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Police rescue dogs smuggled to Jericho
Akiva Novick
Published: 10.05.12, 08:31
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1. Stoned officers: is it neccessary when entering area
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.10.12)
populated by our late peace-partners??? Valium would've seemed more appropriate.
2. Thanks!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.10.12)
Good news that the 'property police' are now also rescuing stolen dogs. Much appreciated.
3. What no pics of the doggies?
sk ,   USA   (05.10.12)
4. Dogs must have belonged to high ranking Israeli
Tracy W   (05.10.12)
Otherwise they wouldn't have bothered. They don't even bring children back. There are many instances when Jewish teenage girls as young as eleven go with their "boyfriends" into Arab villages and the girls' parents can't bring them back. The men are never charged with anything. Police don't go after them. One town mayor said it was not a matter of law enforcement but of education. A poor excuse for doing nothing. Google Young Jewish Girls Marrying Arabs in Galilee.
5. What are Arabs good at? stealing, destroying
All the news coming from the Arabs are always bad. Arabs steal, Arabs drive recklessly, Arabs destroy. I was recently in Eilat. Perfect clean beach. But alas! a large Arab family came to the beach. In no time the beach and sea were littered with plastic cups, plastic plates, plastic bags. When I asked them to take care their answer was - it's not us, it's the wind that carries these things to the sea! I'm so fed up with the damage the Arab inside and outside Israel do. To people, to the environment, to animals.
6. Just preparing lunch to share with Obama.
Steven Gilbert ,   Teaneck   (05.11.12)
7. Just preparing a spot of lunch to share w/Obama
SG ,   Teaneck   (05.11.12)
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