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Israel to become a mega-city?
Avital Lahav
Published: 13.05.12, 14:06
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1. 67 borders to small
joe Sombrero ,   usa   (05.12.12)
This is another reason Israel cannot go back to 67 borders.
2. i like israel like she's now.. we are not ny or london
3. This is why Israel needs to expand settlements
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (05.12.12)
Aside from security needs, this is why a Jewish state along 1948 borders is impossible. There is no need for a megalolpolis, nor should there be one. Ariel and other large cities in Judea & Samaria need to be expanded and more cities need to be built.
4. Megacity
Jack Sprat ,   Tel Aviv   (05.12.12)
Simply reclaim the sea. Build the country off the shores West into the Med. Would solve a lot of problems. The Dutch did it. So can we. We must think outside the box. We have become isolated and insecure with redundant dreams and conflicts.
5. depressing
llooii   (05.12.12)
6. Israel megacity? An evil politically motivated idea.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.12.12)
The idea of Israel as a city state has often been floated by hostile politicians as an excuse to induce Israel to abandon much of our land. Including our more than 3,500 year old heartland of Judea and Samaria. It is an evil politically motivated idea that is soundly rejected by an enormous majority of Israelis.
Whu are jews so afraid of open space and the room to breathe ? what is wrong with people like Dr .Sheinhin who wish us to live shoulder -to-shoulder ? .This ghetto mentality is a sever mental sickness.
8. Where the hell will I go to drink whiskey, look at the stars
A Jew ,   Galus, TX   (05.12.12)
Guess I'm stayin' here....
9. No Politics ,but JOBS
joseph ,   norway   (05.12.12)
There is no future in Politics,thy are creating problems, so thy can solve them. There is only one thing to do, is to make Israel great and big by new projects ,exemple:a tunnel decending from the Med, to the Dead Sea,with 2 desaltation stations onderway and 1 powerplant powert by the decending water, and powering the desaltationstations. exempel 2:the sand and stone fro the tunnel can be used to make a Pier and islands and permanent land,building a new city,industrie, Jobs
10. IF, then part of bigger geographic picture: BIG ISRAEL!!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (05.12.12)
11. The real answer!
David ,   USA   (05.12.12)
Rise up and defeat your enemies by first, tshuvah, and then courage. Hashem will provide the strength. Return to the borders of the Kingdom under David and Shlomo. Then there will be plenty of room.
12. We have it now
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (05.12.12)
Has anyone bothered to look, we have it now: Herziliya to Ashdod is already effectively 1 city, going east to Kafar Saba and Petach Tivkva. With expansion to Netanaya in progress.
13. Gush Dan encompasses most Israelis
A Assayag ,   France   (05.12.12)
90% of Israelis live within the Coastal plain, and most of them live in the Gush Dan. When foreigners visit Israel, and they go to Netanya or Ashdod, they don't feel like they are in another city. We just feel like in a any suburban neighborhood of a large metropolis. I know Israelis feel that Ashkelon and Tel Aviv belong to two different regions, but they should visit Canada, they'll understand what two separate regions mean!
14. To Tel Aviv Municipality.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (05.12.12)
Decide finally what will be the metropolis , a city of cottages or skyscrapers. Right now there is a XIX century hut, beside it a 40 storey scyscraper, a cottage again and so on. Quite unique landscape !
15. I don't know why, but...
Henry from New York ,   USA   (05.12.12)
Something about this plan sounds really really bad. Also, the time from Manhattan to Connecticut is fourty minutes (not taking into account traffic and if you have an easyPass to go over the RFK Bridge.
16. less freedom smaller homes higher prices
Golan ,   modiin   (05.12.12)
this is the only thing the Left gives people, a shitty life and fascist ideology. Why is it that people who live in Leftist dominated areas (NY, LA, T'A) live in expensive squalor while people living in conservative dominant areas (anywhere in Texas and nowhere in Israel) have huge homes, more personal freedom and the right of self defense? You want a better life? shrink government, get rid of entitlements, lower taxes and realize that personal responsibility is better than any government subsidy.
17. "Megalopolis" urban theories are old stuff.
