No elections: Kadima to join government
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 08.05.12, 05:49
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1. government portfolios
nadya ,   California, USA   (05.08.12)
What are government portfolios?
2. Great! Absolutely Perfect Timing!!!
Robert ,   USA   (05.08.12)
les ,   canada   (05.08.12)
politicians are doing what is best for israel, not for them selves. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL INVOLVED.
4. Good news
Yisraeli   (05.08.12)
Its good news, only problem with it is that Barak is still where he is. He shouldnt be there, but hes treading on egg shells with Mofaz able to replace him in a heartbeat. Good that this knesset deal with the Tal law issue, good the government still in power to counter the recent high court dictats. Bibi would still have been PM anyway. Good theres unity showing the USA, dont think you can bring the government down, Livni and Olmert are history. Good have intact mindset for dealing with Iran. Good Lapid is left out in the cold. Good yachimowicz will still have to prove to the electorate shes worth anything. In these difficult times, this was a very good outcome. Now down to business and not piss farting around promoting elections when other much more important things are on the agenda. Kol Hakavod.
5. it is dilemma
Fad Egypt   (05.08.12)
if there is elections , netanyahu may form a government with Yair lapid party , and kadima and keep the national parties out but now if kadima joined the government beside the national camp , it will be a fifth wheel with no any influence over netanyahu , especially if we said that this unity government is important for kadima , so it will try to preserve it regardless of any differences , it is a dilemma !!!!
6. Very intelligent Move from Nataniahu and Mofas. Brilliant
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (05.08.12)
Mofas saved himself by entering the government coalition. Kadima would have lost in the lections more than 10 seats. If Nataniahu plays it cool he will be even stronger. Even for Barak is a good move he will retain probably the defense ministry. In case of elections I don't think his party will gain a seat in the Kneset. IF Liebarman remains in the coalition the Haredim issue of enlisting will be solved in a proper manner, no more blackmail from Shas. Mazal Tov to Israel. We also saved 400 million shekels in stupid political maneuvers regardung elections.
7. but why?
avramele   (05.08.12)
Why kadima and mofaz agreed to the deal can be explained by any number of reasons. Why Bibi acted as he did is less obvious. Positioning for action against Iran? Fed up with his own right wing? A deal with Obama linking the Iran and Palestinian issues? An imminent downturn in the economy that like in france benefit the left? Very interesting.
8. The truly amazing part about this story
Henry from New York ,   USA   (05.08.12)
is that it wasn't leaked early. You always have someone wrecking the surprise. And what a surprise! I wonder what the new government will look like. Who will get cast out and not have their desires heard?
9. Gotta Love it! the news is better than reality TV! yay!
Jew ,   JewLandia   (05.08.12)
Political maneuvering such as this has not visited our shores in a long time!
stude ham   (05.08.12)
couldn't have happened with the formaer kadima leader.
11. War is imminent
Yasmin ,   Vancouver   (05.08.12)
n 1967 before the war there was a unity government. Today elections have been averted as Israel has a nearly complete coalition within its government. Israel just warned Hezbollah that if launches its missiles in retaliation for a strike in Iran, that it would launch a war in Lebanon if so ferocious that it would take a decade to rebuild the villages it destroys. Big war is imminent.
13. to No. 10 Livni is History. Her ambitions killed her
She was never brilliant. With this move she is completaly and political dead same for the Imbecile of Olmert a bigdisgrace for Israel worsy PM
14. Should have happened after the last election - better late
Marcus   (05.08.12)
than never - I trust Lieberman has no part in this coalition.
15. #1 Nadya - Govt. Portfolios
T ,   USA   (05.08.12)
In Israel, the term "portfolio" refers to the respective govt. ministries (e.g., the departments of defense, finance, foreign affairs, education, health, housing, etc). In a joint coalition such as this, part of the deal would have included agreements and/or compromises as to which party gets which portfolio/s and, thereby, chooses a minister to head that govt. division from its own membership. In any parliamentary system, where there are multiple parties that make up a coalition, because - unlike our 2-party system - there is no single party with enough mandates to govern on its own, ministers and other senior govt. officials often represent several parties. In theory, this is a good thing. However, in recent years, Netanyahu has all but been held hostage by the extreme right, ultra-orthodox parties that helped make up his coalition in '09. This deal with Kadima will likely give him room to shift many policies to the center, which is more consistent with the political sensibilities of most Israelis. I hope this answers your question.
