IPS: Palestinian inmates' demands examined
Elior Levy, Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 30.04.12, 20:16
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1. Equality
Alex ,   usa   (04.30.12)
I believe in equality, they should receive the same treatment (visitation, food, medicine....) as Gilad Shalit and many others received.
2. Barghouti should be released........
Gabe ,   Canada   (04.30.12)
from 500 meters above Gaza City.
3. Israel needs a death penalty badly.
usa   (04.30.12)
I would vote for any party which would legalize death to killers and murderers.
4. Let them starve
Howard Immanuelson ,   US   (04.30.12)
If these prisoners and terrorists want to starve themselves to death, let them! It's their choice and the world would be better off without them anyway. Hopefully the prison authorities and the GOI of will summarily reject their demands.
5. Ooooh! A threat!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.30.12)
"Allow me to starve to death, or else?" Is that what they are saying? I do believe it is. Okay, starve. See if we care (we don't). I stand by what I have always said. If they are that intent on "martyring" themselves, let's help them along. Cut off their water, too. No showers, either (just to make sure they do not cave in to the temptation to alleviate their thirst). They are terrorists. All of them. We really shouldn't care if they live or die -- in fact, the world will instantly become a far better place the instant each one of them departs. All Israel needs to do is issue a simple statement to them: "If you want to maintain your hunger strike, we will not interfere with your absolute right to do just that. If you wish to keep your suffering to a minimum, we will not give you water, either. But you will not blackmail us into releasing terrorist scum. So, the choice is yours." In the U.S., we call that "tossing the ball into their court." Do keep in mind that they have absolutely no interest in dying -- they are murderers, after all, not natural-born martyrs. The only thing that interests them is getting Israel to cave into their absurd demands. Call their bluff. Double-down. Watch what happens.
6. What's so wrong about letting them hunger strike?
Leo ,   Canada   (04.30.12)
If the food is available and they don't take it, that's their prerrogative. I don't think anybody should spoon-feed terrorists. Deciding to feed or not is within the little freedom we should still grant them.
7. demands? terrorists have chutzpah
alan ,   texas   (04.30.12)
they should be exposed to 24 hrs a day lectures on Judaism, and the wrongs of the cult of islam. And, if they don't want to eat, let them starve. Cut out all their luxuries. they are in prison for a reason.
8. Let them starve to death! I mean it!
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (04.30.12)
If prisoners want to refuse food then let them. And let's not blame Israel for it. They get much better treatment in Israeli prisons that they'd get in a great many other countries. Hallal food, study rooms, phone calls etc. In Turkey they'd get chicken heads three times a day and I'd understand them refusing to eat.
9. murderers
JEFF ,   MIAMI/JERUSALEM   (04.30.12)
let them drink from the toilets like the dogs they are. appeasement is death.. if I am not for myself who will be for me. jewish cowardice is the source of all our problems
10. what's the problem?
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (04.30.12)
I honestly can't understand what the problem is? If they refuse to eat deliver the food to some charitable organization that will appreciate it. And if they die those who will accuse us of being inhuman do so all the time anyway. I wouldn't make this an issue.
11. since when prisoners dictate the terms. Let´s not forget....
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (04.30.12)
How they treated Gilad Shalit- He wasn't allowed telephone calls, he wasn't allowed Family visits. He was in solitary confinement 4 years + He wasn't allow to study etc etc Why do they think they are better. Let them starve just like Lady Tacher did with the Irish Terrorists until they started to die. And she wasn't moved. And the world didn't judged the English
12. all you have to do
Moran   (04.30.12)
Is light up the old mangal ( in the prison court ) and fry some lovely steakim...the smell will bring them all back to their sences
13. And the average workers in Israel
Yael Schlichting ,   Qiryat Motzkin   (04.30.12)
First they are targeted by these terrorists and then these terrorists can study in jail and issue demands, while the average Israeli worker doesn't know how to pay her bills. More and more I come to the conclusion that it is a really bad idea to capture these criminals of war alive. Send our soldiers only with a shoot-to-kill order and only take these criminals of war captive if they surrender in time. Criminals of war? Of course! They believe, they are in war and deliberately target civilians. It's not, that they gnashingly accept the fact, that there will be collateral damages and do everything to keep the number low. NO! They deliberately work to get the numbers of civilian casualties up! Hence I see no reason, why we should pay anything more than a high security graveyard for terrorist ashes.
