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As 'Srugim' ends, yarmulkes disappear from prime-time TV
Yitzhak Tessler
Published: 07.05.12, 07:33
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1. Sorry to learn of it
Yisraeli   (05.07.12)
I will be missing my weekly dose of Srugim and Im downunder in Australia. I can imagine how many more will miss it locally in Israel. Oh well, I still have the past 3 series on my computer if I need a fix. All the best.
2. Diaspora
Joseph ,   London UK   (05.07.12)
It's a great sadness that here in the Diaspora the media focus on the ultra-extremist wing of Haredim as if they were typical of observant Israeli Jews. 'Normal' Israeli observant Jews are not deemed newsworthy. We could use an English edition of Serugim.
3. "Normal Religious"?! Still waiting for TV w/"normal" secular
yair ,   il   (05.07.12)
Why does news of a TV show have to become another opportunity to bash religious people? Mr. Teller, contrary to what you might think, most religious people are not the sub-humans that we are portrayed as in YOUR media. I, for one, would like to see a program that depicts secular Jews as "normal" human beings and not godless pimps and whores.
4. Obviously the secular public..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.07.12)
enjoyed this refreshing unique program free from physical relations and violence . Without them,it might not be such a success,as most orthodox people don t have television at home.
5. right decision.
Golan ,   modiin   (05.07.12)
but I am still sad to hear it.
6. Israeli TV ignores 2 million plus religous
T/FoulestCultureWins ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.07.12)
Tongiht Chanell two devoted five minutes of its newscast to tell us the all women band the "Witches" is regrouping (after one of them was murdered) The news of the religious community numbering some at least 2 million ciitzens is completely ignored their activites lectures symposiums their leaders their entire lifestyle is totally ignored except to redicule or disparage that is while cheap gutter entertainment gets priority a new channel 2 copycat of a foul American sitcom "Married plus 2 " the lowest of the low of comedy" is the latest. Somethings will never change and that is Israeli Television which seems to have as its mission the total corruption of the nation and with full govermental support.
7. Mistranslation of the century
Anne K ,   Petach Tikva   (05.07.12)
"running around hilltops with teddy bears and Uzis". Teddy bears?! What self-respecting nationalist, or even communist, would run around with a teddy bear? Idiot Ynet (mis)translators took the Hebrew colloquial word "dubonim" - army anoraks - and translated it literally to "teddy bears". You should be ashamed of yourselves Ynet. Fire your proofreaders and copy-editors!
8. this show sucked it after season 1
M ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.08.12)
Season 1 was amazing and then came season 2. It was so depressing and made religious people look sad and boring. I had to stop watching. It also pissed me off that they never showed Anglos in Jerusalem, we do exist so there should have been a character that represented our group too. I don't know what happened in season 3 but I just couldn't force myself through more bad tv.
9. We all goof sometimes
Shira   (05.08.12)
Anne, please cool it a bit. We all goof sometimes.
10. gonna miss srugim
arne ,   chicago usa   (05.11.12)
never missed a segment, loved them all. what a great change of pace from what's on american t.v.--lot's of good stuff on the jewish it
11. Christian Viewer
Joyce Miller ,   Shorewood, IL   (04.03.17)
I just learned of and watched Srugim in the past month. Having had my full of gratuitous sex portrayed on American TV, I finally unsubscribed to all cable and satellite services in 2009 and have since watched only DVDs and Amazon Prime videos. Have not regretted that decision. Amazon Prime just brought many Israeli programs within reach and Srugim is, by far, the best of them.

I enjoyed the insight Srugim gave me into this culture and recognized many simular ways of thinking that it has with my own cultural background. The chaste interpersonal relationships that the characters had with each other was especially refreshing and touching. The various traditional religious practices, although unfamiliar, were made comprehensible by this program. I especially enjoyed the Friday night Sabbath meals. Very appealing!

In all, Srugim is very refreshing, I am sorry to see it terminated, we need more TV programs like this one.
13. Loved Every Minute
Marc Rosenblatt ,   Hollywood, FL   (08.23.18)
I caught the bug late! (2018) I feel like I personally know the characters. The series was so well done. I never watch TV but I was addicted! So sad that there wasn't a fourth season.
14. Will miss this show
Felixizquierdo ,   Miami   (05.29.19)
I'm not Israeli orJewish, but I loved this series, as well as the other series produced in Israel. They have given me more knowledge on the religious side of israel.
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