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J-lo coming to Israel
Raz Shecknik
Published: 09.05.12, 07:05
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1. I always liked her..She got that zing
Al   (05.09.12)
Sultry moody crazy all rolled up in one...dangerous.... You guys all know what I'm talking about.
2. Shyne should be the opening act
me myself & i ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.09.12)
3. I thought there was a boycott and everyone hated us?
Andi ,   Israel   (05.09.12)
4. Anyone remember Elvis Costelloe?
Tim ,   Brighton   (05.09.12)
Does anyone WANT to remember Elvis Costelloe?
5. And just so long as
Tim ,   Brighton   (05.09.12)
Emma Goody Jew Shoes Thompson Never performs in Israel
6. Cool Puerto Rican Woman coming 2 visit!
me ,   here   (05.09.12)
Where can we get tickets!
7. Beautiful women seem to be under a curse since so many
Rivkah   (05.09.12)
are unable to hold onto their husbands or to get their boyfriend to marry them. Jennifer Lopez and Bar Rafaeli have a lot in common in that regard. How sad for them.
8. #4,5,&7
bari ,   nyc usa   (05.09.12)
tim thanks costello and thompson can kiss my tush - unfortunately costello's wife diana krall falls into the same category. i can't listen to her anymore without getting peeved. rivkah i really wouldn't spend too much time worry about lopez and rafaeli. live and let live as the saying goes. don't think either one of them is feeling too sad!
9. 8 Bari, NYC, USA: They may be smiling on the outside and
Rivkah   (05.10.12)
crying on the inside. They show a professional face and hide what is in their hearts to keep their fans.
10. Israel's obscession with Hollywood
zelig ,   memphis, u.s.a.   (05.10.12)
Movie stars and music stars love Israel on Muntik and hate Israel on Dinstik.These folks are wishy washy. They have no moral compass.They have no compass at all.Anything goes with Hollywood.The people you want to come to Israel are the Olim...big or small..fat or skinny..old and decrepit...or too young to do anything more than nurse and poop. If Hollywood comes..great.But don't hold your breath.They go for boycotts...any boycott!
11. No. Just no.
dorothy friend ,   tel aviv   (05.17.12)
I really can't stand her as a singer and as an actress,. She even had me rooting for the abusive husband in the movie Enough!
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