Lapid: New coalition as big as Ceausescu's in Romania
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 09.05.12, 00:45
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1. thank you spinmeister Attila...
Darryll   (05.08.12)
2. Lapid.......wishful thinking!
Spencer ,   Israel   (05.08.12)
Lapid wont be around when the next elections take place.
3. Yair welcome too the political club.You
Dyslexic.... ,   Israel....   (05.08.12)
have just been given your first lesson in politics.You got caught with your pants down,but you still have my vote.Keep the faith...
4. Mere intellectual masturbation from Lapid.
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (05.08.12)
5. Says the one whose Godfather is none other than
gelb   (05.08.12)
Olmert. Good joke, Lapid!
6. Lapid
Alice ,   Mtl Canada   (05.08.12)
Ein a Atid for Lapid
7. Listen To The Left Squeal....
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (05.08.12)
Nothing better than to hear the left squeal during one of the greatest moments of Israel's history. Keep up the good work Bibi!
zionist forever   (05.09.12)
Poor Lapid a September election was his big chance to shine. He was still a celebrity in peoples minds and there was no chance of changing the Tal Law before the election and that was going to be one of his big policies. Now Lapid has to wait another year+ before he gets a chance to stand for election and by that time the celebrity status will have worn off and with a coalition with Kadima Bibi can change the Tal Law leaving Lapid with nothing. To make it all worse for Lapid for the next year he will have limited access to the public. He has been forced to give up his tv job, he is not a serving MK so all he can do is make speeches to the faithful and write on his Facebook page to all his friends. I have a feeling that when the election does take place next year the number of seats Lapid wins will be in the low single figures rather than the 11 expected if the election was held in September.
9. Oh, the Amazing Leftist Hypocrisy!
Ya'akov ,   Be'er Sheva   (05.09.12)
What proves more than anything else that Leftists, like Lapid, are compulsive liars is the fact that they dare to call themselves "centrists." Why not admitting that they are what they are?! Oh no, that's is too much of an effort, one that would use all their deficient moral energy. Or is it that maybe what they mean is "centered around themselves," or "centered on destroying Judaism by imposing an innocuous travesty adorned with nice-sounding names and adjectives." After all "Liberalism" really stands for "Impositism." Their ideological father, Karl Marx, at least was honest while stating his rancorous desire to eradicate all religion. But snakes like Lapid, say that they just want to "humanize" it. But those who truly need to be humanized are the Leftist! The historical fact is that wherever they take power, they soon destroy society at the deepest level. Their ideology is based upon hatred, which they call "humanism". Look how all the "Liberals" of the world are solidly united in their solidarity with the "Palestinian cause," which is none other than to destroy Israel, which is the object of their common hatred. But there is another hatred they hold: the hatred for anyone who does not think like them, something that not only runs very deep, but that has proven to be very practically harmful to the health of their detractors. On the other hand, does Israel need propagandists ... err ... "journalists" with their perpetual tendency to "color" situations and alter facts to match their goals, as politicians? It is enough having to deal with the defects implicit with being a politician, to then add those of a professional propagandist. And yes, we still remember his father; and one Lapid is way more than enough in the history of Israel.
10. Why is the left complaining. In 1948 and for many years ....
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (05.09.12)
Things were the oposite. The Kneset was completaly left, The exeption some minority Religius parties used to form the lefty coalition and on the other side of the Isle Beguin' s Party Mocked many times by Ben Gurion. Rightist were respectfully there in the oposition. They were Gentlemen compared to today's politicians of Meretz a diying Party.( The remains of Mapam and Ajduth Avoda). The left defrauded many through the Years. It even Hipnotized Rightist from the Likud and created a Mish Mash part Like Kadima with some leftist from Labor. Nobody complained, they Weakened the Right with guys like Olmert and Livni, seduced people like Mofas. But with Sharons Dissapearence every thing came tumbling. Livnis pretention to be Sharon's heir is only that a pretention. Now she Rallys with Meretz what a joke. Her Father must be watching from the Olam Abah with sorrow. Many Kadima Members are still Likudniks at heart. This has been a process, the people don't like the left that wants to divide Jerusalem. The people don't want the left that insists on Talking to a guy like Abbas who is not serious in negotiating, Settlements are an excuse. A guy whos politicall party doesn't recognize the right of Israel to exist. A person who has double speach one for the Mosque and one for the World. Besides the day Abbas recognizes Israel and makes a move to create a Palestinian State on only the west Bank and Gaza he is a dead man. Palestinians want all of Israel. There is no Palestinian ready to negotiate with Israel in aserious way. Not even Arafat dared. People are Feed up that the loosers of 5 Wars which they started, are the one to impose conditions as if they were the winners. History Show us that the spoils of war are from the Victor. THe world recognizes this except when it comes to Israel.
11. Dream's are painfully broken Yair. Go back to writing
clearer light ,   alaska   (05.09.12)
12. government
alex ,   ashkelon israel   (05.09.12)
oh is guy is realy idiot he think he is the mother of god and people are linning up to vote for him next king david of israel for god sake israel should do something that not any idiot like this one can form a party
13. To Darryll
Gábor F. ,   Budapest   (05.09.12)
Darryll, to be honest I'm totally ashamed to be identified and associated as a Hungarian national at these times when we have a deranged neo-Nazi party in our Parliament and a hyper-authoritative and dictatorial gov't ehre. But that's all amounts to nothing compared to the shame that Attila is an ex-Hungarian immigrant almost certainly as I surmise by his name, with his stunning success in conquering Israeli media. (How he pulled this off is a mystery for me to say the least......) You see even this post perhaps won't be printed here by those who don't like this post.
14. Elected & form a coalition is now "an alliance of cowards"
Bruce ,   Washington DC   (05.09.12)
If Kadima formed a coalition with the left, would that be a: "an alliance of cowards" also? Why is the left "name calling"? I think "name callers" invariably only describe themselves...
15. No qualifications !!
Jayjay ,   Israel   (05.09.12)
How can someone that is a public personality on tv, be allowed to join the Knesset with no qualifications for the job? Not only is it a conflict of interest, but surely one must have the right education and degrees on economics etc, before being allowed to be an MK!! Its a bloody joke that someone with absolutely no qualifications can be given chance to run our country. Thats why we are going down the tube....there is no accountability with any of our politicians!!!
16. Talk Is Cheap
Mark ,   Elrom   (05.09.12)
Now that he has so much time on his hands, I want to see action and not just words on his Facebook page.
17. @ no. 15
Ahron ,   Holon, Israel   (05.09.12)
Jayjay, I personally, am no fan of Lapid, however, our current PM does not have a degree in economics, as you so lovingly put forth as a qualification for running for MK. Bibi actually has a degree in architecture. How does architecture make one qualified for being the PM? and yet, Bibi seems to be doing quite well. So, before you create a list of ideal qualifications for a candidate, do your homework first.
18. cookie...
Bijoux ,   Israel   (05.09.12)
i mean Rockie...i knew it. yeah. cynicism has taken over the entire political sphere, Are you planning to get a job at cnn in Atlanta?
19. Qualifications (no 17)
Erik ,   Oslo, Norway   (05.09.12)
Maybe you should do some homework, Ahron. Bibi has an M.Sc., Business Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Qualification enough for most, I guess
20. Bibi's Education
Joe ,   USA   (05.09.12)
Actually, Bibi has a Bachelor of Architecture from MIT, and a Master of Managment from MIT, not to mention his five years in Sayert Matkal, which is also a big education. Like all of us, he may not be perfect, but Israel has never had a more qualified Prime Minister.
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