Teen stabbed to death in Rehovot
Eli Senyor
Published: 06.05.12, 07:52
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1. For all who do not understand
Sagi   (05.06.12)
These events happen because of the sad state of our society. When road rage is prevalent and drivers do not stop at red lights or do not give precedence to pedestrians and park on crossings and in various other restricted places. When people sit under signs stating that smoking is forbidden and actually smoke. When in one town that I visit frequently I have yet to sit in a cafe in which the clients do not smoke, indeed on each table there is an ashtray.When travellers on the train sit with their feet and shoes on the opposite seat or even on the table. When there is no mutual respect for each other and for public property then the outcome is lawlessness and eventually anarchy. The problem must be attacked at the roots.Stabbing by youth is a symptom of a social sickness, punishment is akin to giving an aspirin for a headache or a morphine injection for severe pain. The cause of the pain must be found and treated.The sad state of our society is a direct consequence of the ridiculous electoral system, that we seem to be determined to maintain, it produces governments which are not only impotent but in most instances downright inane.
2. What is happening to this country?
Henry from New York ,   USA   (05.06.12)
It makes one think twice about making alliyah if their kids might be stabbed. I hope that the state of Israel's youth will improve in the next ten years.
3. With all the problems with teens feeling aggressive and
Rivkah   (05.06.12)
needing an outlet, perhaps IDF service should start at 16 instead of 18. If they want a kill or be killed world, let it be in defense of their nation.
4. #1 Sagi
Raptor   (05.06.12)
You are 100% correct. Laws are there in order to keep public order, when there is no respect for the law public order breaks down and the ensuing results are evident in what we have been witnessing lately, a free for all.
5. #2
As if this does not happen in the USA or elsewhere? At sky news one hears of teen stabbing or shooting in England almost on a weekly base. You make it sound as an Israeli Problem, while this is a worldwide phenomen.
6. 2 Henry from New York: Safety is from HaShem. A woman who
Rivkah   (05.06.12)
was concerned about the violence in Columbia moved to Florida where her beautiful daughter was abducted, raped and murdered. Was Florida safer than Columbia? Not for them. What must one consider to find the safety of HaShem? Eat only clean foods and filtered water. Limit alcohol consumption since the adversary the devil roams about as a raging lion seeking whom he may devour. Stay away from areas that the devil might have a stronghold. King David prayed seven times in 24 hours, rising at midnight and 3 AM for prayers in addition to five times during the day. Try to obey the everlasting Commandments of HaShem. As General Joshua said, "You must choose for yourself, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." What does serving the Lord entail? Giving 10 percent or more of one's income to the Temple, Congregation or the poor. One must provide for one's own in addition to that. Believe that Rabbi Yeshua is the Messiah who came as the Sacrificial Lamb to fulfill the Spring feasts of the Lord and will come again as the Lion of Judah to protect Israel just before Armageddon. Protect what you see and hear and read so that all is what is pleasing to HaShem. Ask HaShem to bind the demons in the people who hate you and your family and in all who might harm you or your family in the name of Yeshua. It is true HaShem did not protect Job or his family and he did all of these things, but what Job had was restored to him double after Satan attacked.
7. Teen stabbed to death
Voice of Reason ,   Here & Now   (05.06.12)
#1 I do not usualy agree with Sagi but this time he is right on the mark. This trend must be stopped as soon as possible. Our values have begun to go down the tubes and with it our Society, respect for one another is at its lowest point. We MUST all work together to contain this while we still can. NOW.
8. This happens because our police is
heifait ,   Haifa   (05.06.12)
afraid of any mob: arab, haredi, drunken teens. It never acts against anyone really dangerous, only against innocent law abiding people. Same in Beer Sheba
9. stabbings
David ,   Rehovot, Israel   (05.06.12)
#1 I agree with you 100%, so what are we to do?
10. Alcohol is central to almost all violent youth violence.
Daniel ,   Rehovot   (05.06.12)
My wife is a school counselor in the Rehovot region. Almost all violent youth crimes are connected to alcohol over-consumption. This is the major development in certain sectors of Israeli youth and Israeli society which is fueling the increase in fatal crime. Israel was once a nation where alcohol drinking was shunned by youth. The immigration of the Russion/ex Soviet Union block nations as well as immigration of Ethiopians, for all their blessings that they have brought Israel, also brought along with them cultural norms where quantity drinking is allowed in much of a norm in not all of, but in an increasing part of Israeli society today. My job as an Israeli parent is to make my children aware of the dangers of alcohol. Many Israeli parents just fail to realize the danger of youth alcohol, because they did not experience this in their own childhood. Action is required not just by police, but also by the education system (e.g. school counselor programs) and community awareness. Henry from New York. Please don't let this terrible incident put you off making aliah to Israel. Increasing violence in Israel is unfortunately taking place. Measures are taking place to counteract this (may we succeed!). But violent crime in the USA is much much higher than here in Israel even with these terrible events.
11. stabbing
Michael ,   McKinleyville USA   (05.06.12)
To number two. Israel is only mimicing what they see in the west. Have you looked at violent crime statistics and compared New York with Israel?
12. We need Rudy Guliani!!
Debbie ,   Israel   (05.06.12)
Rudy cleaned up the crime in New York City because he started at the lowest level and worked up. If a kid with a boombox on the subway didn't turn the music down, he was arrested. You have to nip this stuff in the bud!! The police ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOB IN THIS COUNTRY EXCEPT FOR THROWING JEWS OUT OF THEIR HOMES!! THAT THEY ARE VERY GOOD AT!!
13. 12 Debbie, Israel: NYC went TOO far in arresting people for
Rivkah   (05.06.12)
everything imaginable. The USA has the highest imprisonment rate in the world, even higher than Russia under the communists. A medical student from Tennessee who had a concealed weapons permit to carry a gun saw a sign at the 9/11 ground zero area that said no guns allowed. So she offered her gun to a policeman while she went to see the sight and he arrested her even though she had a concealed weapon permit from Tennessee. She is awaiting trial and could go to prison in New York for years! That is not justice. That is INjustice. She was not a threat to anyone and was trying to obey the laws and was arrested anyway. Doesn't make people want to go to NYC as tourists. Why was her life ruined when she was trying to follow the rules? If she had not showed her weapon, she would not have been arrested. Rudy Guiliani went TOO far.
14. # 9 Response
Sagi   (05.06.12)
Throw the government and politicians off balance by boycotting them at the elections. Total boycott, do not turn up at the ballot box. This is the only way to show them our disgust and to force them to change the system and in turn change around society.
15. #1 and Israeli society
Sarah ,   Rehovot   (05.07.12)
I agree with Sagi.. They have no respect period! Although the government can be blamed for some things, people need to stop placing blame where it doesn't belong. Why were these kids out at this hour? They should have been safely at home, not congregating in a park. Besides, Where were the parents? Education starts at home, not at school. People must start seeing that assuming personal responsibility, learning the meaning of respect, imposing limits on children's activities instead of letting them roam free at all hours will positively impact the society in which we live. Until change is made, a change that comes from within the people, there will continue to be senseless tragedy and a pervasive deterioration of the society in which we live.
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