Derek Roth's killer to be extradited to Israel
Aviad Glickman
Published: 09.05.12, 22:35
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1. now this is a sociopath!
2. Do we want him back?
Dan ,   K"S   (05.09.12)
I suggest leaving him in Argentina, and if he ever wants to return, he can then serve out all the prison time still due. If he stays in Argentina he will sooner or later commit his next crime; so let them foot the cost of prison time.
3. Argentina
edy ,   miami ,us   (05.09.12)
ask argentina to extradite CFK and all the bunch of thief that run the government
4. David Roth's killer
Spencer ,   Israel   (05.10.12)
This time try him for escaping from custody and give him the maximum sentence, then try him for having left the Country illegally...maximum sentence again and then try him for any other crime that he has committed. All sentences should run concurrently and NOT consecutively.. I trust the the prison authorities have now realised that jailed criminals should NEVER be let on "on holiday" during their prison terms. This piece of garbage should never be allowed to pollute Israeli society again.
5. #4
Yitzchak ,   New York   (05.10.12)
I think you mean consecutively, NOT concurrently. If so, you are correct.
6. @4 I'd add convicting those who assisted him in escaping....
I do wonder who helped him right out of the country!
7. confused
Naftali ,   Israel   (05.10.12)
I understand giving a furlough to someone who committed a low level crime but a furlough for someone who is in prison for murder. Really? That is just crazy. In addition after seeing how well the first furlough went why give him another chance. Hopefully he has learned his lesson but unfortunately he seems to me like a career criminal that we are letting back in the country.
8. More garbage on its way back here
Talula ,   Israel   (05.10.12)
Just hang the pair of them - and everyone like them!
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