'Netanyahu forming war government'
Roi Kais
Published: 09.05.12, 15:28
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1. Trust Bibi !
Amos J   (05.09.12)
Trust Bibi ! He is the brother of the man who conducted the most spectacular hostage rescue operation in history (contrast to the American failed hostage rescue attempt in Iran in 1979). His father is one of the most renowned Israeli scholars. Both he & Ehud Barak is also highly educated and highly decorated veterans. Trust both of them, not Obama or USA - they are only bothered only about their election & economy. Remember WWII - no one came to help and 6 million died. Depend on ourselves, not others. Bibi & Ehud will save Israel from the dreaded nuclear fangs of the Ayatollahs and the second Holocaust.
2. "Behaving like crime bosses".
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (05.09.12)
Here's offer you can't refuse : Keep your noses clean and you won't lose any more territory.
3. Netanyahu forming war government
Harold ,   USA   (05.09.12)
Netanyahu's war propaganda drums are still beating but will loose if he attacks Iran together with an Iranian partner, Mofaz. I say to Netanyahu "DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE IRAN'S WAR POWER" By the way is Lieberman still the FM of Israel after this unity.
4. Netanyayu
Jim Kendall ,   Kentfield, CA USA   (05.09.12)
5. iranians and arabs
marcel   (05.09.12)
The Un has a formula for iran to avoid war. As for hezbollah and hamas, you were lucky that israel in 2006 was in the hands of a raging pacifist who was afraid of one drop of blood and did not have a clue about shifting strategy to 60000 invasion from 3 directions with massive sealth tactics, dogs, human shields, suppressants, and waste sewage bombs. If it comes to war, israelis will beat the hell out of the arabs and any eu inspectors who get in the way. You should worry!
6. To No 2, 3 4. You guys don't have any knowledge about ,,,
Ari-Jerusalem   (05.09.12)
Israel reality or politics. Let me give you a quick insight: During 2000 years people decided the future of the Jews. This is over. Having said this Not Obama, the EU or anybody else will decide for us. This coalition is not a war coalition. The arab analisis on Israel as allways is wrong full of garbage. This is the biggest coalition in the History of Israel. Arabs News papers complain the "undemocratic move" First of all tthe offcial timming of elections is November next year. Israel is a parlamentary government with a parliament that has 120 seats and many political parties. No party for itself can make the government so there is a coalition of parties.There was a posibility of new elections Having said this A big Party from the oposition enter the government and craeted a stronger government. Most Israelies are pleased. Nataniahu according to polls would had win elections now,in four months or in 16 months, gaining sits in the Kneset. For Mofas things are different by entering the coalition he has another 16 months of polical survibal. He was going to loose more than 10 seats in the kneset. There is no guarantee that if he stays in the coalition he will gain more seats but at least and maybe he will regain some political force. For Barak this is a rescue life saver. Would elections have come he would disappear from the political Arena with his party unless he went back to labor, which I doubt. For the country is good to have a strong coalition to face what's comming. No more Obama playing with our oposition on our back. Yacimovich is not Livni and besides her force is very small, For Lapid this was a blow. He will have to wait 16 months untill elections. He thought that if elections were in 4 months he will gain 12 or 15 seats in next Kneset. In the meantime since he is out of the Newspaper Job and has no seat in the Kneset he can only write his memories in his Facebook page. Meretz is allmost a cadavre political speaking. They dont understand that the time of the left passed. They still think of a comunist type regime and fighting the settlers. One of the advantages of this cioaltion is that the country is not going to be hostage of the relious parties anymore. Between Likud Kadima and Israel beiteini is enough to have a goverment of mayority Natanihu
7. #1..Sorry to tell you this Amos....
Edithann ,   USA   (05.09.12)
But, WW2 wasn't about the Jews... it was about world domination by Germany..Jews weren't on our list of priotites.. We had the UK, France, and all the rest of Europe to save..and I think we did a pretty good job.. However, if you keep up this Iran nonsense, you will make Hitlers dreams come true... TATA . TATA
8. I hope the Arabs are scared
William ,   Israel   (05.09.12)
it was their past support for terrorism and other attacks on the Jewish State that has brought this present govt about. Israel will not stand idly by while those who wish her demise, internally and externally, attack her. When Arabs moved towards peace, Israel responded with peace and many concessions. So, like the "Palestinian" problem today, it all goes back to the bad racist decisions of Arabs.
