusalem. Personally. The muslim birthrate alone attributes to 80% reverse? If what you say is correct then Palestinians are the only Arabs not killing Christians in the whole Middle East. Wow you've cited the orthodox church as proof that the Jews are killing children....how original of you... Shove it bob.
39. Aaron.Christians in Israel increase under PA they decrease
What you are claiming is that the only Muslims in the whole world that do not heavy Christians are "Palestinians"? In Lebanon there have some safety in numbers for Christians,they have their own areas,their own militia etc. Hence they are less afraid to speak out.None of these exist under the PA Christians are pretty quiet about what goes on in Egypt as well, as are the erzats humanitarians of the left. Archbishop Tutu does not seem to mind either .Ever wonder why? Any good explanations or refutations.?
40. The Church is 2 faced
M ,   Bethlehem   (04.29.12)
Israel use to celabrate Christmas Mass with us. When Bethlehem was taken over by the Muslim Palestinians it was the end, under Israel we could pray like true Christians but now we are treated like dirt. I can not tell my name as they will kill me, I am afraid for my life. I pray that these Palestinian Muslims will disapear and Israel will return, and the Church will not be two faced and support Israel for their right to exist.
41. #9 Elsie how is the mayor of Fassuta ?
ClergyCorruption ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.29.12)
Elsie of Gush Halav how is the mayor of your area from the Christian village of Fassuta who was arrested for supplying information to the Hizbollah to be better able to kill Israeli citizens no wonder they moved Bilam they should have moved all of Gush Halav too !! Christian Arab haters of Jews and Israel. Needed now by Meotti an article about the gross corruption of the local church leaders if that got out wow !! Christian girls are marrying Moslem men and converting in groves Christianiyt is just a cultural Christianity and means very little to the average young person lets not paint them as saints cause they aint !!
42. Meotti buzz off
PalestinianChristian   (04.29.12)
We don't need some white extremist in Italy speaking on our behalf. Your article is bs. Christian lands have been expropriated by Israel since 1948 and the racist absentee property law. That's worse than anything experienced at the hands of Islamists in Israel/Palestine.
43. #20 You are right thats what I meant
Al   (04.29.12)
Bob Simon ws born a Jew and will die a putz. We Jews always suffer as a result of the fact that the 'putz' factor between us Jews is high.
44. If you think that things are bad in Bethlehem are bad...+#6
jerusalem   (04.29.12)
go research about the Christians in Jerusalem and the israeli impact on them also...Hold in there fellow Christians, we need you in the country! Alao, thank you for your comment #6.
45. #6 & 44 Truth about Jeruslem Christians
RealityCheck ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.29.12)
Corrruption anti semitism intermarrige with Moslems and tons of money from Caritas has produced a local Christian population of dependancy culture Alcholism has also always been a plague of the Chrisitans here and long before Israel . 90% of all Christian souvenir stores in Jerusalem are Moslem owned and the Christians sell their property to Moslems in the Christian Quarter for millions of dollars like the Pappa Andreas Restaurant and others Stop trying to represent yourselves as victims you still teach your children Mideaevil hate of the Jewish people in your Sunday Schools. You never had it so good as you do in Jerusalem . You even ask the Israeli govermnet to put Christian on your I.D. cards so you wont be identified as Moslems . You can only fool those who dont live here we know exactly who you are .
46. George in Palestine?
Ephraim ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.29.12)
George, where in Palestine do you live?
47. Arab Moslems in Christian Clothing
RealityCHeck ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.29.12)
Western Christians think local Arab Christians share the same values the dont ! They have absorbed Arab Moslem Mentality the only difference is they like to have their little drink a ham sandwich and wear short skirts ( a bit more freedom -no veil ) other than that they are Arab Moslems in Christian Clothing Politically and mentally they are exactly the same check out Christian terrorists like George Habash and Sadam Husseins Foreign Minister Tarik (Michelle ) Aziz just 2 of many.
48. Re: Kairos
Josh Felter   (04.29.12)
It was a grave mistake to publish the comment with the link. Kairos is a proven odious, toxic antisemitic movement/group trafficking in the most obnoxious theological christian antisemitism of the past 2000 years and, naturally, replacement thology that the Catholic Church itself outlawed in 1964. The mods made an error letting the hatemongering Kairos through. My opinion and many-many righteous gentile's as well...
