'Rabin assassin's brother belongs behind bars'
Shachar Hai
Published: 03.05.12, 11:09
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1. When will the one who ACTUALLY killed Rabin put behind bars?
instead of Yigal Amir and his brother Hagai, the guinea pigs?
2. I wonder if she ever spoke out against the
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (05.03.12)
person who murdered innocent Jews on Althalena? That person was her father.
3. Mistery
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (05.03.12)
I do not understand if once Yigal Amir's relative is jailed, the relatives of arab mass murders, why are free like birds ???
4. When will people like #1 start taking their meds on time?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (05.03.12)
Hagai Amir says he's proud of his role in the assassination. In fact, he NEVER said he and Yigal didn't do it. Yet there is no shortage of synaptically-challenged people who claim that despite Yigal Amir's self-confessed pride in the killing, Amir is a liar and somebody else did it. Yet these same jerkoffs get upset when conspiracy theorists claim (just as falsely) that zionists and Jews control this that and/or the other.
5. I feel sorry for their mother
Sharon ,   Denver, USA   (05.03.12)
While its so sad and I loved Rabin, I also feel sorry for the parents, having two kids in jail. Im sure they didnt raise them like that.
6. Well, if Palestinian terrorists can be released early...
Ari   (05.03.12)
...they what is the big deal about releasing a Jewish terrorist once his sentence has actually been served in full?! I never have understood the hypocrisy of the left...
7. I am WITH Hagai Amir big time!
S. Fränkl   (05.03.12)
8. How about weighing the 1700 dead from
jason white ,   afula, israel   (05.03.12)
the oslo death accords, thousands of maimed, bringing arafat and his terrorist armies to our borders, giving them weapons and training, money, land and legitimacy in world opinion against the life of one old man?
9. He should be kept in until he dies
Talula ,   Israel   (05.03.12)
he was part of the conspiracy - and he didn't stop it - he may have just pulled the trigger. These brothers are the lowest form of scum and should never ever be released. They are murderers!!!
10. in a democracy after you do your time you get released
zionist forever   (05.03.12)
" I think that a responsible leadership in the State of Israel has the duty to say its piece - that people like that belong behind bars forever, or should at least be shunned " The courts did not say he should be put in jail forever or shunned, they sentenced him to the 16 years which he has served, for the bulk of it he was cruelly kept in solitary ( worse conditions than any terrorist has ever had to put up with, they get to take university degrees at taxpayer expense ). If he has done his time then in a democracy he is entitled to be released and live a normal life even if the Rabin family don't like it. I wish Hagai Amir luck in starting a new life
11. send him BACK to JAIL 4 the love of Israel. he is DANGEROUS!
hot snow ,   tlv   (05.03.12)
12. #5 Here's a tissue for your issue
Gracey ,   Israel   (05.03.12)
These radical mental cases grow up in an environment that is so religious it belongs in Iran. Rabin was a great and wonderful man, he was a husband, father, grandfather, brother uncle and an exceptional human being who loved his country. I wonder what he would say while you're sobbing over his murders' mother. They are radical NON-JEWS parading around as religious Jews. Jews don't kill in cold blood.
13. To: Dalia Rabin
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.03.12)
Has it ever occurred to you, dear, that your father was a manic-depressive who, in his manic states, was ready to divide up the State of Israel and who, in his depressive states, could not function? No one condones his assassination, but please do not make him out to be the hero he wasn't. He was, must I remind you, a criminal, too -- didn't he maintain bank accounts in the United States, in contravention of Israeli law? Just put your ire to rest, dear. Did not your father shake hands with Arafat (may his name be cursed throughout eternity)? How can that ever be justified? (Hey, you don't have to sell me; just sell that one to the countless Jews who lost loved ones to that monster. Probably take the rest of your life.) You can glorify your father as much as you like, but most Jews know him for exactly what he was. A mentally ill criminal and thief, who was ready to sell out Medinat Israel and Am Israel just to write himself into the history books. You should quit while you're (marginally) ahead. Your father was no hero; just a sick man with delusions of grandeur.
14. The time has come to forgive and forget.
Ronald Simmons ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.03.12)
15. #4
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (05.03.12)
I never liked Rabin but never discount the idea of a conspiracy. Conspiracies are at least partially based on fact. Remember they could have been Patsy's thinking they were working for one side instead of working for the other.
16. He served his time, he is free
Ilan   (05.03.12)
Or are the champions of the "rule of law" so hypocritical that they have one punishment for the murder of a PM and another for a mere citizen? And these are of course the same people who were 100% behind releasing Palestinian murderers for a gesture for peace.
17. #9
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (05.03.12)
We could believe you if you weren't so hypocritical. You can't have it both ways. If you supported Rabin in the Jibril deal, Sharon in the Tennenbaum deal and Netanyahu in the Shalit deal, you should have demanded that Amir be released long ago. If you want Amir jailed indefinitely, you should have demanded the same for the far worse criminals Rabin, Sharon and Netanyahu released.