14. is this a problem?
les ,   canada   (04.30.12)
as the saying goes, you can lead the horse to the water, but you can not make it drink! i believe the government's responsibility is to provide those murderers with the basic necessities of life. if food is made available 3 times a day, and they refuse to eat it, the onus is on them, and their instigators! PLEASE, DO NOT GIVE IN! REMEMBER THE SHALIT DEAL.....
15. Bring in the Red cross and the world press
Galut ia ,   Selah   (04.30.12)
let them see the abundant food .... and hand out info on how Gilad was treated during his captivity ...remind the press that Gilad was not given access to the red cross... and give them the right to strike all they want and let the press know that the food table is available when the strikers want to quit playing games.... just remind the strikers that if they have current privileges they can expect them to be gone when they are done striking ...they will have a bare bones cell and 3 squares daily... that's all gilad got...
Mark ,   T.a. Isral   (04.30.12)
17. this is what happens when you give into terrorist demands
zionist forever   (04.30.12)
This all started with one terrorist who went on a hunger strike and because he was probably not much more than a week away from death the government agreed to his demands and he was released. Since then all the terrorists and even the palestinians not in jail have been going on hunger strike, its the new get out of jail tactic. We need to let one of them die from their hunger strike to send a signal we don't do deals and if you strike then its at your own risk because until we do more people will go on hunger strike and us being terrified one of them will die because we are worried about international opinion. Maybe if we let them all go on hunger strike in the prisons and on the streets they will all die of starvation and then there will be no need to worry about the peace process because they will all be dead. I think I am going to go on hunger strike because I object to the idea of my tax money being used so the likes of Marwan Bargouti and the rest of his terrorist friends can take degrees which Israel taxpayers would have to take out big loans to pay for. Where is the social justice?
18. arabs prison hunger strike
jennifer ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.30.12)
let them starve to death! why do we Jews have to give terrorists and arab criminals a pleasant life in jail? Let them suffer! It will be a deterent for others to know that they won't have it easy if caught!
19. its not right to help them starve
Dan   (04.30.12)
its their choice, being the better man here, we need to make sure they have the finest food within easy reach. good for them if they resist and starve, but at least we can say we didn't assist them.
20. I dont understand what the problem is
A ,   Belgium   (04.30.12)
They dont want to eat, dont give them food. There are hungry people in Israel who would appreciate a decent meal, even if it is prison food. They dont get food, they starve and die. They can be returned to gaza and Yesha wrapped in pigskin blankets. And now there is room for the next batch of terrorists. So what's the problem?
21. Build sweat boxes in the Negev.
jason white ,   afula, israel   (04.30.12)
Separate each one by a hundred meters from the next. Play loud music 24/7 and let them sit and sweat till they are broken. But first kill their leaders and bury their bodies in pig shins. Bury the pig skins in raw sewerage permanently.
22. To: Dan at No. 19
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.30.12)
What are the odds that they will then turn around and say that Israel is violating their "human" rights by tempting them with food within easy reach?
23. To: Mark at No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.01.12)
I don't think that starving yourself to death in prison qualifies for the 72 virgins and rivers of honey. It's not as if they are taking any Zionists with them. The Zionists are the ones sitting back and laughing.
24. DON'T BE STUPID: if terrorists refuse to eat...
rick ,   walnut creek   (05.01.12)
if they refuse to eat, that's their problem. they should be offered food and THIS SHOULD BE DOCUMENTED WITH VIDEO. of course, for the arabs and for many in europe, the facts are a complete irrelevancy. but, for the record, it must be clear that the terrorists decided to injure themselves. let them kill themselves.
25. didn´t they
daniela ,   panama   (05.01.12)
include in their demands a month paid vacation in the French Riviera?? and what about movies day with pop corn? I did n ´t hear in any other place that prisoners make demands...and in the situation that Israel is, dealing not with criminals, but terrorists nothing more than death should be granted. when they decided to be terrorist they were ready to die for their cause, no? And when life is a bit uncomfortable they decide to strike???what a crazy world...
26. In the seventies Irish terrorists in prison
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (05.01.12)
vent on a hunger strike,putting up some demands,the British government refused to give in,the terrorists died of starvation,will Israel give in to them ?.
27. Bunch of wusses. If they don't want to eat ...
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.01.12)
... what's to talk about? IPS Franco needs to be replaced by someone who won't cave to prisoner demands. Those who are compassionate to the cruel ...
28. Imagine the outcry from Brits if Israel treated them like
Britain treated the IRA terrorist thugs..
29. what would a Jew's chances be in their jail?
elianna ,   Jerusalem   (05.01.12)
30. To: Elianna at No. 29
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.01.12)
I suppose we could always follow the imprisonment regime which Gilad Shalit endured. That would work for me.
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