9 suspects arrested in Beersheba murder case
Ilana Curiel
Published: 06.05.12, 20:05
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1. if you want a prompt response from the police ...
dan kaplan ,   usa   (05.06.12)
... complain that a bunch of "settler" youth are creating a disturbance. they will respond immediately and in full force.
2. where in the Torah of Moses alcohol is not forbidden?
observer ,   Egypt   (05.06.12)
Lev.(10: 9) Do not drink wine nor strong drink, thou, nor thy sons with thee, when ye go into the tabernacle of the congregation, lest ye die: it shall be a statute for ever throughout your generations. Different type of non-drunk causing wine is there in Paradise!
3. Arabs
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.06.12)
Just arrest some Arabs and give them life sentences don't put any Jews in prison. We need them to hasten the return of the God Of Israel.
4. Rest in peace...G-d help us...This is NOT Israel
5. Who are these suspects? Arabs?
Jack ,   LA, USA   (05.06.12)
Ynet has no guts to publish information about adult suspects. Shame on you all. I bet you won't publish this post either.
6. No mention of who did it: terror or just dumb drunks?
Ynet is sooooo PC with their lack of info concerning who these mongrels were? Infiltrators? Immigrants? Arabs? Jews? Who!? We want to know who the hell would do this!!!!!!!
7. # 3
Birdi ,   Israel   (05.06.12)
Not Sarah B's post.
8. # 5
Birdi ,   Israel   (05.06.12)
I have been searching this news on every Israeli news website. No names have been divulged yet & it seems that the killers are not Arabs. We await further news.
9. @1 wrong! So wrong that ur ignorant is boldly showing!
Ami ,   Israel   (05.06.12)
10. Sarah B! what's up with ur comment @3?
11. to the American TBers attackers r Israeli JEWS!
yes sometimes even Jews murder other Jews.
12. 3 is not Sarah, just a troll (i reckon)
Reckoner   (05.06.12)
13. ou are talking about tht Santuary. Not the street
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (05.06.12)
You are becommng a nag. Even the Devil can quote the Torah. Alchol is free to be drink outside the sactuary, nevertheless Jews normally drink with restraint. Unfortunately there are youngsters who make stupidities. But they will pay. Muslims don't drink alcohol thye can stab you without being drunk. Or blow themselves to get 70 virgins in paradise.They can kill unhar like the Fogels. The blood causes in the Muslims the same efect tat alcohol in normal persons. They even don't drink when Sunnies kill Shiites o viceverza. To kill somebody in Egypt is no news. In one day there could be 20 deads. of course that is besides de Copts, whos murders are not registered. Dont come to an Israei newspaper to teach us morality. It does not fit you.
14. #3 That's why the Jews are universally disliked
Commentator   (05.06.12)
Jews like you would rather put the blame on someone else even if one of their own has committed the crime than admit there are some problems with your own kind. Your arrogance, self-righteousness and egoism has no borders. So disgusting. No wonder Jews are not liked by so many people in the world...
15. #11
Commentator   (05.06.12)
16. #11 Sometimes? In Israel this is NORMAL.
A sane Israeli   (05.06.12)
The stabbing is almost a daily occurrence in Israel. Too many Israeli youth are growing up with the mentality of a bully or worse. Most of these bullies, which mostly happen to be Sephardi Jews (Moroccans) are very aggressive, primitive and completely lack empathy. They count in millions and much of the Israeli society is influenced by these immoral fellows, especially the Israeli teens. That's why stabbings are so common in Israel. You could get stabbed, robbed or beaten up for no reason at all when you attempt to stand up for your rights when dealing with these bullies. They don't respect you or your rights, you're worthless for them and they wouldn't mind doing very bad things to you. Also it's not just about the bullies, disrespect and arrogance is not uncommon in Israel at all. Welcome to the not so nice reality of life in Israel.
17. those thugs must be hanged
18. #3 Sarah
Leslie ,   Ashkelon Israel   (05.06.12)
your comment is perhaps the stupidest comment I've read all night and I do A LOT of reading. A murderer is a murderer plain and simple. Your comment is just the worst kind of ignorant racist drivel.
19. Sorry, but we can't help ourselves
Nour, One-State   (05.06.12)
The murder of Jews sexually excites us Palestinians to unimaginable levels. We shall persist, and get our rocks off every time.
20. @16 they mostly happen 2 b drunken Russians!
get a grip and get real... if you don't like what I write as a subject line... then there is still hope for you. and about your sign off...well your post proves that you are less than sane!
21. People please...
Gabriel ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (05.06.12)
I usually don't respond to posts like #3, which is clearly the work of someone who is not really who he or she, pretends to be. Yet that this is a fake, is apparent even to me. Then again, I post and read regularly enough to know who's who. To people who don't frequent the talkback boards often: there is a regular Talkbacker, who signs her posts by the name of Sarah B. Her views are percieved to be drastic to some people, which inspired some individual to post outrageous messages for the sole purpose of drawing condemnation of what passes for the Ynet community, under her name. What inspires one to waste ones time in this way is very much beyond me, but the only reason I can come up with is spreading confusion with the aim of defamation of character. Whe should not cater to it, nor should we want to. And this is the last thing I will say about it, since it is also a waste of my precious time.
22. #12 Not Sarah?
Robert ,   Australia   (05.07.12)
Don't be so sure.
23. #2
David ,   Rehovot Israel   (05.07.12)
If you read that verse in its contexts you will see it refers to the children of Aaron ( priests or cohens) and only when they perform the service in the temple. Or today in the synagogue
24. #3 is a fake, not sarah B. Get a life or get past the 5th
3 amateur ,   faker   (05.07.12)
grade, whichever is more applicable
25. #18, #14. Shame on you for not having the intelligence
hippocrates ,   earth   (05.07.12)
willful or not, to not realize #3 is a fake, that isn't Sarah. Good thing you don't have your own court, because your justice sucks- guilty til innocent right...?
26. To: Gabriel at No. 21
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.07.12)
Thank you very much. Signed, The REAL Sarah B
27. To: No. 18
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.07.12)
Perhaps you should do some more reading on YNet threads. Only an idiot would confuse the post at No. 3 with something authored by me. Congratulations! You meet the requirements. You are officially an idiot. Go forth and read some more.
28. This was not Sarah
Yoel   (05.07.12)
Sarah B is a known talk backer and someone pretends to be her
29. so sad
Charles   (05.07.12)
Lets face it.. this is a very very sad news report... as a father to a little girl.. i cannot imagine tucking my little one into bed.. going downstairs to tell some kids to keep it down.. and getting stabbed in the heart... leaving my lilttle girl wife etc... its so heartbreaking this story.. and such a senseless act. Justice must be brought to whoever did this.. and it doesnt matter what race or color they are..
30. To everyone, especially the troll at 3
Vlad   (05.07.12)
I created the post at #19 because I'm sick and tired of these trolls. Not just Sarah, but I believe that other regular members of this community are victims too. I say we start a counter-troll movement. As long as trolls continue to mimick Sarah and other regular members who don't share their views, we will regularly troll Salma, Nour, Matty Groves, split, Steve Benassi, seadog1946,and the like. WHOSE WITH ME??!!!
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