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State Comptroller: Not enough haredim in IDF
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 03.05.12, 07:38
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1. State Comptroller: Not enough haredim in IDF
beth ,   jerusalem, israel   (05.03.12)
how interesting to note that there are so many people blaming the haredim for not being in the army or the working sector per se. What about all those who are not haredi who dodge their service as well - i'm sure there are equal amounts of them also. I wouldn't be surprised that all the haredi bashing is because there are those out there who are afraid of their own religion and what it might mean to their meaningless day by day lifestyles.
2. Modern Orthodox men study at night and support a family by
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.03.12)
working during the day. There is no reason some percentage can't study all day, but not 100%.
3. #2
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (05.03.12)
There's no reason why young modern orthodox men can't serve in the army and study as well. There are even programs in the army where they allow you to study at the same time you serve. At the very least they could do another form of national service where they get to go home every night as well. There are million ways to serve their country rather than just have their country serve them.
4. Simple solution
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (05.03.12)
The simple solution is to decrease their tax and welfare benefits for those who do not go to the army for whatever reason not medically related and take them away completely and make them just like anyone else for dodging the draft (also jail time like anyone else). Why they have all those benefits in the first place is beyond me.
5. There are too many in the country....
Dyslexic... ,   Israel..   (05.03.12)
We should send them back too Williamsburg let the USA have these lunatics......
6. Its a simple matter..
Tim ,   Brighton   (05.03.12)
Says one young Israeli Student to me on the IDF As long as the rules mean that we can legitimately avoid serving..then why shouldnt we? And I cant fault his logic Answer: Compulsory National Service for all...wether Jewish Israelis, Arab Israelis, Christian Israelis...
7. Beth # 1
Harvey ,   London   (05.03.12)
Your comment is beneath contempt . It is certainly not the Haredim that drives Israel forward and has made it the global economic and technological power house it is . The Haredim have been gently indulged since the states inception in 1948 . It was understandable in the sense that along with all other European Jews , the Orthodox , the keepers of the flame of Judaism had been all but wiped out . Here was that opportunity to rekindle and maintain that light unto the world and to bring it back from near extinction . But it went too far . The schism between the Haredim and the secular is caused in no small part by the Haredi failure to join their fellow Jews in compulsory National Service to protect the homeland . It is an outrage that our children should be expected to fight and perhaps die for the state while Haredim remain more or less exempt . I do not disparage your right to spend each and every day studying Torah . That is your choice. Your snide remarks about how the secular waste their lives is also beneath contempt . Their days are spent working to provide for their families and to create innovations which are to the benefit of mankind and cover every field of human endeavour . But to the core issue . It is an utter disgrace and a stain on the nation that one section of the population should be allowed to avoid doing their sacred duty to protect their fellow Jewish citizens. Were the Arab hordes to retake Jerusalem , they will not consider you exempt from slaughter on the basis you refused conscription .
8. #7
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (05.03.12)
I work with Haredim, and they pay taxes like everyon. I serve in the IDF with Haredim, lots of them. When a soldier dies, the person who scrapes up what is left of him to give him a decent burial is a Haredi. When someone is hurt in a car accident, there is a good chance the first one on the scene is a Hatzalah Haredi. The people who are beneath contempt are the Leftists who do everything to attack Haredim.
9. its not "draft dodging"
david ,   new york   (05.03.12)
draft dodging is when you sneak out of the country so they can't draft you. requesting an exemption is not draft dodging. i am not sure ynet particularly cares, since it is more sensationalist to say draft dodging even if it is wrong
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