9. #6 Who cares?!
Christian ,   US   (05.09.12)
Blah, blah, blah..... Just don't expect USA backup of any kind.
10. LOL! The Arabs are afraid: in CHAOS
The arab world, which stands amid total chaos and division expresses serious jealousy at Israel's powerful unity gov't that WON'T take crap from them. Its an embarrassment.
11. Bibi
Eran ,   Melbourne Australia   (05.09.12)
U mean Ynet-anyahu!
12. We are with you, bibi
tello ,   boston, usa   (05.09.12)
those idiots that call him a war monger are missing some very important details about the nature of the threats that israel faces today. troll all you want, you wont change the reality of mid east politics.
13. #9
tello ,   boston, usa   (05.09.12)
Lots of people care. And I expect the USA to help.. it is very much in there interests. Just because you are ignorant of interests of your country doesnt mean that your voting population is.
14. #9 don't need YOUR approval
aryeh berkovich ,   oakland, california   (05.09.12)
understand this, #9. Israel WILL do what she needs to do! ther uSA always has acted to advance it's own interests before anyone elses. blah blah blah to you too! israel saved the usa & the world from having to deal with a nuclear armed iraq, when reagan presidency said, "don't do it"! and by the way, don't kid yourselves about military aid provided to israel by the us. if israel were to comp-ete against the usa, selling israeli manufactured jet fighter planes, boeing and mcdonnell douglass would be greatly damaged, and tens of thousands of USA jobs would go up in smoke. don't be so smug, BOY!! USA doesn't give israel ANYTHING for free. got that, BOY???
15. When the Arabs are unhappy, Israel has made the right move
Yaniv ,   Israel   (05.09.12)
16. #13 Guess again, lots of us rather forget about Israel
Fed up ,   AMERICA   (05.09.12)
17. To nr 9 - Are you susceptible to facts?
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.09.12)
Remember Christian that you are not Jewish, you are not Israeli, you are not an Israeli citizen, you don't live in Israel and you are a FOREIGNER meddling into our affairs. You must show more respect when debating in non American newspapers. It's as simple as that. "Who cares?"' And who cares that you don't care? But you care enough to meddle into our affairs and our affairs have nothing to do with the United States of America located on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Arrogant yankees such as yourself need to get into your heads that Israel is a SOVEREIGN/INDEPENDENT state. We ask no one for permission. You said: "Just don't expect USA backup of any kind." USA backup of WHAT EXACTLY? To deal with Iran? What has the Iranian issue got to do with this coalition government? I and many Israelis support this coalition government independently of the USA fulfilling its duty to stand on Israel's side against Iran or if we have to go solo on Iran. Indepenently of this coalition government, with or without a coalition government, Israel still needs to deal with Iran, with or without American blessings.
18. To nr 7
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.09.12)
And precisely for that reason - that Jewish lives are not given any priority in the world, Israel can only rely on itself. If your life is threatened Edithann we won't give priority to that either. I won't shed any tears over your demise. And if you keep pushing Israel you might get what you wish for - including the demise of most anti-Semites. Israel will win against Iran with or without your personal "blessings" (that you can shove up in a dark place where the sun doesn't shine). And there are many angry Jews like myself that want payback time and take out our revenge for what happened to our people during the Holocaust - and who knows, if certain anti-Semites not to mention their names, continue to push us, you might get what you wish for. TATA!
19. To nr 3 - Netanyahu doesn't have an "Iranian" partner..
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.09.12)
..because Mofas is a Jew from Iran. Iranians and Iranian Jews are not the same. Iranians are Iranians and Jews are Jews. Mofaz was born in Iran but he and his family left Iran precisely because THEY ARE NOT IRANIANS - THEY ARE JEWISH, and therefore not accepted as equals in Iran. Mofaz has a loyalty to Israel alone and not to Iran. He is as Iranian as Vladimir Putin is Chinese. Mofaz is as "Iranian" as David Ben Gurion was "Russian ". I may dislike Mofaz as a person and I may dislike Kadima, but I can tolerate this coalition provided it gives Israel strenght and unity.
