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Real estate: Israelis discover Michigan
Shay Pauzner, Calcalist
Published: 18.05.12, 07:33
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1. Hoe do you spell suckers scheme?
Al   (05.18.12)
Michigan ...the arm pit of America...hahaha
2. Michigan. really?
mea   (05.18.12)
It is true that the rental sales market is booming because Americans no longer believe in buying homes, so if this group is buying up rentals, it's a good investment. However, it seems to me there are better market areas than Michigan because the tide is toward warmer climates where heating costs are low. That means the west and south. With the exception being California the trend is upward and in Portland Oregon the rental occupancy level is near 100%. btw, number 1, Michigan is not the armpit of America, except for Detroit.. You apparently have never been to such places as Toledo, Dubuque, and many other truly nasty cities.
3. seriously Michigan? someone's needing to rethink this
former R.E. guru   (05.19.12)
I'm available to lecture on WHY NOT Michigan and where the REAL opportunities are Stateside. With over $250 million under management prior the market collapse I may offer my opinion.
4. Invest in snake oil - it's a better bet.
5. Michigan is MICHIGINAH! It's ALL arab terrorislamists living
Eduard ,   Bethlehem, USA !   (05.19.12)
there... Are you sure you want to go from the pot of boiling oil into the pot of boiling water? This is insanity. Invest in California, Virginia, TEXAS!!! Much more stable in Texas, very low unemployment.
6. Real estate in Michigan
I, Barr ,   Bloomfield Hills Mic   (05.19.12)
I live in Bloomfield Hills one of the nicest part of USA with many lakes and beautiful homes. If the intention of Israeli organization to sell "investments" in Michigan than they may have a point: real estate in Michigan affluent areas, you do not buy homes in Detroit,they lost 40% of their value from the time of the "bubble". But we expect an additional drop in the next 2 years. If the intention is to "bottom feed" one can indeed buy forclosures cheaply. But Michigan has a dwindling population anf the prospect for increase in equity value in next 5 years is slim. Lastly, Michigan is not known to Israeli. Michigan is one of the most beautiful states, from upper peninsula, pictured rocks, taqwamanon water falls, Makinow Island, Traverse city, sand dunes, Geenfield Village Henry Ford Museum etc. All are Unique. Come and visit, certainly before you make any investments. Check with local Real Estate too.
7. Investors Beware – Don’t get Screwed !!!
Mo ,   London   (05.19.12)
Most Israeli’s investing in Michigan today, are paying $50,000+ for Houses purchased by “Israeli Investment Funds” for well under $20,000, including all costs. Don’t be fooled by the enticing 10% income, If you can never get your Capital back. By asking for the Property Address prior to Investing, you can make a simple “Google Search” to see the facts. Don’t get conned.
8. #6 correct
michael Pielet ,   Israel   (05.20.12)
As an Israeli who originates from Chicago and who is in Michigan every summer I can tell you that Harbor Springs on Little Traverse Bay is one of the most beautiful places in the world. However do not expect any appreciation on Michigan real estate. There is not enough job creation and plenty of vacant land. Visit, invest at your own risk.
9. Let me guess
Nina ,   NYC   (05.20.12)
They will buy residential properties occupied by Arabs to later evict them a la East Jerusalem?
10. Good someone has the common sense
Dan ,   los Angles, USA   (05.21.12)
USA is a great investment. Europe is collapses and Euro is diving. Michigen is THE main industrial area in the USA - FORD, CHRYSLER, GM. I invested in Redford last year and done 13% on my money. Pls show me better. easy to write hard to get!!!
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