49. I started reading...
daniela ,   panama   (04.29.12)
the kairo palestine... when I read the first 2 lines and I see that the same people who murdered millions of jews, put them in ghettos, are talking about oppression, injustice, apartheid, occupation in the name of the theology of love.... where was that love in the last 2000 years? were was the solidarity and solidarity. Was that same theology in Awschwitz and in Warsaw? Did you forget what were the Crusades if not the occupation of OUR LAND?, and all the wars you had against mulsims-not against jews, for that piece of land? There is a big difference between your theology, moslim theology and judaism. we do not pretend to convert anybody. We do not believe that whoever think and believe differentlly must be ¨saved?????¨ or killed-as your religion of love did in Latin America. We do not believe in Jihad against the infidels (which you and I are considered). And because of precisely the difference between our way of accepting the differences, and your way of believing that the whole world should think as you do, that I still believe that Israel treats christians and any other religion with respect. Something you could never do regarding to jews.
50. # 45 Papa Andreas
Christian ,   Sweden, Malmö   (04.29.12)
Is it true that Papa Andreas is sold to Moslems? When did that happen? I used to enjoy my visits to that restaurant. Considering that the place is in the middle of the Christian quarter, it is really bad if it's no longer in Christian hands.
51. #10, 19 Aurora Aronsson
Christian ,   Malmö, Sweden   (04.29.12)
Thank you very much for your talkbacks. They are appreciated! It's nice to see that we live in the same city.
52. Christians Sell Moslems their property
RealityCheck ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.29.12)
In Jerusalem hundreds of Christian properties have been sold to Moslems and most by the churches The properites were left in trust by Christians in their wills then the churches go and sell them to Moslems but God forbid a Jew buys a house there all hell breaks loose demonstrations news accounts sheer hypocrosy
53. Malmo where Synagogue attacked
SweedishArabs ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.29.12)
Nice to know you live in the same city eh Malmo were the synagogue has been firebombed several times and Jews attacked in the street so that many Jews of Malmo have had to leavae. Arab Christians continuing their hate in Europe
54. #45 Yes its now owned by Dajani Family
SadButTrue ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.29.12)
THe restaurant is now owened by the Dajani family as are most of the shops in the Muristan area, The "Christian Quarter Road" is almost all Moslem shops all sold by Christians to the Moslems
55. #29 - heresy
mm ,   US   (04.29.12)
I cannot think of anything more heretical than Replacement Theology! Saying "We Christians cannot speak of the 'Promised Land' as an exclusive right for a privileged Jewish people. THIS PROMISE WAS NULLIFIED BY CHRIST (emphasis mine). There is no longer a chosen people -- all men and women of all countries have become the chosen people." is actually the opposite of what Jesus said, and his followers wrote.
56. # 40 - Thank you
mm ,   US   (04.29.12)
for taking the risk to let us know. It's very sad that the Church is doing the opposite of what the Bible teaches.
57. Papism
Brod ,   USA   (04.29.12)
Papism is NOT Christianity. The former worships their god in the Vatican. the latter worships the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-the GOD of the Bible-the Creator of the Heavens and Universe.
58. Bethlehem's last christians? right of reply #41
Elsie. ,   Gush Halav   (04.29.12)
Sir, you are right ,my name is Elsie, at least i don't hide behind false names, clergy/corruption, for pity sake!!, i was giving a small opinion about the article, i know nothing about Fassuta. enligthen me. Gush Halav is a beauitful village in the green hills of the gallilee, known for its loyalty to the state of Israel, i feel that you are ,to say the very least ignorant about our village, inform yourself more ,than come back to me, thank you for your attention, corrupt clergy, come on ,find a better name.
59. Veteran CBS anchor Bob Simon
It was like asking an Iranian Jew in Teheran of what he thinks about Israel, in front of your camera. You knew that, didn`t you ? So, why did you do it ? Why didn`t you ask former Beit Lehem Christians now in Europe orthe US, to check the validity of what you have heard in Beit Lehem? Shame on you.
60. Mr. Meotti
Roy ,   USA   (04.30.12)
As usual, Mr. Meotti is spot on! He only gets better!
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