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Israeli doctor develops anti-radiation bracelet
Doron Kooperstein
Published: 22.05.12, 15:08
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1. Buy it- if you're gullible
Dr. Guy ,   Washington, DC, USA   (05.22.12)
I highly doubt this product would protect anyone from actual radiation hazards. The only thing it's good for is a placebo. If you want to properly protect yourself, wear a full body lead-lined suit with a filtered air supply and goggles. That said, you'll more likely harm yourself following that route as you won't get needed exposure to fresh air, sun, etc.
2. Lubricated with Snake Oil
Bill ,   New York, USA   (05.22.12)
This comes a bit late for April 1. How about some critical journalism? Asking medical professionals whether they think there is anything to this? As a scientific matter, since electromagnetic waves are everywhere, how can something worn on the wrist possibly be useful. At least iodine tablets are absorbed by the body and the substances circulate in the blood. This just sits there. Please do not insult our intelligence this way ever again.
3. Another snake oil dealer! SCAM ALERT!
This is a fraud. It's been before and it surfaces every few years under different names and forms. Don't waste your money on this kind of FRAUD! How can mature persons believe that some sort if liquid or gel being held in a bracelet can cure or prevent diseases? THIS IS ANOTHER "curing bracelet" SCAM. KEEP YOUR MONEY AND LIVE A HEALTHY LIFE - and pray for good genes too ;)
4. Fraud alert ! Stick to your money and see a licensed MD
Witch Doctors are good only for superstitious fools (and the pockets of scam runners)
5. I'll wait for Ministry of Health examination, thank you!
And read VERY CAREFULLY the results if that examination. That examinations must show proven and repeatable under controlled environment testing. I find it very suspect that such a breakthrough is NOT backed by ANY reputable University or Research Center. I find it BERY suspect that these "inventors" run ahead WITHOUT this kind of academic backing. I suspect that they are trying to make a buck before they are exposed as frauds. Better wait until this "snake oil" cure is officially and scientifically proven as effective for curing specific diseases or conditions, beyond the greed of these suspect scammers.
6. Can it also be worn with a copper bracelet?
jason white ,   afula, israel   (05.23.12)
7. scam. crap. idiotic. no law against stupidity. u were warned
RALPH   (05.22.12)
8. Purchasing an X-ZUBI sticker with diatomaceous earth to put
Rivkah   (05.23.12)
on the cell phone and all other electronics in one's sphere is a good idea, too.
9. to #8 is the work X-ZUBI russian or
jason white ,   afula, israel   (05.23.12)
10. Health Ministry Warning
Tel Aviv Doc ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.23.12)
This bracelet is an obvious fraud based on pseudoscience. Other Israeli news outlets have published the Health Ministry's warning that there is no scientific evidence to support the claims of the bracelet's maker. Why is this missing from your story?
11. Please report news, not press releases
Warren Burstein ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.23.12)
Did the reporter verify a single claim about the alleged benefits of this product?
12. Israeli doctor develops anti-radiation bracelet
Pratik Kumar ,   India   (05.24.12)
It seems unlikely / impossible that a small quantity of substance which is outside the body can protect the whole body. Certainly it can't prevent radiation to interact with the whole body and again unlike to prevent the damages (if any) of the body cells by radiation as it is not in the body system. No mechanism for its effect has been given.
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