17. Great , good time to get rid of $h-ass
Haim ,   TA   (05.08.12)
This time BB will learn to stand up to the ultra orthadox $h-ass cult and finally draft a bill abolishing the Tal law.
18. Iranians can now officially start preparing their shelters.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (05.08.12)
On the flip-side of the coin, residents of Ulpana may soon be finding themselves without shelter.
19. Shelly Yachimovitch=big winner....Yair Lapid=big loser
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (05.08.12)
Unlike the awful Livni, Shelly will be a worthy opposition leader, thus strengthening her party for the next elections. Yair (like his dad) will be stuck in mediocrity for the next year and a half.
20. Ya gotta know that Livni is pacing back & forth in her home
& has just come un ,   glued in anger!!!!!!   (05.08.12)
21. @11 check the other times there National Unity Governments..
or Rotation Governments and you will see that your position is not entirely supported. So stop your sabre rattling!
22. @15 ur answer 2 #1 is particial
please go do some reading about parlimentary governments and sort yourself out. BTW USA didn't always have a two party system and in fact it is less democratic than our system.
23. Good job Netanyahu and Mofaz. Broad coalition is a must.
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.08.12)
As I wrote here several times, Tzippi Livni missed her golden opportunity three years ago when she didn't join Bibi Netanyahu in a broad coalition. She was overly confident, like a fresh politician, not an experienced one. Best wishes to this coalition and I hope the budget will pass while Haredim will be made to serve the country. The most hopeful thing is: NO EARLY ELECTIONS. ONCE EVERY FOUR YEARS IS ENOUGH.
24. Mofaz is a better liar
Ted   (05.08.12)
25. How to avoid such political crisis ?
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (05.08.12)
The example are just in the near neighbours. First find the most exellent man in Israel ( Netanyahu ). Then crown him to king, or by more democratic way name eternal president, just like Assad. I think it seriously a much more stabile political system would be founded. Why not to try it, if won't be effective, back to today's anarchy.
26. Well done!
A.R. ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (05.08.12)
Win-Win for all sides except Lapid and good fo Israel.
27. Watch Israel take a sharp left onto the abyss
Al   (05.08.12)
If you think missiles in the south is nothing to be concerned about then get ready for a soaking coming to TA very soon. Israel will and is going to commit suicide.
28. This will work only if:
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (05.08.12)
1) get rid of Barak. It should be obvious what a disaster he has been to the IDF, and Israeli security. 2) Don't try to enlist Arabs for anything other than making Yarida to their homelands of Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. This is like inviting hell into your home. 3) Accommodate the religious needs of the Haridim instead of trying to destory by assimilating, punishing or integrating them into the secular lifestyle of the IDF which can still be effective with G-d of Israel as the ultimate commander.
29. With the Euphrates River War (Fifth Trumpet War) very close
Rivkah   (05.08.12)
this is not the time to change governments in Israel or to have elections. What is the Euphrates River War? Daniel in Scriptures saw it as the Battle of Ulai River which starts near the where the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers meet near Basra. It is a war in which the kings of the East march with 200,000,000 men in an army toward Jerusalem. Muslims or the Chinese could field that large an army. TV Pastor Irvin Baxter says a third of the people in Earth will die in WWIII. President Obama is provoking Pakistan by refusing to stop drone attacks in Pakistan which is a nuclear power and may be part of the 200,000,000 man army that marches to the Middle East.
30. "Democracy" short circuits
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (05.08.12)
B"H I remember those election placards with Netanyahu, Barak and Livni fighting against one another in their respective parties for our vote. Now, they all sit together in the government. So, what was the purpose of the "elections"? Evidentemente, zero. I'm not a democrat, so I'm not surprised, I know “democracy” wasn’t meant for the Jewish people, but this episode visibly shows that we are living and supporting a: Lie. A Big Lie.
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