20. To nr 16 - Guess again: Israel doesn't care
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.09.12)
We are an independent and sovereign state. We serve ourselves and not other countries. Most Americans, despite your mindless rantings, ranging from 60-80% (depending on the polls taken) are explicitly pro-Israel and pro-Jewish and more than 90% of the Americans consider Israel to be a close ally. But even if we assume for a second moment in a very theoretical and hypothetical case here, that America would abandon its "support" for Israel COMPLETELY and that almost no Americans, in this hypothetical scenario, would "like" us anymore, do you really think we give a rats ass? I haven't noticed that the USA is popular in this world. Believe it or not, but a weakened America NEEDS ALLIES - among them ISRAEL. Israel doesn't exist to win a popularity contest. No country does. Countries provide a nation - either a nation state or a multiethnic society, with independence, sovereignty and national identity, and hopefully freedom and democratic rights. Israel exists in order to grant Jews freedom, prosperity, democracy, independence and sovereignty and national rights and national freedom. Israel serves the interests of the Jewish people alone. Israel doesn't exist to be liked or disliked in the same way as the USA doesn't exist to gain popularity in Israel or elsewhere. If most Americans like us - terrific. If you don't - so what? Our economy is strong and we fight all our wars on our own.
21. # 7
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (05.09.12)
Hitlers dreams ended in 1948. Your dreams won't be fulfilled either. Better get used to it.
22. A suggestion for # 16
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (05.09.12)
You should change your name to "Effed Up" and it would be more accurate.
23. To No.7
Gabe ,   Canada   (05.09.12)
Sure, Edit. You have done a pretty good job saving Europe. Now, have you considered therapy yet ?
24. Christian # 9
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (05.09.12)
Any back up from Obama would be more accurately described as "screwup". I'm sure # 6 won't cry himself to sleep tonight because he doesn't have your support. Blah, blah, blah is all you would be able to give anyway.
25. #7 You're sorry?
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (05.09.12)
Gloating in your delusion.... .... would be more fitting
26. Opportunity for peace with PA and Iran to behave
r ,   Atlanta, USA   (05.09.12)
This is what Israel needed stregnth in numbers to do internal reform also.....the ME is in turmoil and Israel for the moment is tranquil.
27. American Communists In For Surprise
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (05.09.12)
Democrats are in for a rude awakening come November. Israel should not worry about what Obama or his communist minions think because they will soon be thrown out of office. Not all of them, unfortunately, but enough to send the message that Americans will not succumb to the communist movement in America. AMERICANS ARE WIDE AWAKE NOW AND READY TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK.
28. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.09.12)
Yes, we know. Combatting genocide has never been an American priority. Just look at what was done to the native Americans. I think the argument can be made that Americans have been the worst mass murderers in history. But don't worry about the State of Israel. We can -- and do -- look after ourselves.
29. To: No. 9
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.09.12)
We don't. The United States only backs up Moslem and Arab states. Just don't come crying to us when Iran retaliates against an Israeli strike by targeted a United States asset. We'll tell you exactly what you told us in 1991 when Saddam Hussein retaliated against U.S.-led Coalition troops by firing SCUD missiles into Israel: Just suck it up. Israel doesn't need you or want you. You'd only get in our way. Look at the fine messes the U.S. has made in Afghanistan, Iraq, Waziristan, Yemen and Libya. And let us not forget Somalia, when a handful of barefoot warlords defeated the full faith and credited of the United States armed forces. Even the targeted assassination in Pakistan last year -- couldn't even land one of the helicopters, and even though U.S. troops blew up the downed helicopter, they failed to notice that the tail assembly had separated from the rest of the helicopter. It was not destroyed, and now all that sensitive technology is for sale by the Pakistanis to the highest bidder. Please -- just stay out of our way. We have no use for bumbling amateurs.
30. 9
john Darren ,   cairns-Austraalia   (05.10.12)
What nonsense.What would US be without Israel sup Think on that fool.
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