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Socialist Hollande ousts Sarkozy as French leader
Published: 06.05.12, 21:52
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1. Bad news from France..
2. Vive la France!
Way to go!   (05.06.12)
The left is taking over Europe.
3. At least he Hollande doesn't have jewish blood in his veins.
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (05.06.12)
4. Bad
Deziderio ,   Roma   (05.06.12)
POOR FRANCE, Dommage tre tre dommage
5. Hollande had Arab votes
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.06.12)
6. 2 No,Arabs are taking over Europe.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.06.12)
7. Wonder what he'll do if Israel attacks Iran?
TaylorT ,   Earth   (05.06.12)
Besides leading the charge at the UN to open a war crimes investigation against Israel. Wonder if Obama (who Israelis treat like dirt) will stop him? Doh! What comes around goes around.
8. Lessons learned: Never vote to a jew
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (05.06.12)
9. Bibi Netanyahu is next to go
Ron ,   Israel   (05.06.12)
10. The Muslims Won. bye bye France
Eyal   (05.06.12)
11. #3
Jane   (05.06.12)
How do you say fuck you in Austria?
12. Peter, kindly crawl back to under your rock
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (05.06.12)
13. To Peter #8
Afried ,   Boca raton USA   (05.06.12)
I am sure the new socialist will imProve France and make it a perfect Place. You can bet that it will be as Perfect as the other great Arab countries like Syria and EgyPt.
14. very bad news for israel
Fad ,   Egypt   (05.06.12)
15. Peter , Vienna-Austria
Ginette ,   Canada   (05.06.12)
what bunker did you crawl out of, ass-hole! A long time ago already, bye-bye France, bye bye Europe. The French have never been good to the Jews. What goes around does come around...G-d bless Israel forever..
16. Who says Hollande doesn't have Jewish blood?
Baruch ,   Paris, France   (05.06.12)
The only people I know in France who are called Hollande are Jewish. Same for many place names become family names, ie Carcassonne, Frankfurter, Dantzig etc No one ever writes about or questions where his Dad's family came from before his father was born in Normandy, a region where many Alsatian Jews, ie French nationals, settled after Alsace was taken over by Germany in 1871. (His mom is of Christian origin according to her name) I've heard that Hollande always seemed to melt away when family origins were informally discussed at Socialist party events. I have no proof one way or another but I would not be surprised if, now that he is really in the limelight, info may surface which will result in his "doing an Albright," ie "What? You mean that I'm of Jewish origin? What about that?"
17. Omen per la EU
Ehai ,   Kfar Saba. Israel   (05.06.12)
Francoise Hollande is president!! This is a good omen for all of the EU. Bad for France perhaps because he is a socialist and France needs more market reforms. But this move away from the right in France is good for all who believe a federal EU is the answer to the the economic and financial mess all Europe is in. Vive la liberte, fraternite et egalite.
18. Just remember who votes Socialist.. generally spenders who
John Phee ,   Sydney AUSTRALIA   (05.07.12)
Before anyone gets too excited just remember that the Socalists generally spend & spend & are elected generally by those that want & want but don't want to work or pay for it.. The left opens the doors to the wanters but not the doers. More votes for them That is the fundamental problem. The right also is not ideal.
19. Sarkozy is better for Israel.
Reuven   (05.07.12)
20. "Bread&circuses" brought down the Roman empire. Apologists
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (05.07.12)
for Maghreb misfits will be happy, it is part of Socialist dogma to blame everybody else for their failure to integrate. French economic collapse will effect EU and the whole world but who cares as long as socialist dogma rules.
21. @3 You remind us why we need a Jewish state. How do you know
Lots of people with "Jewish blood " in their veins from generations back, including Bishops & Popes and a huge number of Nobel prize winners. Pro rata more than any other race. We can't all be perfect like you.
22. France = FRANCISTAN
Armand ,   Los Angeles, USA   (05.07.12)
Poor France,.... Once upon the time in a country called France,......FRANCISTAN NOW! The next step is France civil war,.....
23. #16 Unlikely, not that it matters
Nina ,   NYC   (05.07.12)
I heard on TV that his father was a right winger. Know any right wing Jews from that generation?
24. "decisive 51.9 percent to 48.1", hardly a decisive,
leo ,   usa   (05.07.12)
but a win none the less. Socialists won, howeverI doubt France did.
25. Sarkozy is no loss but worse
DT ,   TA Israel   (05.07.12)
to come for Israel under Hollande - no surprises there though
26. To Peter in Austria
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (05.07.12)
You people never change and never learn. You will see your "wonderful" EU collapse before too long. Then you will be coming to us to ask for advice on how to run an economy.
27. time for ALL Jews from Fance to GET out of Eurabia
David ,   Haif   (05.07.12)
28. What is this crying?
Jewish Patriot ,   Galut   (05.07.12)
What is this crying? the snake betrayal Sarkozy deserved what he got. We should not forget his betrayal about Netanyahu and you remember? Im not happy about Hollande either, but i laugh at sarkozy now
29. Whwn will the Jews of France get a grip on reality?
Al   (05.07.12)
I guess 'dumb' is not in their vocabluary. They truly are dumb as rocks. They make the Jews of America look like Einstein.
30. Peter enjoy eurabia
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