Rabin aide: Hagai Amir should have left prison in casket
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 04.05.12, 16:55
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1. Eventually he will experience just reward
Mea   (05.04.12)
One thing to keep in mind is that because he has been in solitary confinement so he does not yet grasp how it feels to be a hated man --but he wil spend the rest of his days feeling cast off and few people could tolerate that for decades. He will be connoted by his deeds everywhere and so wil his children. Punishment has just begun!
2. in a democracy once a man has done his time he is released
zionist forever   (05.04.12)
It doesn't matter if he is sorry about what he has done or not or how many people it upsets to see him free on the street he was sentenced by the court and if he has served his time he is entitled to his freedom. He is also entitled not to show any remorse for what he did unless we want to have a Syrian style thought police.
3. Where was their outrage when Arab terrorists were released?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.04.12)
I hold no sympathy for Amir (or his brother). But where were Sarid and Sheves when those responsible for over 1,000 deaths were released for a handful of captives (and sometimes only their bodies)? Should not Kuntar have been kept in jail "til his body rotted"? On this they are silent. Only because the Amirs are responsible for what they deem the ultimate crime - "murdering peace" - are their voices raised.
4. you know what contradicts values of morality?
Shira   (05.04.12)
Typical leftist hypocrit.....freeing thousands of bloody pali murderers of thousands of jews is contradicting the values of morality, not letting them rot in jail (or even giving then the easy punishment of the death penalty) as you suggest for this jewish man is contradiction of morality....what makes this jewish man soooo much worse in your eyes than the blood thirsty subhumans who kill a few jews at once in the most horrid fashion. sick. You should have MORE contempt for the enemies and murderers of the jewish state and people than for this misguided jewish man. Fool.
5. The very face of this assistant-murderer
makes me puke into his face.
6. Casket ?
Sagi   (05.04.12)
I disagree. A plastic bag with his ashes, dumped in the sea. Both he and his brother are worthy of no more than eternal infamy.
7. Hagai Amir.
Spencer ,   Israel   (05.04.12)
This piece of trash should never have been released from Prison. His first words after his release were to the effect that he doesn't regret anything he did. He should be excommunicated from every synagogue and shunned by all decent people. If he puts one foot wrong, send him straight back to prison.
8. Where was their Outrage
Mary Snow ,   USA   (05.04.12)
Where was their outraged when arab terrorist were released?
9. I didn't hear any of these protests when thousands of Arab..
Jews gone WILD ,   Tel Aviv   (05.04.12)
MURDERERS were released. So much love for Arab terrorists!!!!!
10. Those that had anything to do with the
jason white ,   afula, israel   (05.04.12)
oslo death accords should rot in prison forever! Think of the 1700 dead Israelis and the thousands wounded. The thought that they are free and still in some cases in power makes most of us want to puke. Those that shun Hagai forget how the arabs celebrate the release of terrorist murderers and they are not repentant. The terrorists in many cases return to terror. sarid and sheves also forget that bibi would have destroyed rabin in an election. They forget the waves of terror and fear that swept the country.
11. He was 16 years in seclusion and he didn't even kill
m   (05.04.12)
but terrorists who killed 1000 Jews, studied in prison at the university on the victim's money and were released to commit more murders, I think we are OK with that. Never heard any complains about that.
12. Why Isn't there Life Imprisonment for Conspiracy to Assinate
Steveknaster ,   San Francisco ,CA   (05.04.12)
One who conspires to assasinate the leader of a nation should never walk free especially this guy who says he is proud of what he did. You may recall that Charles Manson never actually killed anyone but directed or particpiated in planning the killing of others. What this guy did makes him as guilty as guilty as brother.
13. the MONSTER hagai amir belongs 2 HELL! and got NO place
hot snow ,   tlv   (05.04.12)
in a CIVILIZED world.
14. It was worth freeing him just to make Sarid nauseous.
Nemesis   (05.04.12)
15. UZI' s gonna kill next...
Bernard ,   Paris   (05.04.12)
This disgrace to jewish values?
16. does
boris ,   ny,us   (05.05.12)
anybody remember Altalena, when rabin ordered kill jews?
17. Hagai Amir did nothing wrong...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.05.12)
He is a Jewish hero... The Rabins should be careful in what they say otherwise I will make them pay dearly in a court of law. The man served his sentence and should be left alone. We are a nation of law are we not?
18. Is anyone else shocked that Jason supports this behavior?
Superior2U ,   YNet   (05.05.12)
I know I'm not. I would expect nothing less from a draft-dodger.
19. one of the few things sarid and I agree on
rick ,   walnut creek   (05.05.12)
it is a disgrace that this creature killed a prime minister of the Jewish State and, not only is not contrite, he is just the opposite. disgusting. like nuturei karta.
20. What makes me really nauseous is Leftist self-hate bordering
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.05.12)
on pathological denial of reality. The shrill and hysterical, phoney and immoral cries of revenge for slaying of a politician makes me close to puking! What a hypocritical bunch of lemmings.
21. So whose fault is this???
X.Y. non-Anglo-Saxon ,   Europe   (05.05.12)
That in a "democratic" [pseudo-] Israel I fear for revealing my real self sitting here just before aliya, for supporting Amir, his motivation, his reasoning [the political echelon as basically one big Troyan horse with their sycophantic media acolites like this very one]? Whose fault is it? Mine or "democratic", freedom of conscience, freedom of speech denying Israel's? Hmm....
22. The post at No. 17 is not mine.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.05.12)
23. To Sarah B - 22
john Darren ,   cairns-Austraalia   (05.06.12)
Of course post no 19 is not yours but tell you what ,he or she(maybe Nour or Salma ) Are panicking with their comments-as in a desperate situation.Agreed?
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