Inmate: Transfer me to Russian prison
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 09.05.12, 13:00
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1. Helllooo!! It's prison, not the Hilton!
8th Generation Sabra   (05.09.12)
2. Only 8 years for killing your son? Be glad your in Israel...
Ungrateful Russian! ,   Israel   (05.09.12)
and not the US where you would get the death penalty. These Russians are not even Jewish. It was a big mistake to bring them here.
3. "I am smart, I am invicible I am a Russian
Rusropovitchyovitch ,   n/a   (05.09.12)
That is said by all, no matter whether they Mohamedians, Jewish or even Christians......I am so cultured, just ask Tolstoy my friend the writer, a cousin of Dostoevskia.
4. Newsflash!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.09.12)
People who kill children do not generally do well in prison anywhere in the world.
5. she might b educated, but she's stupid if ...
oferdesade ,   israel   (05.09.12)
... she really wants to spend time in a russian prison. how many times has she been raped here by guards? had her food stolen?
6. Yitgadal v'Yitkadash
The Prophetess ,   SC, USA   (05.09.12)
I will say Kaddish for Alon.
7. Smart, educated, confident ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.09.12)
.... and not short of money. She also murdered her son, and has the NERVE to complain that the Israeli Prison Service won't let her visit his grave. I guess she has rather conveniently forgotten that she is responsible for having put him there. Of course, she could always go on a hunger strike. She's a chunky monkey; could use a diet. But she is far too narcissistic to actually want to deprive herself of anything. Pure self-pitying sociopath. Any so-called expressions of "remorse" are therefore entirely meaningless. Let her rot where she is, and once her sentence has been served, kick her out of the country. Perhaps her intellect, education, confidence and money will serve her in good stead somewhere else. Of course, that little matter of a felony record for homicide might be a problem, but she's smart, educated, confident, and doesn't lack for money. No problema, eh?
8. TBers 1-5 where is your Rahamim (Mercy)....
Israeli Woman ,   Israel   (05.09.12)
yes, this woman murdered her son. But she is also mentally ill she needs help, prayers and pity! She does NOT need your snotty superior attitudes as reflected in your stupid and insensitive TBs! What in G-d's good name has happened to each one of you to make you so unkind, unloving and insensitive?! May G-d soften your hearts and help you to see life in a kinder gentler way!
9. undocumented goyim
ari gold   (05.09.12)
10. Ok, so it's not april fools joke...
Yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (05.09.12)
This is very similar to the story about a guy who murders his parents and then appeals for clemency because he is an orphan. That women is evil and should have gotten life, not 8 years.
11. Prison code if "ethics"
sk ,   USA   (05.09.12)
She's hoping that the Russian prison populace would not find out she is a child killer. In any US prison and most around the world, even criminals detest and will kill child murderers - I guess she wasn't very educated about this fact.
12. You are getting your just reward!
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (05.09.12)
13. Throw away the key.
Dyslexic.. ,   Israel..   (05.09.12)
14. "He's always in my head"....
Malone ,   Hfx   (05.09.12)
I love him and miss him???? Then why did you kill him??
15. Her request, however improper, needs to be sutisfied.
leo ,   usa   (05.09.12)
It caries number of benefits for Israel. First, it will be cheaper for Israel. Second, she will no longer be in Israel. Third and most important, she will finally learn the meaning of 'hell'.
16. #8, menatlly ill do not go to prison, they go into hospital.
leo ,   usa   (05.09.12)
17. when they send them to the army...
Ivan ,   Haifa   (05.09.12)
18. Death Penalty
Michael   (05.09.12)
19. Has no one because she drowned her son
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (05.09.12)
20. She drowned her son!? And complains?
Of humiliation? Send me to Russian prison? The only reason why this is newsworthy is to show what a stinking, filthy human being this savage is! Good for the humiliation; it should never stop.
21. Don't you remember
heifait ,   haifa   (05.09.12)
that she's drowned her son some days after the story of Rose Pizam has got such a wide publicity? Mentally instable people are easily influenced by such stories - there was a WAVE of attempted infanticide those days! Why do you decide that your obligation is to throw shit in this creature if you don't even remember the story
22. @21 thank u!
Israeli Woman #8 ,   Israel   (05.09.12)
23. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.09.12)
I'm sorry to disappoint your misguided view of the world, I reserve the full measure of my compassion for the defenseless little boy who was her victim. Someone who was supposed to protect him, cherish him, take care of him and nurture him ended up taking his life. Can you imagine the last thoughts that ran through that poor little boy's head as he was dying? You're the one in need of prayers and pity. Not this murderous creature. However, why don't you go visit her in prison? You can be as sympathetic as you wish. Just don't expect the rest of us to be terribly moved by her plight. She's a sociopath.
24. #8:"One who is merciful to cruel, will end up being
shneer ,   chicago   (05.15.12)
will end up being cruel to the Merciful" Talmud. You are misguided in your compassion. Direct your compassion for the little boy who's life never was after age 4.
25. Israelis are not merciful
roger ,   zurich switzerland   (08.21.12)
Just read the comments on here. These people posting here are cruel and stupid beyond measure and they are thieves of mercy. They are the products of their culture.
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