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (05.12.12)
Cripes, I learned about this in geography in high school 30 years ago. Same talk, same fears, same lack of horror stories in the end. Israel is simply lagging behind other countries with similar population areas. Look ahead 100 years and yes, we have to figure out how to spread the cities out, but Israel becoming a single monster city? Nope.
18. God forbid..Nobody wants to live like that.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No way ,   Israel   (05.12.12)
There is plenty of open land. All Israel has to do is annex it.
19. They paved paradise n' put up a parkin' lot -shooobop-bopbop
L ,   Merkaz, Israel   (05.13.12)
Who needs forests and fields when we can just bulldoze those and make nice mean little plots of scattered urban parks. FEH! Didn't anyone else feel like screaming when they read that?
20. i vote "no"
Dan ,   KS   (05.13.12)
Before everyone becomes my neighbor, the - and I - need to have the civil attitudes of an upper class Londoner. We are living in a similar type area, but we call towns and cities (ie Raanana) what they call neighborhoods. If I wanted to live in a city, I would move to Atlanta, Georgia.
21. Better idea
R ,   Israel   (05.13.12)
Fix the danged train system. Big cities breed crime, no sense of community
22. "Greater Israel" @ most a 50 mile drive
RealityCheck ,   Jeruslem Israel   (05.13.12)
Yet the same people will say that the" settlements" that are between only 15 to 30 miiles from the center are criminal, when most Americans drive at least that on a daily basis to work . If Israel develops into a megalopolis it will be a nightmare of a society crammed into anonymous high rise living with no sense of community or neighboriliness.
23. Freeze construction in the fertile coastal plain
Ethan ,   Eilat   (05.13.12)
The place for our MegaCity is south of Beer Sheba
24. a more sophisticated religious right
walkablejlm ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.13.12)
Israel needs a more sophisticated religious right, one capable of rejecting outmoded strategies and adopting new ones that will serve it better in the long run. Why is it a Zionist act to found a new settlement -- car-dependent and with no worthwhile services in walking distance -- but not a Zionist act to strengthen already-existing localities? That is, essentially, what the urbanists are seeking to do -- strengthen places that already exist, densify them and fill them with services and amenities that will make them pleasant places in which to live and to move around on foot. Building localities for its own sake because it's perceived as "Zionist" is not necessarily a smart thing to do.
25. #22. "Greater Israel" is a great big joke.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.13.12)
#22. You hit the nail right on the head. The way leftists speak about "Greater Israel", you'd think we were talking about the British Empire. We are really dealing with a two or three hour bicycle hike! The concept of "Greater Israel" is a great big joke. This tiny land is ours. Judea and Samaria have belonged to Jews for more than 3,500 years. Even the terrorist P.A. refuses to publicly debate the issue because they know this land is ours.
26. the solution is the promised Judaization of the Negev & Gali
zionist forever   (05.13.12)
For decades successive politicians on the right and left have been calling for the judaization of the Negev & Galilee but for decades its never amounted to anything but talk and Jews have continued to live in the centre of the country whilst the arabs live in the Galilee. We need to do away with the ghetto culture and we can have smaller population but spread throughout the country. The government needs to appeal to the idealists who build in the Yeshe because its the Promised Land to remember other areas of the country are also part of the Promised Land, because they are the kind of people we need there. Somebody who is willing to start with an outpost and create a city. The country might be small but its not so small we need to turn it into a mega city and its not the solution to high housing prices.
27. 17
zionist forever   (05.13.12)
Give the architects a lego set so they can experiment with building styles and urban planning, give the economists some monopoly money and then they can put their heads together and experiment all they want on whats cheapest and best designs. When they get bored they can pull it all down start from scratch.. much cheaper way of doing things and less disruption to ordinary peoples lives. We need to build out have more small towns spread out around the country rather than building up to create mega cities and leave the rest of the country unused.
28. Get Real
isaac ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.14.12)
Please - this is logical. Living in cities amximizes land usage. There has to be enough agricultural land to sustain the population - if everything is a big suburban sprawl then that reduces available land for food production , unless you want to buy a $10 tomato. Also - those conservative states you mention are have a lower cost of living because there are fewer job choices, less economic development and subsequently fewer people. Hey if you want a huge property move to Alaska - when you become a state resident you even get an Oil industry royalty tax credit.refund! Of course, you're in the middle of nowhere and employment variety is minimal.
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