18. Sarah, disgusting behavior this time
Ehud   (05.03.12)
Yitzhak Rabin was the elected Prime and Defense minister of Israel who fought bravely in it's War of Independence, and oversaw as Chief of Staff Israel's greatest victory. He was assassinated by a messianic worthless piece of shit full of a spurious sense of self-importance, assisted by an equally wireless piece of scum, and raised in fanaticism by a narcicistic mother who lacking any moral compass, void of any sense of guilt. His daughter - despite her grief - reacted gracefully. Unlike you, she has only one citizenship. Where do you get the chutzpah to address her with that cocky-fascist tone defending ruthless assassins? You should stay forever in that country of yours (USA), a country I admire, especially forth fact that such scum would not see the light of day again once convicted!
19. Amir didn't kill rabin bodyguard did
dave ,   safet   (05.03.12)
and she knows it
20. #18
it's Edithann TaTa pretending to be Sarah B
21. Release !!!
jack ,   israel   (05.03.12)
But did he forget ?
22. #17 false claim of hypocracy
ZT ,   Rochester, NY, USA   (05.03.12)
Netanyahu didn't release those criminals because they thought they deserved it; they released them because they thought it was more unjust for an innocent Israeli to suffer indefinitely. They've also tried to re-arrest as many of them as possible. Similarly, Rabin and Sharon believed their deals were protecting Israel. Obviously, releasing Amir is not part of an exchange. The stupidity it takes not to recognize this difference truly astounds me.
23. It is surprising ........
Dr Harry ,   Jerusalem   (05.03.12)
for someone who was suspiciously questioning, to seek the REAL TRUTH about the death of Rabin, and was then told to shut up and to stop pushing for the truth, is the same person, now asking, the the man, who the courts system is now releasing, to stay & rot in jail. ONLY IN ISRAEL
24. #22 Rule of Law
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (05.03.12)
So you advocate no justice, no rule of law: "regular criminals" are punished beyond their crimes, while lucky criminals, members of mafia and terror groups, or friends of politicians, aren't punished at all? And your own country attacked Afghanistan and Iraq killing hundreds of thousands, and executed Bin Laden and Saddam?
25. #19 That's probably why Amir sais he would do it again...,
Ehud   (05.03.12)
Can we please get a break from all the lunatics here..,
26. Hey Dalia, do you feel the same way...
William ,   Israel   (05.03.12)
about the "Palestinians" who plot and target Israeli civilians? Your father, may he rest in peace, helped arm them and wanted to give them a State, plus release them from Israeli prisons. You're speaking from a place of emotional damage and a personal grudge. Either you identify with the same families who have felt the sting of murder, or you get the same treatment as everyone else. You're not above the law or above Israeli society. Get over it.
27. #12 - how is that different from radical Leftists?
William ,   Israel   (05.03.12)
and their upbringing under a certain ideology that would have them sacrifice fellow Jews for their own self-righteous agenda?
28. #22 can't even spell it correctly
Ilan   (05.03.12)
What an expert! Not
29. As my friends father 's
Meghan ,   Israel   (05.03.12)
murderer was given 25 years, got off in 15....Seems most justice systems work this way. OK her dad was just a regular joe, not a prime minister or famous figure. Guess justice works different for the Rabins of this world. I do not condone the assasination, it was a terrible thing to happen, him shot by another jew. He was maybe a hero up to a point, but on discovery of his accounts abroad, when we couldnt hold a $ , that caused his abdacation from the office of PM, then giving arms to Arafats gangs, he went way down in my estimation. But saying this I abhore Yigal Amir for the shame he bought on our country, because as right as he is, that doesnt condone murder. We are a democracy and can speak our views, not kill another jew. Dahlia Rabin I can understand your distress, but many daughters (and sons) have had to swallow the same such bitter pill.
30. To: No. 18
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.04.12)
Really? The way I hear tell, Rabin almost suffered a nervous breakdown during the Six-Day War and was completely incapable of making command decisions; he was that overwhelmed. Some really brilliant generals took up the reins; there was no leadership from Rabin. Where was the Rabin family's moral compass when it came it opening rather significant bank accounts in the United States in direct contravention of Israeli law? Hmm? And you are wrong about the United States. The sad truth is that most murderers in prison are recidivists. That means they'd committed murder before, been paroled, and then promptly murdered again. I doubt that anyone murdering the head of state in the United States would ever find his way out of prison, or even escape execution; the mere attempt results in a life sentence, but those are the provisions of United States law. Israel's policy concerning life sentences, as you well know, rarely end up with someone sentenced to life imprisonment spending the rest of his days in prison. Besides, Israel has freed far worse murderers, and those who plot and abet murderers, than Hagai Amir, who has served the term of his sentence.
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