'August-September elections highly likely'
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 30.04.12, 00:29
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1. If there's hope that Destruction Min. Barak will be dumped
we should have elections much sooner.
2. Support him only if he writes a vow in his blood that
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.29.12)
he not have barak in his cabinet.
3. Will Israelis vote the right way?
Sarah B. ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.29.12)
Doubtful. They seemed determined to elect far-left weaklings who could care less about protecting the Jewish people. Why don't they listen to my sage advice? Why don't they elect those who will take out Iran and remove the rift-raft in Judea and Samaria? If I actually lived in Israel, I would run for office and give these fools a real candidate. All I can do now is tell they what to do. But will they listen? Doubtful. Post by Sarah B. (c) 2012 I add the (c) to enforce my trademark on this username. Any infringement is subject to prosecution under international law.
4. yah yahs
David ,   Haifa Israel   (04.29.12)
if elections... i vote HaIchud HaLeumi
5. #3 Thankfully you don't.......
I LIVE IN ,   US   (04.29.12)
You are insane. Why do u sign USA/ISRAEL? Cluless even about where you live? Trademarking your insanity, great idea.
6. Integrate IDF, treat Arab and Jew equally
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.29.12)
7. To Sarah B. (c) 2012
Nora Tel Aviv   (04.29.12)
Why can`t you live actualy in Israel?
8. #3 (c)
Bill ,   US   (04.29.12)
Try as I might I can not find your copyright in the US records. All I get back when checking with your user name are publications on toilet cleaning materials. Are you sure you are from this planet. You may have inadvertently copyrighted yourself on Uranus.
9. ynet what b.s. is Sarah B up to now?
10. By now even I can spot a fake, #3.
Gabriel ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (04.29.12)
You need to get yourself a life.
11. Can't you all see that # 3 is ......
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (04.29.12)
not Sarah B? Your wasting your time responding to an idiot.
12. @ Sarah B.
Aharon ,   Holon, Israel   (04.29.12)
If this is truly the 'real' Sarah B., then it makes sense. All of your hatred and rabid blathering and you're not even in the country! Please, do us ALL a favor and STAY in the US! We don't need another of your kind here in Eretz Israel. We have enough to deal with already!
13. @3 if it were a registred trademark the symbol would b....
different. it would be an r in a circle a parenthetic c is for copyright and according to the law there is no such thing as trademarking a name.
14. 1
zionist forever   (04.29.12)
I would rather have Barak in defense than Yair Lapid and Lapid is going to be demanding one of the top ministries and the idea of even the slightest possibility of getting the defense job terrifies me. At the next election Barak's party is probably not even going to get enough support to win a single seat.
15. my people y so busy w/this #3 person? r u going 2 elect her?
Jew ,   JewLandia   (04.29.12)
I don't know who the lady is and why you all feel as you do... but I will say this her comments are rather irrelevant to the situation at hand. My people, my fellow Israeli Citizens: We are going to election there is really no need to be wasting space, energy and time TBing about #3. Come on then let's get some serious political commentary going! Have a nice evening, from Jerusalem, the eternal capital of JewLandia which is Israel!
16. Sad to Say
Khan ,   U.K.   (04.29.12)
Sarah B.... Mrs. B. does have some issues, real issues LMAO. I think we should all stop being enablers to her madness, not healthy for addicts in their pain and suffering.
17. you must see
kevin ,   newyork, usa   (04.30.12)
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18. Just leave barak the arab behind and move on.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.30.12)
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