What about UN crimes?
Manfred Gerstenfeld
Published: 02.05.12, 00:54
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1. The hidden criminality of the UN
Ya'akov ,   Be'er Sheva   (05.02.12)
Excellent article! This is the type of information that the Israeli media should be putting out CONSTANTLY, since our enemies -- covert and overt -- put out lies and misinformation about our nation constantly. The UN is nothing but a filthy sewer of evil men with evil intentions hidden behind a self-created legend and nice-sounding names to fool the always gullible masses. Of course, when all these and countless more crimes against humanity and barbaric abuses take place they are dismissed as "the boys are nervous." But when our military acts in self-defense against our genocidal enemies, then it is "Ah, the cruelty of those Zionists!" We Israelis are more than sick and tired of the double standard used by those in the UN who are salivating as they plan and see how a new Shoah is hanging on our horizon. Well, let them dream...
2. a-men
hippocrates ,   earth   (05.02.12)
3. I am sorry to say that, but
Yael Schlichting ,   Qiryat Motzkin   (05.02.12)
It's the governments duty to make sure, that journalists aren't everywhere and that agent provocateurs aren't everywhere! The Israeli governments since decades are going the wrong way! I appreciate very much, that everybody is working towards a good conduct of the IDF, but we cannot always expose our soldiers to the critical eyes of an intl. public, that is only waiting to find a trace of misconduct. It will hold it under the magnification glass and will not say that shit happens and if it can it will.... It will only do this with other forces who are known for their bad conduct.
4. police beat protesters
i.zwick ,   nyc   (05.02.12)
A You Tube search for "riot police beat protesters" yielded 2,480 results from all around the world, but none attracted as much attention as that of an Israeli soldier hitting a Danish protestor with the butt of a rifle, causing a light injury.
5. Add the UN "Observer" Forces on the Lebanese Border
disgusted ,   Tel Aviv and New Yor   (05.02.12)
who observed and filmed the Hezbollah capturing of two Israeli soldiers in 2006 but never revealed the film nor that they had witnessed their capture and murder. They "observed". Only after 2 years and a huge exchange of prisoners with blood on their hands were they returned, not alive as Hezbollah claimed - but in coffins. The UN "Observers" knew from the beginning that they had been killed, had it on film, and never said a word. The United Nations - as Ben Gurion said - OOM SHMOOM. And how appropriate that their Headquarters in Israel (in Jerusalem) sit on the Hill of Evil Counsel (the site where Judas was to betray Jesus). How fitting!!!!
6. correction: year was 2000 (typing error)
disgusted ,   Tel Aviv and New Yor   (05.02.12)
UNIFIL, the U.N. force stationed on the Israel-Lebanon border, hid a videotape of Israeli soldiers being abducted by Hezbollah in October 2000. After finally admitting to having the tape, the U.N. would only show an edited version (in which Hezbollah faces were hidden) to the Israeli government.
7. Eisner big story in Israel
but of no interest to rest of the world, but here we have a huge essay from Dr Gerstenfeld written in the tone of an eight year old whining and lashing out because he feels he has been told off when the other boys have not. If the ''other boys'' were not ''told off'' in public then how does Gerstenfeld even know about what they did? Of course the Danish govt is going to inquire about their citizen being assaulted by police forces in a foreign country. That is their job. You don't reply to such routine requests for information with a barrage of examples of the behavior of troops from other countries. You just say you'll investigate and discipline the offender if there has been a mistake. Thats what normal countries do. Get over it.
8. WHAT IF.............................................
ADAM ,   CHICAGO   (05.02.12)
9. Find the right way to sue U.N. hypocrites.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.02.12)
The time is long overdue to bring sanctimonious U.N. hypocrites to justice. This article notes that it is difficult to sue the U.N. for it's crimes. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be done. Find the right way to sue the U.N. It's attempt to portray itself as a moral authority is obscene.
10. The Eisner Affair vs the UN Affairs
ltrail ,   United States   (05.02.12)
Not only is the UN as useless as teats on a bore, it's military personnel apparently do disgusting acts. The Eisner Affair would not even merit a footnote.
11. What a silly article
esnuffnstl ,   USA   (05.02.12)
As the author obviously doesn't realize that UN troops are all contributed from member nations (who are therefor responsible for their actions, not the UN as a whole.) Furthermore, what happened in Bosnia can be blamed on Russia (who didn't want a more robust UN force.) Perhaps the author would like a professional UN standing army, as envisioned in the UN charter? That would stop these abuses. But somehow I don't think the author wants to give any real authority to the UN. Instead he wants to keep the UN weak and then blame the UN for not being strong. Typical silly logic from someone who obviously doesn't like the UN because of previous UNSC and UNGA resolutions condemning Israel.
12. Why apologize for Israel's right of Defense
Quin Etiam ,   Canada   (05.02.12)
This article sounds like an apology. Why compare yourselves to others. Do what is right and damn the fickle court of public opinion. Time for Israel to go back 50 years and regain some courage.
13. Doesn't excuse Eisner!!!
g ,   Israel   (05.02.12)
Eisner's actions are criminal! And they should be jumped on by politicians as well as everyone else. He should be court martialed and tried for assault, amongst other charges in domestic courts!!! As for UN soldier crimes - the same should happen each case on it's own. This article is a piece of nonsense. Just because there are criminals in the UN Forces doesn't mean Israeli soldiers can lower their standard and become criminals as well...!!! Decades ago Israel set high standards for it's army, and MUST return to those standards.
