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WWII British report: Hitler developed 'Jewish phobia'
Published: 13.05.12, 07:12
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1. iran now
mike north ,   karmiel israel   (05.13.12)
Now we need some one to work on the speeches of the leader of Iran- I wonder if we will see similar conclusions? /
2. leading a chosen people on a crusade against Jews
observer ,   Egypt   (05.13.12)
It was the European Crusaders who slaughtered the Jews (as well as Muslims, of course) in Jerusalem, and it was Saladin who invited them to return. But most Jews had no intention of living in Jerusalem. It was a religious and spiritual center, not a "homeland". The Jewish communities felt "at home" in villages, towns and cities throughout the Islamic world.
3. SWhocking: what a revelation, suddenly it all makes sense
tf ,   herzliya il   (05.13.12)
4. Every attempt by H to conquer was met by fierce resistance.
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.13.12)
But his psychotic plans against the Jews were successful during his lifetime. As his situation worsened, only the Jewish "front" remained one where his plans were working out, unfortunately. He continued implementing his "solution" against the Jews with fanaticism because it was his only success. Had Jews offered a fierce resistance, H would have failed on this front also. Eventually he lost because Israel was born as a state and this is my only consolation for the 80% of my family that perished..
5. What's new?
Joseph ,   London UK   (05.13.12)
What does this add to what we have known for generations? Nazi messianism with Hitler replacing the Jewish Jesus is nothing new. Neither is Nazi paranoia nor German belief that they were a chosen master race. This goes back to the late 18th Century with Count Gobineau defending the French aristos as Franks [German] and therefore racially superior to Gallic peasants they ruled.
6. #2 You are delusional "Felt at Home"
NonObserverInEgypt ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.13.12)
I doubt the Jews or Christians "felt at home" when they had draconic 2nd class laws imposed on them such as the burial tax called officially by Moslem governments "The Dog's Tax" and you cavalearily pass over that 3centuries before the Christian Crusade there was a Moslem Crusade that swept and decimated entire Jewish and Christian Commuities when the Omayad's swept accross North Africa into Spain and France culminating in the year 1100 in the total destruction of Christendom's most sacred site the the Church of the Holy Sepluchre which caused Christian Europe to react to all these provications.Nice try" Observer in Egypt" to rewrite history but it won't fly anymore.
7. Given the growing Haredi phobia..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.13.12)
we must remain vigilant.
8. Hitler, a proof to the danger of intermarriage
Descendants of intermarriage are the biggest anti-Semites Hitler's great-grandfather was Jewish. NY Slimes columnist Thomas Friedman is another example.
9. And in other news - Hitler also had right wing tendencies.
Andy ,   Washington, DC   (05.13.12)
10. weird but that what most of arab world
ghostq   (05.13.12)
suffer nowdays. no jew is allowed to live in the pali area by pali law. mmm
11. no 8 is a racist.
12. no 8 what about moses and wifey?
13. #2
Harold ,   USA   (05.13.12)
I am not a Muslim but I know that Jews were living in Arab countries and were educated there especially in Spain when it was called Muslim Spain. Arabs have nothing against Jews but they are against Zionist who damaged the very good relation between the Jews and Muslim. The 1941 Iraqi uprising against the Jews was conducted my their PM Rashid Ali who was controlled by Hitler.
14. Reminds me so much
Nechama ,   Sydney, Australia   (05.13.12)
of Obama.
15. Waww amaizing I can belive It
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (05.14.12)
Please what a no sensse note Hitler's Jewishfobia what a new storie I can belive were Ynet found this amaizing source.
16. looks whoz talkin
Hemlockroid ,   96740 usa   (05.14.12)
lets not pretend English society didn't purge Jews for centuries.
17. no.8 is completely right !
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (05.14.12)
18. #13 - really??
David Cohen ,   Milwaukee USA   (05.14.12)
While Spain hosted centuries of accord between Muslims and Jews, it's reductive to argue that all was fine and dandy until the Zionists came along. The only place I hear such rubbish is from remaining elderly Jews in Teheran and other sites in the Muslim world. Their comments must be understood in the context of centuries of being subjugated. It's understandable why they don't want to rock the boat, but don't take such comments as, pardon the expression, "gospel."
19. #13 Harold not true
Vlad   (05.14.12)
Jews just had it better than in Europe. They were still dhimmis, subjected to repressive laws and the occasional pogrom.
20. So what was the reason
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (05.14.12)
That Hitler started the concentration camps nearly 10 years before to exterminate the Jews? Care to explain that? Just like the Arabs started murdering Jews because of their religion 1400 years ago and are now blaming it on the Jews 'occupying' their own homeland.
21. #2 Jews lived there FAR before Islam "arrived" via TERROR!!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (05.14.12)
22. so whats new today in europe?
Bernard Ross   (05.14.12)
23. the truth to be told the race laws weren't German
ghostq   (05.14.12)
the first country with race law against jews was the British, King George the secons, 5 years of historical grace in WII let the colective memory in Europe upside down, wonder y would anyone talk about the first country with race law in Europe. the brits didn't stop there they even went for crussaders to the Holyland in aim to kill jews. the only viollant crussader to the holyland.
24. A place for Jews?
WesTexas ,   Midland Texas   (05.14.12)
Live wherever you want, but if you'd like, we'd love to have you in West Texas. Here we have everything we need but people and you are GOOD PEOPLE!!!!!
25. The crusade against Jews and Israel is not over
Susya Bar Dror ,   Israel   (05.16.12)
For the neutral observer the situation is: all arab and islamic nations are against Israel and wish to destry her. All muslims want to murder all Jews, its written in the kuran. The Palistinians want no peace at all. The UK, Ireland and Norway hate us jews and Israel. The Vatikan goes on with breeding antismitism. Hitlerism is not over yet.
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