Netanyahu seeks early elections in 4 months
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 06.05.12, 21:41
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1. Tricky smart bibi moves to the center quickly
avramele   (05.06.12)
Bibi has the best internal polls and he knows that the Socialist victory in France has global and regional ramifications. He also knows that the settlers, the haredim and even the likud right wing hamper his ability to govern. Those who didn't like Barak may end up with Mofaz, lapid, meridor and perhaps even shelley.
At this point in time ,Netanyahu is the best we have .Although I am no great fan of his ,I realize he is head and shoulders above the others.And Shelly Drekovitch should shut her mouth because she is just making problems .
3. the elections
Fad Egypt   (05.06.12)
after the elections , Bibi may form a government with lapid and kadima instead of the religious and zionist parties , with barak as a defense minister i hope that the likud nationalists force him to be loyal to the conservative cause shalom
4. Exactly #3: That is ineed a great possibility
Israeli 2   (05.06.12)
5. Elections
Joel ,   Scarsdale, NY   (05.06.12)
#3 "I hope that the likud nationalists force him to be loyal to the conservative cause".. You mean they could actually do this! Like when Sharon was voted in on a no land for peace, no compromise, conservative plank, and then uprooted 8000 people from gush katif. Elections in Israel are a sham. The prime minister is akin to a dictator, and is beholden to nobody. No checks and balances, nothing. Its a great job being a minister and why would they give up that system. The israeli people have no idea about governments, and vote in these seditious, "leaders."
6. The 5th column that calls for war on Israel & cavorts with I
Israels enemies has 4 months to cry victim. Hopefully real Israelis will not be taken in by their talk out of both sides if their mouths and not vote for them.
7. Vote Netenyahu...
Hezbollah ,   Lebanon   (05.07.12)
8. @ 5 Joel
Fad Egypt   (05.07.12)
well there is a difference between sharon and Bibi sharon was idealogical leftist who was believing in the disengagement from the territories to preserve the jewish majority he left his party and faught the world to achieve his plan and he was preparing to disengage from judea and samaria Bibi is not leftist , but he can be pressured easily so the likud can force him if it was united to stop him for example in 1998 the likud was able to stop him from implementing the wye accords in 2010 the likud members and ministers united and were able convince Bibi to demand a letter of gurantee from the Obama admin ensuring israel of the incentives in exchange of extending the freeze Bibi told the US he wants the letter , the US said No letter and No freeze extention so Bibi can be easily pressured but if the likud was strong and united including the close ministers like Benny Begin , Moshe Yaalon , Gideon Saar and Yuvul Sheitinitz shalom
9. Bibi's quote
Watchman on the Wall ,   Yisrael   (05.07.12)
The answer in what Bibi is planning is in his quote... "God willing we shall form as wide a government as possible and continue to lead the country with vigor to ensure the future of the Jewish people in the land of Israel forever." To ensure the future of the Jewish people in the land of Israel forever.. He has the strongest backbone and knows the meaning of "never again". He knows what the 12-ers in Iran are planning and they are fanatics about their beliefs and will act on their promises... Have you heard that Iran states they will NEVER give up their nuclear ambitions no matter what they are faced with.... We will see the coming storm develop full blown shortly... Thank the G-d of Israel for Bibi.
10. Can leader just pick and choose when elections are held?
me   (05.07.12)
Is this a banana republic ala Bibi?
11. Any date so long as he dumps barak.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.07.12)
12. Bring back Tzipi
Hope ,   Israel   (05.07.12)
13. Have failed to stop 'Aza rockets
Muriel   (05.07.12)
Zero accomplishments and wussy Ehud Barak in charge of defence. Getting on his knees begging for total loser Tsipi Livni to join the gov't - he does not deserve any more clown time. He's a good speaker when in the States, that's about it.
14. Obviously we love to argue, that's why in the Land of Jews
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.07.12)
it's always possible to form yet another party and have a following. Then come elections, then nothing is as promised... that's why you'll never see me at the booth. But best of luck in searching for the next Messiah. I'll accept the results with a smile.
15. Netanyahu will lose the election for a very simple reason
Al   (05.07.12)
People understand he is a two time loser..they dont want a three time loser leading the country. No its not all about the economy...people dont feel safe in Israel and his government isnt doing anything about it. He will lose as well he should. He should go as well as Barak and that other useless fool Gantz. Who will replace him? I dont know.
16. So do I !!
aviG ,   St Augustine   (05.07.12)
let's do a popular blog contest, here's mine bs"D. : LIBERTY-TOO at blogspot !!!
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