14. Where was the UN...
Jewish Patriot ,   Galut   (05.02.12)
What a great article! It is worth a share! And of course where was the UN when thousands of Bosnian Muslims were killed by Serbian paramilitaries? Where was the UN in the African civil wars when millions lost their lives? Where was the UN when over 25 000 Chechen children died in Grozny? Where was the UN when Russia invaded Georgia? And of course where is the UN now in Syria or in Iran? Where was the UN when Muslims started to massacre Jewish children, women in the Intifadas? Good question...Shame on them, they are worth nothing, just completely rejection!
15. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.02.12)
So, would you say the United States armed forces were not responsible for the actions in Abu Ghraib? If the soldier came from Missouri, does that make the State of Missouri responsible? If he or she came from Iowa, does that make the State of Iowa responsible? Oversight begins somewhere, and if the United Nations does not properly vet the forces UNDER ITS COMMAND, then it is clearly responsible. Nice try, Snuffy, but no sale. Sorry. Better luck next time. Until then, you might want to work on your "logic," which is in need of -- er -- repair.
16. Nonetheless . . .
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (05.02.12)
Although everything you say is true, nonetheless Israel has its own code of conduct and must follow it. Once there has been an investigation, Eisner may well be found innocent of any misconduct, but he must be suspended during the investigation.
17. g. # 13 - Well said!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.02.12)
18. All this can be summarized in one word: Anti-Semitism
And I give a hot da.n on all those who will jump and moan that every time people "criticize" Israel we shout "antisemite". Well, the STOP THE UNILATERAL DEMONIZATION OF ISRAEL. That is ANTISEMITISM by any definition! And no amount of "political correctness" will change the fact that Muslims and their supporters have become the worst Human Rights offenders in the history, even when compared to minsters such as the Hitler-era Nazis. START BY BEING AN EXAMPLE YOURSELF! Stop pointing fingers away from your own atrocities and racism! Take responsibility for YOUR actions and ACT to stop them. Only THEN you have SOME right to point fingers at Israel!
19. speeshless
nadav ,   tlv   (05.02.12)
As updated as I am on world current events, including the grevious mishaps of the UN, I am shocked at the level of depravity and horendious acts by the UN! I think the US should stop paying into this depraved organization immediately!
20. Why do we not see more of this?
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (05.02.12)
Were Israeli's to know the true motives of the UN here in Israel, (which is to empower Arabs and weaken Jewish sovereignty, in true Roman fashion) the UN would be driven the hell out of here, as the political self-serving criminals that they are.
21. Jewish Israel has the Jewish 'tick
tiki ,   belgium   (05.02.12)
This 'automatic spasm: "WE did something wrong, WE must be guilty, WE need to appologise, etc.etc. It's about time after 64 years of independence to STOP IT! You didn't do anything wrong & don't need to appologise to every, with a two forked tongue speaking hypocritical anti semite, why and how you defend yourself against those who want nothing less than throw you of the map........**like the Olympic Committee was doing when it put Jerusalem as the Capital of Palestine and Israel, not in the ME but in Europe.
22. The UN has a special deal for Pals only.While real refugees
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (05.02.12)
starve, often because of Islamist extremists,the money keeps pouring for corrupt "Palestine". They pay salaries for Hamas operatives and Propogandists. Sh don't mention Arab apartheid ethnic cleansing genocide or slave trade, it might offend Brother Al Bashir and the long list of others.
23. UNIFIL are human shields for Hezballa&ignore it's illegal
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (05.02.12)
army,arming and war preparations using houses amongst civillians to store missiles etc
24. "UN WATCH" exposes the corrupt farce that is the UN.
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (05.02.12)
25. # 13 g piss on it.
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (05.02.12)
The danish ham has his teeth and his life. Many Jews didn't get that chance.
26. # 14 Jewish Patriot.
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (05.02.12)
Where indeed? They are the same mercenaries that have raped, pillaged, murdered, and called themselves 'the brave' for doing so.
27. # 19 nadav I certainly agree.
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (05.02.12)
We must vote for another President, this one is financing these atrocities and much of it is against the UN Congress, our own laws and it must end.
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (05.02.12)
To everyone you know and even some you don't. Information is the key now, you have the facts, share them, please with others. And, even the media who seems so silent on this subject while trumpeting israel's mini matters in this regard, might like to read what they are ignoring.
29. #13 agreed
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (05.02.12)
I agree with you, on one condition. Go up to any policeman (preferably YSM) in central Tel Aviv and do exactly what the Danish rioter did to Eisner: throw a bicycle at him, break his finger, and then put yourself in his face. After you get out of the hospital and jail, we punish Eisner exactly like the cop you assaulted. Agreed?
30. We as the human race are still savages
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (05.02.12)
We haven't made an inch of progress since the garden of eden where Cain slew Abel. There are crimes that will never be prosecuted. They are, in effect, sanctioned atrocities, sanctioned by the same "Peace Keepers" the UN provides.... In addition to these revelations, their non stop criticism of Israel seems to be their main objective other than this first 'rewards of service' of rape, murder, sadistic behavior and the massacre of innocents. And to think, we the people finance this and are the hosts to this most evil enterprise, in addition to the 1 billion dollars obama 'gifted' to Egypt, another $ 192 million to the pals.... WE finance this and say nothing? What does that make us?
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